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Abbott and Costello Go to Mars


Added Sun, 09/01/2022
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Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (English: Abbott and Costello Go to Mars) is a 1953 American science fiction comedy.

Lester and Orville are part-time workers in a secret laboratory where, under the guidance of Dr. Wilson, they create a spaceship. Orville accidentally launches a rocket, and after a short flight, the friends find themselves in New Orleans in the midst of a masquerade "Mardi Gras" (Eng. New Orleans Mardi Gras). Amazed by the terrible creatures surrounding them, the friends conclude that they are on Mars.

Meanwhile, two fugitive criminals make their way into an unattended rocket: Harry and Mugsy. They put on the spacesuits found there and commit a bank robbery in this form. Since Lester and Orville are dressed the same, they are suspected of the crime. They escape on their ship, but bandits are waiting for them there, who force their friends to set a course for Venus.

After landing there, all four go to investigate, and Orville is soon captured by the local guards, who take him to Queen Allura. It turns out that only women live on Venus, since "men have been banned here for a long time."

However, Allura likes Orville, and she decides that he can stay - provided that he remains faithful to her. Orville agrees. The criminals are put behind bars, but Magsy persuades one of the guards to flirt with Orville: in this way he wants to convict him of unreliability. Orville falls into this simple trap, and the angry queen expels all men from her planet.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The film shows two types of spaceships. The first of them is a rocket built by earthlings to travel to Mars. For some reason, people who saw the rocket over the streets of the city, despite its appearance, call it a "flying saucer".

The second type of spacecraft is represented by aircraft of the inhabitants of Venus, having the form of a classic flying saucer (or "flying nipple") with lighting devices located around the perimeter (lamps or portholes). They have the ability to hover in the air, and during the flight they rotate around their axis.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Dressed in space suits, the main characters of the film are mistaken by other people for Martians. The spacesuits are equipped with transparent helmets with "horns" and ring-shaped thickenings on the elbows, knees and neck. As a weapon, astronauts use ray guns that can temporarily paralyze animals and people.

The real aliens are the inhabitants of Venus, to whom the main characters arrive. All of them are young and beautiful women, because after the expulsion of men a few centuries ago, their science made a huge leap and they discovered the secrets of eternal youth and beauty. They use advanced technologies: they fly on disk-shaped spaceships, travel around the planet at great speed in jet cars, use video communication and devices capable of reading thoughts. At the same time, for some reason Venusians still use spears as weapons.

They are ruled by a queen who, as a punishment, can "turn off" the effects of youth and beauty for selected subjects; the punished woman instantly turns into an ugly old woman.

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