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Dawn of the Dead


Added Sun, 12/07/2020
Release date
Original title
Dawn of the Dead

"Dawn of the dead" (eng. "Dawn of the Dead") – feature film in the genre of splatter, directed by George Romero in 1978, the second from series of films about the living dead. The film is an indirect continuation of the story started by the Director in the film "night of the living dead" in 1968.

Night of the Living Dead


A group of people try to survive an attack of bloodthirsty zombies while trapped in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The walking dead in the US more and more. The main characters of the film – employee of the television Studio of Fran, the pilot Steven, the father of her unborn child, and two fighters of the elite police division SWAT Roger and Peter. They flee from the city in a helicopter and find sanctuary in a huge suburban supermarket, around the building and in the trading rooms of which aimlessly around a large number of zombies. Heroes put the helicopter on the roof of the supermarket and settled in almost completely isolated from the trading floors of office space on the upper level. The presence of goods on the shelves and inventory in the warehouses shopping centre leads the heroes to the idea to remain and strengthen in the building to survive as long as possible. Meanwhile, all systems are hypermarkets continue to function, nobody managed, as if it were a normal working day. Roger and Peter block the entrances with trucks, and then all four of us cleaned the building from the dead, and their bodies transported to the refrigerators of the supermarket. Roger bite, he and Peter from previous experience in the service understand that in a few days, Roger will cease to be human. Fran cares for Roger, which is getting worse, Peter finally tells her and Steven to leave the room. Roger asks him to take care of him and promises that he will try "not to come back." However, after some time after his death he is still alive, and Peter kills him with a headshot. Roger is buried among the bushes in the garden hypermarket.

Left three, characters some time living in the idyll. Stephen does Fran offer, but she considers it untimely and dodges. Stephen teaches Fran the basics of aerobatics that the group was still at least one person who knows how to fly a helicopter, if something is going to happen. During a training flight, the French helicopter heroes notices a group of marauding bikers, hunted robbery the surviving warehouses and other shelters. Looters attacked the store and start a robbery, a shootout with the main characters, which begins with Stephen despite the fact that the main characters themselves are not particularly interested looters. Behind the looters in the building break through the hordes of zombies. Enough after the robbery and netreleases for fun in zombies as well as mocking them, bikers, looters leave a supermarket. Several looters killed in the hypermarket at the hands of the hungry dead. Stephen bite, and he turns into a zombie. Obeying the old habits, he tries to get back into a fortified hideout in the attic and thus unwittingly leads the other zombies. Seeing Stephen in his new condition, Peter tells Fran to fly a helicopter without him. He is going to commit suicide, but at the last moment changes his mind and fighting breaks out on the roof, sits in the helicopter, and Fran picks up the car in the air.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

As in the first film, the cause of the zombies remains unknown. Suddenly all the dead rose up and started attacking people, eating their flesh. One of the characters tells the legend of Voodoo, the dead will walk the earth when hell will end for them.

Dead the living dead immediately after death turn into a zombie. Even a few zombie bites is enough for a person to be dead for three days and became the living dead.

The zombies differ in blue leather. On them there are traces of the injuries that caused death, as well as traces of decomposition that was present at the time of conversion. The undead are stupid and slow, they are able to use only the most basic mechanisms and retain some of the habits peculiar to them in life.

To kill zombies you need to damage the brain, after which they quickly turn into a decaying corpse. The dead do not feel pain, but I'm afraid of fire.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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