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Poltergeist. Belarus

ID #1645906257
Added Sat, 26/02/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
11.03.2012 18:00

A fleeting poltergeist in Brest. Almost a year ago, we were contacted by a married couple from Brest, who reported that a poltergeist had happened in their private house. The flash was bright and brief, lasting at most a minute - no more, but it left behind a colorful pogrom in one of the rooms.

It is extremely rare when something like this actually happens "at hand" for researchers and the message about it arrives on time. Brest representatives of Ufocom (Viktor Gaiduchik and Dmitry Borodachenkov) were at the scene the very next day to track the active phase of the poltergeist process, but, fortunately for the owners of the house, the phenomenon dried up. Throughout the year, communication was maintained with this family in case of repeated outbreaks, but nothing out of the ordinary (if you do not take into account some minor "oddities") happened. Therefore, it was decided to publish the materials collected in this case.

Unlike those cases of poltergeist, which we still had to deal with in hot pursuit or after the fact, this one occurred in a comfortably furnished two-storey cottage from the private sector in the northern part of Brest. The family living in it consists of three people - spouses (both a little over 30 years old, with higher education) and their teenage daughter of 13 years. Due to the certain social position they occupy, we promised not to name them. The family is prosperous, calm, completely rejecting quarrels and scandals as a way to solve any problems. They bought the house about 10 years ago, after the death of the previous owner, who built it.

That single and colorful poltergeist episode occurred on March 11, 2012, at about six o'clock in the evening. At that moment, the couple were completely alone in the house, on the ground floor in the living room. Suddenly, loud noises were heard from above, which could be compared to a strong slamming of doors. Immediately rushed to the second floor to find out the reason. After examining several rooms, we looked into the bathroom, combined with a bathroom. Here was a surprise waiting for them. The contents of the cabinet's mufflers were scattered on the floor, mixed with flower pots overturned from the windowsill and a floor hanger with bathrobes. All this was sprinkled with drops of liquid soap on top, and a small rug was rolled up and stuffed into the toilet. It was not possible to find anyone else in the house.

In cases of poltergeist, attention is usually primarily drawn to the presence of teenage children in the family, who may be both the direct culprits of what is happening, as well as the so-called "focal persons" if the abnormal nature of the events is suspected. In this particular case, a teenage girl had a place to be, but at the time of the event she was absent from home. Another rational explanation is that the pogrom arranged in a separate room could have been the work of some outsider who invisibly entered the house and was guided in his actions only by motives known to him. But it was not possible to prove it. The mentioned bathroom had one feature — only from it you can get to the attic of the house with the help of a ladder from the ceiling. But, it is impossible to open and close the entrance to the attic, lower the ladder while in the attic. Thus, an unknown attacker could not get into the house this way. Moreover, the examination of the attic showed that there are only four small tightly closed windows, which not only do not open at all, but their dimensions do not allow a person to crawl through them.

As it turned out, the owners of the house noticed various "oddities" earlier. For example, various strange sounds: footsteps on the wooden stairs between floors, the creaking of the sofa, as if someone was sitting on it, incomprehensible fuss in the basement; changing the angle of inclination of wall lamps in the corridor of the second floor. But all this was attributed to the harmless tricks of the "brownie". The spouse even tried to follow folk traditions and "feed" the household evil spirits with various treats. Of all such events, only one took place outside the walls of this house. About 12 years ago, when the family lived elsewhere in the city, one day all the clocks in the apartment spontaneously transferred back.

There was no continuation of the poltergeist after the outbreak on March 11. Therefore, all expectations to understand what happened remained unfulfilled. To clear the conscience, thermochrons were placed in the house to record daily temperature fluctuations in the most suspicious places, but no abnormal jumps (which, according to popular belief, is observed in places inhabited by ghosts) were found in the sensor readings. The only thing that can be noted is a certain correlation of the date of the outbreak with geomagnetic disturbances. In a number of poltergeists (though not in all), the beginning of the rampage of the "noisy spirit" is tied to high values of the aa index in the time interval plus or minus three days. In our case, geomagnetic disturbances (with a maximum aa index value of 136, according to the British Geological Survey) took place two days before the outbreak.

Upon further analysis of the described events, an interesting idea was expressed by Ageenkova E.K. (Minsk), Candidate of Psychological Sciences and researcher of anomalous phenomena with a long experience. The nature of the pogrom in the bathroom from the point of view of psychology can be interpreted as a symbolically reproduced sexual act — a rolled-up rug in the toilet and liquid soap sprayed around. Quite an interesting aspect, but there is still no answer to the question of who did it and what he wanted to say by this.

This investigation was actually put into "standby" mode from the very beginning. Frankly frightening anomalous events in this house no longer occurred, with the exception, perhaps, of strange minor episodes. From recent events - the loss of textbooks from the girl, which two hours later were again found in their place. But let's hope that the tranquility of this family will not be disturbed by ominous unexplained phenomena in the future.


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