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UFO. Russia

ID #1696257895
Added Mon, 02/10/2023
Author July N.

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Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Себежский район
Pskovskaya oblast

From a letter to the Leningrad Scientific Society on AYA "Fact" from Alishev Kerim Hasanovich (born in 1943, Leningrad, higher education Leningrad Artillery School and LFEI named after N.A. Voznesensky):

On August 23, 1985, I happened to visit the very outskirts of the Sebezhsky district of the Pskov region. It was in the evening; by bus to his village (of the same area) I didn't have time, there were no passing cars, and I decided to spend the night in a haystack. The night of August 24, 1985 was starry, cloudless, windless. As soon as I sat down in the hay, I saw that one of the "stars" began to move from right to left, simultaneously approaching and slightly increasing in size until it hovered opposite me, at a very high altitude. I got up from the stack and went out onto the highway. the "star" smoothly moved from left to right and, hovering, remained motionless for some time, then began to move away to the "stars" From the same place from where it began its movement). Then I walked along the highway in the direction of the border sign (the border between the Pskov region and the BSSR) and suddenly felt some kind of energy begin to flow from the soles of my feet and fingers. At the same time, the chest seemed to be bursting from the inside. I raised my head and against the background of the starry sky I saw a smoothly gliding formation of a group of individual bluish lights. At an altitude of about 3-5 km, directly above me and in the direction of my movement.

I raised my hand with "radiating" energy fingers, pointing my fingers into my eyes (this from my side meant "I see you, I feel the impact, I trust, I'm not afraid"). At the same moment, the impact stopped.

After walking some more distance, passing the border sign and a glimmer to the left of the highway, I saw a light on the left-behind. Turning around, I saw a gently descending apparatus (a bluish light), which hovered in front of (and above) the mast, standing on the ground. The mast had a glowing ring in its upper part. The height of the mast is about 20-25 m, the diameter of the ring is about 5 m. The ring was not a solid glow, but as if from large lamps located close to each other under a huge electric voltage, of a yellowish hue. The hovering height of the device is about 50 m. The distance from me to the mast was about 300 m. On the left and right and slightly above 1 apparatus (), 2 more apparatus (deep lights) are located in the corners. How did these two and the rest of the apparatus (UFOs) appear I didn't see it, but I saw it when they were already flashing their lights. Apparently, these were UFOs that followed the home and, having rebuilt, hovered before the angle started forward, but already in the opposite direction of the initial movement, because the mast turned out to be on the left-behind (behind a glimpse) in the direction of movement (from a haystack).

The 1st UFO (closest to all) hovering to the ring glows with a constant soft bluish light. UFOs No. 2 and No. 3 often blinked and from time to time seemed to be lowered down a small garland, along which lights ran up and down. And very rarely turned on the lights of the other UFOs that were located. leaning wedge from the mast.

I observed this technical dialogue between blinking in some system of my own (not Morse code) UFO and slowly turning the glowing ring of the mast for about an hour. I tried to go to the mast, but my chest was bursting with such an attempt.

(It seemed that the mast and the UFO are bodies of different forces, perhaps even opposing one another).

It was very quiet around and I thought: did something bad happen in the nearest village? I went to this unfamiliar village of Kostrovo (BSSR), knocked on the door for a long time, no one responded, then I yanked the door hard and tore it off the hook. The lights were turned on, I saw an elderly Chita and asked for a bed for the night.

It was a sunny morning. There was no mast, no UFO, and he left for his village on the first passing car.


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Crown Discharge (St. Elmo's Lights)

A continuous spark, which is usually described as a "blue flame" on the tops of ship masts, airplane wings, flagpoles, spires, street lights, trees and other tall pointed objects, where a smaller surface area requires less voltage to attract oppositely charged particles to each other. Sometimes it looks like small lightning bolts on the surface.


Rocket launches (from

  • Site: Baikonur (Tyuratam, NIIP-5, GIK-5), Tyuratam (USSR / Russia) Vehicle: Tsiklon-2 Payload: Kosmos 1677 (US-A #27)


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