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From Dusk Till Dawn


Added Mon, 31/12/2018
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Original title
From Dusk Till Dawn

"From dusk till dawn" (orig. "From Dusk Till Dawn") – a cult film from Robert Rodriguez, the screenplay for which was written by Quentin Tarantino based on the story by Robert Kurtzman. The film was released in large quantities, received the award for the MTV best breakthrough of the year (George Clooney) and took the 91st place in the list of top 500 horror movies according to users of IMDb.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Brothers Seth and Richard Gecko are sent to the US border and Mexico. After escaping from prison, Seth, organized by his brother, killing it, the Sheriff, several police officers and civilians, they decide to leave the country. Robbing a Bank, the brothers took a hostage one of the workers. Mentally unbalanced Richard rapes and kills her when brother is away on reconnaissance. But both of the geckos need to get out of the country – they have already agreed with the Mexican mafia and its representative Carlos that those over thirty percent of the amount stolen will give them shelter on its territory in El Rey. It remains to pass FBI and state police of Texas, for which the capture of the two bandits became a matter of honor. To this end, the brothers grab the family van fuller, heading to Mexico. The father, the son and daughter stop for the night in the same hotel where temporarily hiding Gecko. The head of the family – Jacob, a former priest who lost his faith after the tragic death of his wife.

The Gecko brothers take a family hostage and hiding in their van, crossed the border. They stop at the previously agreed upon location – a strip bar, open from dusk till dawn – previously beaten the Mexican-Barker. The geckos and the Fullers to discover that the bar belongs to vampires, feeding on the blood of the passers-by truckers and bikers.

Queen of the vampires bites one of the brothers – Richie. Seth kills her. After some time, Richie becomes a vampire, and the brother is forced to kill him. Soon all the visitors of the bar become vampires, one of them bites Jacob. Survivors hide in the Laundry room where the vampires keep the loot. Jacob offers to go out and fight vampires, using the means at hand, instead of having to sit and wait for his transformation into a vampire. The rest agree. Taking the floor with their kids to kill him after treatment, Jacob is regaining faith and blesses the water, turning it into a weapon. Armed with the company is chosen from the pantry and begins to destroy the bloodsuckers, but the forces are unequal. The time of Jacob expire and he bites Scott, but he kills him. Scott attack the vampires, and he asks Kate to kill him.

In the end, the living are only surrounded by vampires, Seth and Kate. But comes the dawn, there is Carlos, his men kicking down doors and daylight kills vampires. Seth accuses Carlos that he killed his brother and Kate's family. Carlos doesn't believe him and asks how he can atone. Seth changes the terms of the transaction from 30 to 25 percent.

In the final Kate asks Seth to take her with him, but he gives her money and sends it home. The camera zooms out from the building of the bar, and it becomes clear that it is the pinnacle of ancient Indian pyramids. In the picture also seen the carcasses of old cars, indicating that the vampires in this bar, hunted for a very long time.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

The vampires closest to the classic image. They have distorted facial features, teeth and deformed body. Vampires can look like normal people and turn into bats. They lose control at the sight of human blood. Their bodies are much softer than human, and they can be pierced through with blunt objects such as a table leg. The vampire blood green (the filmmakers purposely painted it to avoid nagging from the Commission on the ratings).

Vampire conversion occurs after the bite, with different people this process takes different amounts of time. Becoming a vampire, the person loses control of himself and they start running instincts. However, it retains part of the personality and the ability to speak.

To kill a vampire in several ways: to pierce right through him, to pierce his heart (even if it has previously extracted from the body, the vampire will die after that), to burn, to pour Holy water. One of the vampires dies after swallowing a chain with a cross. Also fatal to them is sunlight. After death the bodies of the vampires quickly decompose and sometimes combust, and under the influence of sunlight and does explode.

The origin of vampires remains unsolved, although at the end of the film demonstrate the ancient Indian pyramid, on top of which is a bar. We can assume that vampires are representatives of an ancient evil that lived in this territory for many centuries.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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