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Poltergeist. Russia

ID #1646224765
Added Wed, 02/03/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
улица Братская дом 26 подъезд 2
Красный Сулин
Rostovskaya oblast

A "barabashka" settled in the apartment of a resident of the Don. For more than three months now, something has been going on in the entrance No. 2 of a five-storey building in Krasny Sulin that simply cannot be.

... Already seeing me off, Valentina SINYAVINA sadly nods at the ceiling baseboards in the hallway.

They are stained with something yellow.

- It was the eggs in the hallway. And suddenly they began to fly up and beat under the ceiling—" she says.

For more than three months now, something has been going on in the entrance No. 2 of a five-storey building in Krasny Sulin that simply cannot be.

...The house itself No. 26 on Bratskaya Street is well the most ordinary. Another strong, good-looking five-storey building made of white and red brick. Battered asphalt in the yard, neat entrances.

— It all started on the fifth of December, - explains pensioner Zinaida Dmitrievna PODGORNAYA, letting her into the apartment.

That day, while it was still light outside, all the light bulbs and chandeliers suddenly exploded and scattered (although the woman had not turned on the light yet). And the whole apartment was covered with glass. Similar "miracles" occurred in about half of the apartments in the entrance. And all through December, something strange was happening with the light: it was tight, electrical appliances were burning, people took a burnt-out TV to the landfill. Electric meters began to melt and fail massively (although they are new, installed during the overhaul), sockets burned.

— It's not just that my light bulb burned out. And the whole cartridge with meat was torn out of the wall, — Irina STEPANTSOVA leads to the arch in the kitchen.

There is a recess for a light bulb in the arch: the entire cartridge is torn out with meat. It was as if some small explosion had knocked him out.

— So we couldn't touch the cartridge for another two hours: it was like boiling water, so hot, — she explained.

But the residents of apartment No. 28 on the third floor were the most unlucky. Lydia Dmitrievna ZHUKOVA, a veteran of labor, a former social worker, has been living in the apartment for 17 years. However, when the apartment essentially became "unmanageable", daughter Svetlana and her son-in-law actually settled there for a while. Sparks ran along the walls. The current was beaten from the walls, batteries, kitchen sink, toilet bowl, heated towel rail, etc. The sockets burned and melted, they were replaced — they melted for the second time. And that was, as it turned out, just the beginning of the troubles.

Glasses, scissors, combs flew…

In January, the electric poltergeist slightly declined, but periodically still made itself felt (the electricians examined the house dozens of times, but the cause of the burning appliances, sparks running along the walls was not found).

— We were relieved, - says Valentina Sinyavina, sitting on the edge of the chair and looking at the floor.

...And in February, the unthinkable began.

— I'll tell you how I feel, - says Valentina Yurievna. — When my mother first told me that the TV remote control... suddenly flew, my husband and I laughed. And then it began to happen before our eyes: the remote control flew across the room. He has been flying and hitting the walls so much since then that he is barely "alive" - he takes the remote control wrapped in tape from the coffee table. - Scissors, vases with sweets, tubes of cream began to fly…

Some of the anomalies were happening in front of the neighbors.

- I remember, I went to Valya once, — Irina Stepantsova recalls— - and five centimeters above the floor, in the air, the batteries from the remote are dancing. No, you won't forget that…

- Or here I go to Mitrivna, we sit, we talk. Suddenly her comb rises from the closet and flies through the air, I was stunned. Then such a miracle happened—" Zinaida Podgornaya picks up. - I went to her with my phone in my pocket. I wanted to see what time it was. I took out my mobile phone, and suddenly it was torn out of my hands, thrown up to the ceiling, and then hit the floor. The case bent, broke... I had to buy a new phone…

In a bad apartment, events were developing incrementally: in addition to flying objects, a container with water — a bucket, a decanter — began to jump (not every day, but waves of something, then suddenly begins, the owners explain).… Water is spilled… Then the chicken eggs left in the trays in the hallway (they asked Sinyavina to cut off the electricity, the refrigerator was turned off, the products are stored in the hallway, where it's cooler) suddenly began to fly up and explode or beat against the front door, the ceiling. The survivors were carried out to the balcony. An hour later, the same thing began: chicken eggs flew up and exploded with a bang, flooding the balcony windows and ceiling. Part of the ceiling with spots of yolks and pieces of stuck shell Valentina Yurievna has not yet had time to wash.

Contrary to the laws of physics

...But on February 28, she became really scared. She moved her mother to her place a long time ago, came to her mother's apartment to clean up.

— I was about to leave, suddenly I look: my boots, which I took off in the hallway, danced. I wasn't surprised, because it happened a couple of times… But what started NEXT… She nods at the empty sideboard behind me. — We removed everything from there after this emergency, the dishes, the sets are still with the neighbors. And then he suddenly began to pull, to shake. I rushed to him, trying to hold him. I hold it with one hand, with the other I call my husband: "Vitya, run here."

The washing machine also began to bounce, tipped over. And then our kitchen cabinet opened and everything flew out — plates, forks, knives. Moreover, the knives floated terribly - with their points forward. A heavy wooden cutting board flew out into the hallway, fell in the hallway. Light plastic flew, like the dishes, right here, into the room. The refrigerator was dancing.

When her husband came running, Sinyavina called the police: "Don't think I'm crazy, but what should we do?!"

And already at night, when the police squad left, the neighbors dispersed (one of them was also stunned, seeing the jumping refrigerator) and the Sinyavins returned to their apartment, they got a call: they say, come back, your apartment is rattling and gasping again, and the smell of gas is in the entrance. Sinyavina opened the door with a trembling hand: all the burners on the gas stove were lit to the maximum by someone unknown, although the tap on the pipe was closed.

...Valentina Sinyavina does not know where to look for help. She contacted the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rospotrebnadzor. They answer her: "This is not in our line," "Call a psychic," "Consecrate the apartment." The letter demanding to understand the residents of the entrance was taken to the head of the Administration of the Krasnosulinsky district.

...And people are also scared of calls from nowhere to Sinyavina's mobile phone.

— I began to notice: mom was already living with me, suddenly a call comes from her on my mobile, - she says quietly. — The screen displays: "Mom". I run to her, and she doesn't call at all or even sleeps. We disassembled my mother's phone, put a battery, a SIM card, and parts of the case in the box separately. I gave this box to Ira Stepantsova, who lives on the fifth floor.

And calls from a disassembled phone, contrary to all the laws of physics, continue.

- Recently Valya came to us, - says Irina Stepantsova. - And her mobile phone rings again. We look at the screen: "Mom." Although the phone is disassembled in a box in the next room…

P.S. The other day, in order to have evidence, the Sinyavins put a video camera in the apartment.

"The cause of the anomalies may be quite earthly"

— I am not skeptical about the phenomena that people complain about in Krasny Sulin. If there is their desire, we can examine both the apartment and the house—" said Vladimir MIROSHNIK, a mathematician, a specialist in super-complex systems, and in the past a consultant to the Rostov Region Police Department on anomalous phenomena. - Twice in my life I have seen very similar manifestations. The first time was about 15 years ago. The events took place in Chaltyr, in a private house. Then it was a sensational story, which was also reported in the media. Household items and dishes suddenly began to fly in the house. Personally, in front of my eyes and in front of other people, a leather "briefcase" flew slowly through the air. But there was a disaster worse than Krasnosulinskaya - spontaneous fires also occurred. Suddenly, objects began to light up, and even those that cannot burn at all — an unpainted concrete wall, etc. A fire truck was on duty there around the clock. Another example is spontaneous fires in a printing house in Semikarakorsk: a stack of paper suddenly caught fire by itself. Both I and other specialists witnessed the flight of objects in a "bad apartment" in the Western microdistrict of Rostov. A cup was flying in front of our eyes. Often, the explanation is still quite mundane - activation of the geopathogenic zone (such zones are near power lines, near water sources, railway tracks, etc.) or a sharp change in the usual electromagnetic field. (Now Miroshnik is an employee of the laboratory of abnormal risk factors at the Rostov University of Civil Engineering, which studies, among other things, the influence of abnormal zones on construction sites. - Editorial office). Why do objects fly? No matter how amazing it sounds, there is already evidence of such a fact: a gross change in electromagnetic radiation can cause a person to have telekinesis - the ability (without realizing it) to mentally move objects. Moreover, it is necessary to examine not only the apartment, but also the house: the reason may lie in some specific equipment used by neighbors. It can also be phenomena related to the existence of parallel worlds. But this is a separate and long conversation…


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