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UFO. Russia

ID #1708450253
Added Tue, 20/02/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
23.08.1978 02:45
Kareliya, Respublika

Mikhailov V.V. writes to the Commission on:

...I got up for some unknown reason about 15 minutes before the start

He appeared and went to the window... I went up to my 6-year-old daughter, covered her with a blanket,

I went to the window again and suddenly I saw something bright in the shape of a droplet flying from the southwest to the northeast. The window faces south. At first there was a dot, then it increased in size very quickly, especially the blunt part grew. Its glow was like that of a Harrier, but much brighter and the fire was warm. I immediately woke up my family.

The color of the object turned fiery white. The window overlooked Lososinoe Lake, and there was a thick cloud cover with a clear border above the horizon. Before reaching the clouds, the object gave a big flash, almost an explosion - and suddenly it began to unfold (grow) at the explosion site a geometric formation that looks very much like a flower with petals. I saw something similar on TELEVISION recently, when a Cuban program was broadcast, a rose flower began to grow on the screen and the globe rotated in the center of it.

That's when I discovered a brightly glowing core in the center of the "flower". It not only flew out of the flower, but also changed the angle of inclination - the trajectory became more horizontal - earlier the object seemed to be descending along an inclined trajectory

to the place of the outbreak, the object flew beyond the cloud boundary. Its size did not change and was about 1/20 of the diameter of the Moon, and the petal gases began to gradually disperse.

The upper part of the "flower" is bright orange, below there is a pale glow, similar to the picture when the sun sets illuminates the clouds with orange light, this is the upper glow, and the orange color changed when the petals began to blur. After that, the shapeless cloud began to move towards us, while the usual cloud cover moved away from us to the south over the horizon. There was no wind.

In terms of range: if the cloud cover was, say, 40 km away from us, then the height of the body is high, I thought that all this was happening in the upper atmosphere, that this was our spaceship and that it was illuminated from below by the sun.

I will especially note the situation at the flash-explosion site. The body stopped in the center of the growing "flower" for less than a minute. The petals grew evenly

in all directions. I saw the core at the moment of stopping, it was a large ball. As a child, I once saw a fireball, it was smaller than a football and floated over the forest. The core of the object had about the same glow. The petals did not reach the ground, the edges rested against the clouds above the horizon. The phenomenon was observed at an angle of 45°, and the "flower" was 20 or 30 degrees, if not 15. The "flower" was deployed frontally, it had a strictly symmetrical shape. In the Cuban TV show, the petals were more rounded, but here they are more oblong and sharper.

Before the stop, the balloon went very fast, and after it (after the "flower") significantly slower. And yet: before the hovering stop, the ball was in the shape of a drop or cone, so: the petals of the flower almost exactly repeated the shape of this cone, There were 8-10 in total. Colors played in the petals themselves, there were some rays inside them along the petals, as if some kind of pulsation from the center of the figure. The color of the petals is orange, the cone flying behind the ball has disappeared. The cone itself

he moved ahead of the body - it seemed as if an avalanche was flying.

The "flower" grew for about 30-10 seconds. I determined the direction of the cardinal directions in the morning using a compass. Obviously, the change in the trajectory of the object's movement also affected the direction: not only has it become more gentle, but the angle of flight itself has changed.

Feelings: When I woke up, I noticed that there was no such dream as

It was as if he hadn't slept. The neighbors later said that they were asleep and did not feel anything like that.

The total duration of the phenomenon is 15 minutes. The body was flying not towards Petrozavodsk, but past it.

The blurred cloud after the "flower": it was thicker and more orange from above, the stars did not shine through it, but around it there were and shone quite brightly. When the balloon went over the horizon, I do not remember that the edge of the cloud was illuminated in any way.

This phenomenon was also observed by my wife Mikhailova P.M., children - son Mikhail born in 1965 and daughter Anya born in 1971.

Note: Approximately the same "flower" was observed in the village of Mashsil (?) Pitkyaran district of Karelia is 3 km from Lake Ladoga.



List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Booster, the rocket and tracks

For UFOs often take stages of rockets, parts of space ships burning in the atmosphere, the launches of various missile technology for military purposes, etc., and traces from them. They attract attention mostly in the dark, but in the day time have a greater aura of mystery.

Formation of the track of the launch vehicle occurs in the tropopause (the layer between the troposphere and stratosphere), which sharply reduced the vertical temperature gradient. The emergence of the so-called "jellyfish" influenced by water vapor, which are subject to enhanced condensation.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials
Not enough information


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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