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Chupacabra. Russia

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Added Tue, 08/02/2022
Author July N.

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Vladimirskaya oblast

The peak of attacks on small domestic animals occurred in 2012. From the official press release of the administration dated October 3, 2012: "The head of the city held a meeting, which was attended by police officers and the state hunting inspectorate. It is known that the destruction of animals by the beast continues. So, for example, 30 chickens were destroyed in Ilkino, 20 chickens in Dvoinovo, 4 chickens on Herzen Street in Melenki. In total, the police received more than 25 official statements." At the same meeting, residents were advised to thoroughly strengthen fences and outbuildings, as well as to be on duty at household yards at night.

In 2012, as Dmitry Alexandrovich told the Chronometer correspondent, Kosmopoisk specialists came to Melenki and examined the traces that the dangerous animal had left.

– It, as in other cases, penetrated into the garden in the dead of night, through a hole it made in the fence, pulled the rabbits out of the cages, although they were more than a meter above the ground, strangled the animals and disappeared, - Dmitry Alexandrovich explained.

– It happened in the garden of a local policeman, - the hunting expert Vasily YUDIN shared with the correspondent of Chronometer. - The man's son, returning from a walk at night, heard a long howl. When the guy came to the site, he saw an animal that looked like a dog. There was a puppy next to her. It was as if the beast was teaching the younger generation to hunt. Noticing the man, the animals ran away.

In the fence, the participants of the Kosmopoisk movement found gray wool, which, at first glance, belonged to a dog. The piece was sent to Moscow for examination. The researchers also sent to the laboratory a piece of wool from an animal that was shot the next morning by a local resident.

– Then the hunter went to the forest with his spaniel near the village of Sokolye to hunt a duck, - Vasily Vasilyevich told the Chronometer correspondent on May 20, 2014– - Having lost sight of his dog, the man suddenly heard her long plaintive howl. Running to the whining, the hunter saw that his dog was surrounded by seven animals, also similar to dogs. The creatures were aggressive, they growled and approached the spaniel. The hunter fired several shots to protect the pet. One animal – it was gray - managed to shoot. Another one - to hurt…The news that the mysterious creature had finally been shot quickly spread around. While preparing the material, the Chronometer correspondent called a familiar couple who lives in Melenki. It turned out that Oleg and Arina not only heard about the chupacabra, but also saw it!

– I accompanied the girl home after a walk, - said Oleg DUMNOV. – When we have almost reached the house, we see: a group of people crowded nearby, everyone is discussing something and whispering. We came closer and saw an animal lying on the ground. It was brought by a local hunter. The creature looked like a dog, only there was almost no fur. The front paws are shorter than the hind ones, like a kangaroo, and the muzzle is elongated.

– A whole hunt was arranged for this beast– - his girlfriend Arina ZAITSEVA continued after the young man. - Rumor has it that there was a whole brood of these animals. So far, no puppies have been found.

The experts of the All-Russian Expert Institution "Center for Forensic Examinations" conducted an examination of the shreds of wool found at the site of the attack on rabbits and trimmed from the carcass of the killed animal. Comparative analysis of the hairs showed that the tissues belong to the same species.

– Whether it was one individual, the biologist could not answer unequivocally, - Dmitry SAVVA told the Chronometer correspondent about the results of the study on May 20. – One thing is clear - it's dog hair. As the specialist said, the animal is mongrel, but judging by its muzzle, there were definitely terriers in the genus. This is evidenced by the absence of the dog's undercoat. We, the researchers of the Kosmopoisk association, believe that perhaps this is a mutated dog. Probably crossed with someone artificially or naturally. It is not at all clear why the beast does not eat the victims. Even hunters cannot answer this question. Maybe it's just excitement. Or maybe it attacks not for the purpose of hunting at all…

The same opinion is shared by the chief hunter of the Melenkovsky district Vasily YUDIN:

– I am a hunter with 27 years of experience. Personally, I think these are mutated dogs. Definitely, they are smarter and more cunning than a wolf.

At the end of 2012, there were several more attacks on rabbits and chickens. No poultry murders were recorded in 2013. Is it worth waiting for Chupacabra attacks in the summer of 2014? The Chronometer correspondent asked this question to both the hunter and the representative of the Kosmopoisk-Murom movement.

– This year I have already traveled to the place of the alleged attack of this animal, however, judging by the nature of the bites on the carcass of the killed rabbits, a marten or a ferret was operating in the garden, - Vasily Vasilyevich YUDIN replied.

– There is a possibility that this creature can become active again, - Dmitry SAVVA explained in a telephone conversation with a Chronometer correspondent. - The puppies that the locals saw were really not found. Officially, mass killings of livestock have not been recorded recently. Residents could simply not talk about isolated cases…


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Mustelids are mammals of the family Carnivora

Most often it is the antics of a ferret on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries are victims of the Chupacabra.

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