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Poltergeist. Russia

ID #1708102731
Added Fri, 16/02/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Rostovskaya oblast

Orders to drink beer, beats and breaks furniture: how does a family from Taganrog get along with a poltergeist?

An abnormal phenomenon called Zatan terrorizes the tenants of the apartment: it does not allow you to bring "strangers" to visit. The Taganrog poltergeist inclines the owners to alcoholism and sends "nasty things" to the phone. For many years now, truly abnormal phenomena have been occurring in the most ordinary Taganrog apartment. At least, that's what its residents think.

According to those who cross the threshold of their house, there really is an entity living in the apartment that does not hesitate to declare itself. Many researchers of such "miracles", including the head of the Tomsk ecological center "Biolon" Viktor Fefelov, believe that a poltergeist has settled in the apartment. He attacks his "neighbors" by square meters, beats them, breaks furniture and throws food. Who is he? Why did he come and how to get rid of him? Let's try to figure it out…

According to independent journalist Viktor Fefelov, who personally told this story, this is a kind of casting. It, like many others, calls itself by its first name – Zatan. The poltergeist, in the best traditions of the same entities, behaved in every possible way. He settled in a three-room apartment in a panel house on the eighth floor, where Nadezhda lives with her husband Dmitry. Nadezhda's daughter Valentina is nearby. They said that Zatan periodically floods their apartment with water when all the taps are closed, sends strange SMS messages, gives even more incomprehensible orders and leaves threatening notes.

To figure this out and understand how true it is, Viktor Fefelov, a researcher of such phenomena, went to their home. Upon arrival, unusual events immediately began to occur in the apartment. At first, the table, at which the hostess Nadezhda put Victor, began to bounce a few centimeters into the air. He "jumped" like that for several seconds, and the dishes placed on the table did not even budge.

Victor immediately took out a camera to capture the phenomenon, but as soon as the equipment was ready to shoot, the table "calmed down." Nadezhda and her daughter, who were watching him, said that this happens all the time and they are no longer surprised by anything. Sometimes the table overturns, sometimes it "rolls" around the apartment, and sometimes it is glued to the floor so that two adults cannot move it.

A little later, her husband Dmitry returned from work. He is, according to all family members, the main target of poltergeist attacks. Special attention should be paid to Zatana's favorite activity – correspondence. He regularly sends SMS messages from one phone to another, in which he forces Nadezhda and Dmitry to do strange things. For example, there are two smartphones on the kitchen table. At some point, one of them starts ringing, and everyone realizes that the call is coming from a device nearby. The owner picks up the phone, but hears only beeps. At this point, a message is displayed on the screen.

As a rule, in such messages, Zatan insults the owners, swears and forces them to buy alcohol. If his will is not fulfilled, after a while a real pogrom begins in the apartment: things fly, furniture turns over, money disappears from wallets. Dmitry receives powerful blows to the body, which leave bruises.

The "invisible" sledgehammer Once, according to Nadezhda's stories, her husband woke up from severe pain. She saw that he had two deep wounds on his leg, from which blood was flowing. When she was bandaging his leg, Dmitry told her that he had dreamed of a red snake that bit him. When Valentina's husband comes to their apartment, the worst begins. For such meetings, Zatan severely punishes Dmitry.

Fefelov asked to invite an "unwanted" guest to see with his own eyes what could happen. The owners reluctantly agreed and soon regretted it... read more:  Strange cases of teleportation of the Pansini brothers Exactly a second before the son-in-law knocked on the door, Dmitry received a severe blow to the head and collapsed unconscious on the floor. Nadezhda immediately ran up to him to revive him, but even a napkin soaked in ammonia did not help. Later, he did wake up, but, as usual, with partial memory loss. By that time it was already dark, and Fefelov left the apartment.

Soon his wife discovered that Dmitry, as if nothing had happened, was standing in the doorway, dressed in a coat. To the question: "Where have you been?" Dmitry shrugged his shoulders and could not answer anything.… This is how an ordinary Taganrog family lives in an extraordinary apartment. All attempts to drive away the ghost were unsuccessful.

There were priests and psychics – all to no avail. It seems that the owners have already lost hope of getting rid of Zatan. They try to get along with a violent neighbor, "swallowing" all his antics.


Nadezhda Tsymbalova, a 74-year-old pensioner from Taganrog, and her 33-year-old chosen one Dmitry came back to the studio of the Live Broadcast program on the Rossiya 1 TV channel. A year ago, they said that a few years ago a brownie named Zatan settled in their apartment, who does not allow the couple to live in peace: destroys everything around, sends abusive messages to the phone and allegedly gets Dmitry drunk. Since then, the poltergeist has not gone away. According to the heroes of the TV show, he influenced the fact that Dima was fired from his job three months ago. In addition, the roommate began to raise his hand against the pensioner and her daughter Valentina. According to the man, in moments of anger, he is controlled by some otherworldly force. The experts in the studio tried to figure out whether Dmitry was telling the truth, dumping all responsibility on the brownie.

"I've already been in a cast twice. He can do anything, because it warns Zatan. If I did something wrong in the concept of Zatan," Nadezhda says about how Dmitry is allegedly controlled by a poltergeist.

According to the woman, her husband had never allowed himself such aggressive behavior before. Recall that Nadezhda and Dmitry met 11 years ago in the sect of Jehovah's Witnesses (banned in the Russian Federation). He came to Taganrog from Rostov to work with the deaf and dumb, as he is fluent in sign language translation.

"He doesn't know what's going on with him – that's scary," the pensioner continues to claim that her young lover is controlled by an inexplicable force.

Over the past year, Dmitry's relationship with his wife's daughter Valentina has deteriorated. The man is against her visits to her mother, although Valentina is the owner of the apartment where he now lives with Hope. Valentina, like them, believes in Zatan and that the brownie sends aggressive messages about her and controls Dima's aggression.

Experts in the studio advised Tsymbalova to stop explaining her husband's outbursts of anger by the existence of a poltergeist.

"It all starts with throwing cups, and then turns into a criminal offense. If aggression continues to grow, then you definitely need to disperse," advises Nadezhda and her roommate lawyer Yevgeny Tonky.

And psychologist Irena Sirma explained the appearance of an aggressive Zatan by the fact that the pensioner's young lover has bipolar disorder.

"There is a famous writer Agatha Christie. Her character Hercule Poirot always said: "Behind any ghost there is always a real, living person in whom evil has settled." This evil does not reach his consciousness. He splits up as a person. Bipolar. I am separate, and Zatan is separate," characterizes the psychologist of the guest of the program.


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There are many ways to make something similar to a ghost or a flying saucer from improvised materials, without using video and photomontage.

Many homemade things made for the sake of a joke, a practical joke or a direct imitation of a mystical being or event can be taken as unexplained not only in photos and videos, but also in reality.


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