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Dr. Who and the Daleks


Added Mon, 16/11/2020
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Dr. Who and the Daleks

Doctor Who and the Daleks is the first of two full-length non-Canon films based on the science fiction television series Doctor Who, namely the classic story of the Daleks, consisting of seven episodes, which were shown between December 21, 1963 and February 1, 1964. The second film, Dalek Invasion of Earth, was released in 1966.

Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.


Doctor Who and his companions are hurled into the future and make a horrifying discovery: the Daleks have conquered Earth! The metal fiends have devastated entire continents and turned the survivors into Robomen.

Doctor Who, his granddaughters Susan and Barbara, and Barbara's boyfriend Ian are accidentally transported to another planet using the doctor's latest invention, a time and space machine called TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space).

While exploring the area, travelers see the city in the distance. They also find a small container with a substance that later turns out to be a cure for radiation sickness. The container is left on Board the TARDIS. Wanting to continue exploring the planet, doctor Who simulates a mercury leak in a vital component of the TARDIS. The group goes to the city to search for mercury, presumably necessary for refueling the component. Once in the city, they are captured by cyborg creatures who call themselves"Daleks". Soon, doctor Who realizes that members of his group have fallen ill with radiation sickness and that the medicine they discovered earlier may be their only hope of survival.

Covertly observing the prisoners, the Daleks discuss their own situation. Radiation has trapped them inside metal buildings that don't work outside of the city. They want to get out of the city to destroy other life and take over the planet completely. After hearing the prisoners discuss the medicine they found, the Daleks make them an offer: if the humans bring the medicine, the Daleks will allow them to cure themselves. Susan leaves, being the only one who feels well enough to handle the task.

Back in the TARDIS, Susan collects the medicine and meets Alidon, the leader of the thals, a local race that fought the Daleks in the atomic war centuries ago. Alidon gives Susan a second container of anti-radiation drugs to use if the Daleks don't keep their promise.

When Susan returns, the Daleks discover an additional set of medications, but allow the humans to cure themselves with them. Susan explains to her companions that, according to Alidon, the Thal crop was too poor, and they arrived in the Dalek city, hoping to exchange the anti-radiation drug formula for food. After eavesdropping on the prisoners ' conversation again, the Daleks decide that they don't need the thals anymore, since they have a sample of the drug. They force Susan to write a letter to the talam saying that as an act of friendship, the Daleks will provide food to be picked up in the city. When Susan finishes the letter, the Daleks reveal that they plan to kill all the thals when they arrive in the city.

The travelers manage to disable the Dalek who entered their cell. Once free, they plan to warn the thals entering the city and escape with them into the jungle. The Daleks test the anti-radiation drug talov on themselves, but find that it causes disastrous side effects. Desperate, they decide to detonate a neutron bomb to increase the radiation background on the planet to a level at which even thals cannot survive.

Returning to the tal camp, doctor Who discovers that the travelers cannot leave the planet, as the Daleks have an important component of the TARDIS left. He tries to convince alidon to fight the Daleks to save his species, but Alidon refuses, insisting that the thals have renounced the violence that nearly destroyed their planet. In response, the doctor Who pretends that he orders Ian to take a woman from the tribe of the Thal to the Daleks in exchange for the seized component. Horrified, Alidon attacks Ian, then realizes that the thals must still fight for what they care about. Alidon, doctor Who, and Susan lead a Thal attack on the city, but the Daleks repel the attack and capture doctor Who and Susan.

Meanwhile, Jan, Barbara, and a small group of thals infiltrate the Dalek city from the rear. Once inside, they join the rest of the thals, who have launched a frontal attack to save doctor Who and Susan. The talls and humans enter the control room, where the Daleks have already begun the countdown to the neutron bomb explosion. During the ensuing struggle, the Daleks inadvertently destroy their main control panel, causing the power that feeds their hulls to be cut off, and the bomb does not explode.

Back in the jungle with everything they need, the travelers head to the TARDIS to return home.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Aliens on the planet Skaro, devastated by a nuclear war, are earthlings led by Doctor Who. The local inhabitants (aliens) are represented by two races: the mutant Daleks and the oppressed thals. The Daleks are belligerent and seek to end the war of extermination of the thals, started thousands of years ago by their distant ancestors. The thals reject violence, are ready to forget old grievances and make peace with the Daleks, if only the planet was at peace.

Thals are similar in appearance to humans, differing from them only in their greenish skin color, red hair, and very long eyelashes. The Daleks are not shown in full, as their bodies are usually hidden by a protective suit that is both a vehicle and a weapon. Only in one episode do we see the three-toed, clawed foot of a Dalek, similar to the limb of a frog.

The Daleks have high technology, unlike the almost feral thals, who nevertheless manage to discover a cure for radiation sickness that allows them to live on the planet and not mutate. The Daleks are tied to their city, since outside of it their protective suits are deprived of access to a power source and cannot move.

And the Daleks, and the thals speak with humans and among themselves in English.

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