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Added Mon, 31/05/2021
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"Game" (English: "Freaky") is a 2020 American slasher comedy film. Plot and structure, it is a parody of the comedy "Freaky Friday", released in 2003. The title of the film is also a reference to the parodied film, the original title of which is "Freaky Friday".

Four teenagers are brutally murdered by a maniac nicknamed "The Butcher of Blissfield", who also steals an ancient Aztec dagger of La Dola from the home of one of the victims.

The next day, high school student Millie Kessler goes to a football game at Blissfield Valley High School, where she acts as the school mascot. Waiting for her parents outside an empty school, Millie is attacked by a Butcher, who stabs her in the shoulder with a dagger. Due to the special nature of the weapon, an identical wound instantly appears on his shoulder as well. Millie's older sister, police officer Charlene, appears, and the serial killer escapes. The police take the dagger as evidence, with the help of Millie makes a sketch of the Butcher and declares him wanted.

The next morning, Butcher and Millie discover that they have switched bodies, and both head to Blissfield Valley High School. At school, the Butcher, now in Millie's body, kills her main tormentor, Millie Ryler, by locking her in a cryotherapy tank in the girls ' locker room. He realizes that his innocent appearance gives him freedom from suspicion, and with the help of a circular saw, he kills Milly's bullied teacher of works, Mr. Bernardi. Meanwhile, Millie, who is in the Butcher's body, finds her best friends Neela and Josh and proves her identity to them by performing the school mascot dance and answering a series of personal questions. Neela and Josh search the Internet for information about the dagger of La Dola and find out that Millie must stab the Butcher with the dagger before midnight, otherwise their souls will forever remain in their current bodies.

Later that day, Butcher lures a Millie-loving Booker to a miniature golf course, but Millie, Neela, and Josh arrive just in time to rescue him. Butcher and Booker lose consciousness and are brought to Josh's house. After tying the Butcher to a chair, Millie and Neela try to explain the situation to Booker, who is only convinced by a love poem that Molly anonymously sent him a few weeks earlier. Josh is left to keep an eye on the Butcher while Millie, Neela, and Booker go to the police station to get the dagger. To steal the dagger, Nila tricks Charlene, who is in the police station, into leaving. Millie and Booker are waiting outside in the car. Booker says that he always liked Millie, and Millie tells how she enjoys the strength and confidence she feels in the Butcher's body, and they kiss.

The butcher escapes, and Charlene catches Neela trying to kidnap La Dola. Millie notices the Butcher entering the police station and runs after him, but Charlene tries to stop her. Millie overpowers her sister and locks her in a prison cell, but the Butcher escapes in a police car. At a school party, a Butcher in Millie's body kills four football players, three of whom try to rape him. As midnight approaches, Millie stabs the Butcher with a dagger, after which the police shoot him. Later, Millie and Booker kiss again.

After faking his death in an ambulance, Butcher escapes and comes to Millie's house. He attacks her, making fun of her physical weakness and insecurities. Millie, Charlene, and their mother struggle to defeat the maniac, and Millie eventually kills him by impaling him with a broken table leg.

Phenomena in artwork: The evil eye, curses and corruption

The maniac and his victim switch bodies after a failed attack with a dagger that turns out to be an ancient Aztec ritual knife. The transfer of consciousness occurs in a dream and is detected only after waking up. The reverse transformation occurs immediately after the dagger strike.

During the dagger strike, the full moon is obscured by clouds, lightning flashes, and the illusion of a sacrificial altar of an ancient Aztec temple appears around the scene. Later it turns out that the dagger is cursed: if the sacrifice performed with it fails, then the priest and the victim change bodies. If the ritual is not completed within 24 hours, the changes become irreversible.

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