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The nagual. Mexico

ID #1684833481
Added Tue, 23/05/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 

Reports of mysterious livestock killings in the Caribbean, Central America, the southwestern United States and South America often lead to speculation about the legendary Chupacabra. Another such case occurred recently in Mexico.

The chupacabra is usually presented as a mixture of a wildcat and a lizard, which is often described as a creature with spikes on its back. Its descriptions vary depending on the region of observation. In the southwestern United States, he is sometimes called a skinny, hairless, dog-like creature. The observation of this mythical cryptid recently took place in the city of Cancun, Mexico.

In the early morning, an eyewitness of the incident came across the remains of an animal. Jenny Sylvia Pardo posted photos of the shocking discovery on social media. Locals attribute the murders to the Chupacabra, and it must be admitted that the mode of action of this cryptid is really identical. The animal's eyes and tongue were completely drained of blood. Bloodsucking is a very often attributed trait of this mythical cryptid.

However, this is not the only accepted solution to the puzzle. Others suggest that this is just a sick and cruel fun of local youth or some degenerate. Alternative explanations include the nagual, a shape-shifting creature from Mesoamerican folklore, or the Shnuka, a nocturnal bird that feeds on mammalian brains. The police do not rule out that the animals could have become prey to one of the predators living in the area.

Original news

Doniesienia o tajemniczych zabójstwach zwierząt gospodarskich na Karaibach, w Ameryce Środkowej, południowo-zachodnich Stanach Zjednoczonych i Ameryce Południowej często prowadzą do spekulacji na temat legendarnej Chupacabry. Do kolejnego z takich incydentów doszło niedawno w Meksyku.

Chupacabra jest zwykle wyobrażana jako mieszanka dzikiego kota i jaszczura, często opisuje się ją jako stwora z kolcami na plecach. Jej opisy różnią się w zależności od regionu obserwacji. W południowo-zachodnich Stanach Zjednoczonych mówi się o niej niekiedy jako o chudej, bezwłosej istocie podobnej do psa. Obserwacja tej mitycznej kryptydy miała niedawno miejsce w mieście Cancún w Meksyku.

Świadek zdarzenia natrafiła na szczątki zwierzęcia wczesnym porankiem. Jenni Silvia Pardo opublikowała zdjęcia z szokującego odkrycia w mediach społecznościowych. Lokalni mieszkańcy przypisują zabójstwa Chupacabrze i trzeba przyznać, że modus operandi tej kryptydy faktycznie jest identyczny. Zwierze zostało zupełnie pozbawione krwi oraz oczu i języka. Wysysanie krwi jest bardzo często przypisywaną cechą tej mitycznej kryptydy.

Nie jest to jednak jedyne przyjmowane rozwiązanie zagadki. Inni sugerują, iż jest to tylko chora i okrutna zabawa miejscowej młodzieży lub jakiegoś zwyrodnialca. Alternatywne wyjaśnienia obejmują naguala, zmiennokształtnego stwora z mezoamerykańskiego folkloru lub opisywanego przez Majów Xnuca, nocnego ptaka żywiącego się mózgami ssaków. Policja nie wyklucza, iż zwierzęta mogły paść ofiarą jednego z żyjących na tym obszarze drapieżników.


Mexicans are hunting a blood-sucking ‘Chupacabra’ vampire after a ram was found dead with bizarre wounds and no eyes.

Villagers claim the mythical creature – whose name translates to “goat-sucker” – plucked out the male sheep’s eyes and left it with bloody gashes to its neck and mouth.

It was found lying on a rock in Leona Vicario, near Cancun.Jenni Silvia Pardo, who lives in the area, posted photos of the shocking discovery on social media.

She said: “I think there are Chupacabras in Leona Vicario. I’ve been investigating what animal could leave them like this.”

Sightings have been reported all over the region since the 1970s, although none have been officially confirmed.

But others accused her of faking the pictures, with one insisting: “He’s been dead for days.”z

Another said: “Jaguarundis [a wild cat native to the Americas] usually eat the soft parts, the eyes and the tongue.

It may have been that animal or another one acting similar.” And a third added: “In my village, we’ve been told for years that it is a night bird that feeds on the brain mass of animals. We know it as the Xnuc.

”In response, Jenni shared another gruesome image of a headless goat lying in the undergrowth, its body still tied to a rope.She said it appeared to have been drained of its blood.

She added: “More evidence, and then they say it’s made up.“Just be careful.“Believe it or not, strange things happen. Judge for yourselves.”

It comes just weeks after Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador shared a photo of what he claimed to be an elf.He insisted the image showed an alux – a mischievous woodland spirit – adding “everything is mystical.”

A “goblin foetus” was also found in a disused warehouse during construction work in Mexico City. Municipal mayor Francisco Mayoral Flores said the mummified remains could be from a “goblin or a nagual.”

In Mesoamerican mythology, a nagual is a human with the ability to shape-shift into an animal counterpart.


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Famous creatures

There are a huge number of different living organisms on our planet. According to recent estimates, the number of species of organisms on our planet is approximately 7-10 million. However, only 15% of the data are described today.

According to the calculations of Canadians, 2.2 million species live in the world's oceans, 6.5 million on land. There are only about 7.8 million species of animals on the planet, 611 thousand fungi, and 300 thousand plants.

Post-mortem changes

Because ordinary people are rarely familiar with the nuances of postmortem changes in organisms, it can often take them for something mystical.

Gray meat flies eat rotting tissue, leaving a sharp edge. This explains the "surgical" removal of organs and parts of the skin. However, such behaviors of the flies many take for the interference of aliens or attacked by unknown creatures.

The main signs of this injury:


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