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Added Sat, 01/10/2016
Область распространения
Puerto Rico
United States
Характерные признаки

The legend of the mysterious creature "the Chupacabra" originates from the state of Puerto Rico, located mostly on the same island. The word "chupacabras" is derived from the Spanish words "chupar" "to suck" and "cabra" — "goat", literally translates as "sucking goat", "goat vampire".

It is believed that the urban legend of the Chupacabra originates in the 1950-ies, when in Puerto Rico found a few dead goats, which were supposedly drained of blood. However, the first attack of this mysterious beast was indeed recorded in the fifties of the last century (more precisely in 1956), but in North America, in Arizona. Similar cases were also registered in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, new Jersey, new Mexico, Florida, and in some parts of Chile, Brazil and Mexico. However, most activities of this creature had in Puerto Rico (1995, hundreds of victims), so it is considered the birthplace of the legendary Chupacabra.

Over time, similar cases began to occur outside of Puerto Rico in close regions and very remote. Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the United States – in these countries have been victims of Chupacabra – the bloodless corpses of animals with small wounds on her neck. Since 2005, recorded similar cases in Russia. Eyewitness accounts alike as two drops of water: the creature sneaks into the village, depletes chickens, sheep, and silently disappears.

All the attacks the monster from urban legends share one trait – the round the wound is not great depth on the victim's neck, and partial or complete absence of blood in the body of the victim and the scene.

Also, in some cases, to the antics of Chupacabra include, in addition to these wounds on the body, neat "cuts" and holes. Moreover, specialists had missed any organs, most likely learned through the wounds with surgical precision. Noted another oddity in the corpses of victims. Body not numb. All the joints remain for a long period of time, mobility, and tissue softness. The blood that remains in the bodies of the victims of the Chupacabra, does not clot and even freeze for weeks.

Description of the animal vary: he is credited with the presence of swine Piglet (sometimes the muzzle of a coyote), wings, spikes, clawed paws, glowing eyes (sometimes black without protein). It jumps high fences, runs fast, and in some cases even fly. Sizes range from several tens of centimeters to several meters, and different head shape (from oval to elongated sharpened), color from coal black to bright green to dark green mottled. The presence of spines, scales, wool also varies from case to case.

In addition to the explanations of the antics of the creatures of the living organisms, there are versions about the unknown science creature. Versions of the origin Chupacabra quite a lot, ranging from the simple to absolutely incredible. We list the most famous:

  • unknown to science form of life extant;
  • a natural mutation of a known animal or modification under the action of the disease;
  • the result of a genetic experiment;
  • being of alien origin (this includes version - a being from another world).

As we can see, the history of this mysterious being emerged relatively recently and rapidly spread around the world. The attack and its consequences, as eyewitness accounts differ in many respects which may give rise to separate causes. It is therefore necessary to consider each fact individually, identifying unexplained moments.

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