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The Dead Don't Die


Added Tue, 23/07/2019
Release date
Original title
The Dead Don't Die

"The dead don't die" (orig. "The Dead Don't Die") – zombie movie directed by Jim Jarmusch. Premiered at the Cannes film festival on may 14 2019. In the US the film was released on 14 June 2019. Russia - 11 July 2019.

The plot of the film is about a zombie Apocalypse for example, one small town in the United States.

The film is saturated with satire and mockery. Surviving the zombie Apocalypse only those who tried to help others, and cared only about himself: alien Zelda, hermit Bob and teenagers-the criminals Geronimo, Olivia and Stella.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Answering the complaint of the farmer by Frank Miller about a missing chicken, the police Centerville cliff Robertson and Ronnie Peterson coming to an eccentric local hermit Bob, living in the woods. On the way back to the police station cliff notices that after 8 PM it's still bright, while Ronnie discovers that his watch and cell phone have stopped working. Farmer Miller says of the hermit Bob with the owner of the hardware store Hank Thompson at a local diner. Hank hears a disturbing radio message about the Arctic reservoir fracturing (the fracking), which led to the displacement of the axis of the Earth. Hank and the waitress fern wonder why it's still not dark.

In the centre for juvenile offenders Centerville teenagers-inmates watch the news. After reporting about polar fracturing Geronimo, one of the prisoners tells his friends Olivia and Stella that shift the earth's axis will lead to a global catastrophe. Deliveryman Dean brings a rare journals Bobby, the owner of the gas station and souvenir shops. The owner of the Motel "Moonlight" Danny Perkins is watching a news report about strange behaviour of Pets. Farmer Miller notices that all the animals on his farm have disappeared.

Cliff, Ronnie and mindy Morrison at the police station to discuss the oddities that are occurring in Centerville. Ronnie and mindy leave cliff at night alone with the corpse city drunks Mallory O'brien. Hank, fern night and the cleaning lady Lily discuss Mallory in the diner. After Hank leaves, Lily tells fern about Zelda Winston, strange new mortician "Ever After". Meanwhile, Zelda herself is practiced in the possession of the sword before the statue of Buddha in the back room of the funeral home. Two zombies, possessed by a thirst for coffee, attack on fern and Lily at the diner. Morning Hank discovers their lacerated bodies and causes the cliff, Ronnie and mindy. Ronnie tells cliff that he believes that the fern and Lily was killed by a zombie.

At the gas station Bobby stop three teenagers: a girl Zoe and her companions Jack and Zack. Zoe buys a CD with the song “The Dead Don't Die". After that the young people stop for the night in a Motel "Moonlight". Cliff and Ronnie discuss with Danny, the owner of the Motel, murder in the diner. Danny mentions that his cat was missing. Officers meet Zoe, Jack and Zack and advise them at night to lock the door. In the centre for juvenile offenders, Olivia, Stella and Geronimo also discuss the murder in the diner. Geronimo suggests that the impending zombie Apocalypse and that zombies are responsible for death in a cafe.

Cliff and Ronnie surveyed the cemetery and find the graves excavated from the inside. Hermit Bob spies on men from afar, and then concludes that the zombies were on the prowl. Ronnie tells cliff about how to kill zombies. Bobby and Hank also discuss this subject and prepare a weapon. Night even more zombies rise from their graves. They attack Danny in the Motel and turn him into the undead. Zoe, Jack and Zack locked in his room after hearing on the radio a warning of danger.

Cliff and Ronnie bring to the police station weapons and ammunition, and then tell mindy about zombies. Mallory O'brien is alive, and Ronnie cuts her head off with a machete. In funeral homes rise up the bodies of the spouses who were killed by lightning on a Golf course. Zelda blows their heads off with his sword then goes to the police station. There's Zelda meets cliff, Ronnie and mindy. Police leave Zelda in the plot, agreeing to meet later at the cemetery, while they themselves are going to patrol the streets of the city. They find Zoe and her two friends dead in a Motel. Ronnie decapitates the bodies of young people to prevent them from turning into zombies.

Hank and Bobby fighting off zombies at the hardware store. Hermit Bob sees the zombies attack the farmer by Frank Miller, and enjoys it. Geronimo, Olivia and Stella walk out of a center for juvenile offenders after the zombies kill the guards. The police drive to the cemetery, but there, their car gets stuck and they are surrounded by zombies. Unable to cope with stress after he saw his undead grandmother, mindy out of the car and allows the zombies to kill themselves.

Killing zombies on the way, Zelda drove across town to the cemetery. There she gets out and distracts the zombies attacking the police. Suddenly there is a flying saucer, hovering over the cemetery and takes Zelda. Zombies see it, then slowly rotated back to the patrol car. Cliff and Ronnie watched in amazement as a UFO takes Zelda and flies away, and then decide to go on the attack on the zombies. Officers out of the car and start killing the undead. Cliff gets upset when he sees that Ronnie was beheaded zombie mindy. The forces are too unequal, and in the end zombie kill of cliff and Ronnie. Hermit Bob watches the battle through binoculars, commenting aloud metaphorical sense of the situation.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

Zombies, apparently caused by the displacement of the earth's axis associated with the polar fracking. He is accompanied by a large number of unusual phenomena: daylight shifts, the animals hide in safe places, TV and radio stops working, cell phones are discharged, the clock stops. On the moon become visible flashes purple color similar to the Aurora.

Zombie is not a classic "slow" zombies. They rise from their graves and feel the need that they have been strong during life: coffee, Chardonnay, wifi, etc. the bodies of all the zombies in roughly the same stage of decomposition, regardless of when they died and were buried. Zombies eat the flesh of living people (but not the brain, which is considered atypical and is celebrated as one of the characters in the movie). Dead living dead people after some time, they themselves turn into zombies.

Kill the zombies you can, by cutting off his head or shooting her. The main thing - to cause damage to the brain or to cut off the cervical vertebrae. From the wounds of the living dead begins to pour the dust - fine particles of black color, like sand.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The stranger turns out to be Zelda, the new owner of the funeral home. She looks like a man, but the behavior and speech gives it an outsider. Residents describe her look as "sharp" and I think it is very strange.

She is fluent in samurai sword and kills with it, a lot of zombies. However, she refers to them as living people, causing a reaction.

We do not report the purpose of her arrival on earth, but in the town she loves, and she reluctantly leaves him. After the start of the zombie Apocalypse she calls me with a computer at the police station, and at the end of the film departs from the cemetery in a flying saucer.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The only UFO shown in the film is rotating around its axis classic flying saucer shape landed behind Zelda.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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