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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

The evil eye, curses and corruption

Added Sun, 02/10/2016
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Now the concept of the evil eye, curses and the curses are often used, replacing each other, although this is somewhat not true. In this article we will see how they differ, from where originate and have a real manifestation in life.

The evil eye

The evil eye widespread in many cultures the superstition about the malicious influence of the opinion of some people ("evil eye"), or under certain circumstances. The evil eye allegedly sick people and animals, wither trees, fail. Especially feared the evil eye during childbirth and at weddings.

Belief in the evil eye are reflected in many ancient sources, for example in the German sagas man with bushy eyebrows joined at the killing gaze of his enemy: the demon in the form of a butterfly flies out of his eyebrows and causes death. The earliest (1584г.) the mention of the belief in the evil eye in Russia is found in "the Discovery of witchcraft," the Englishman Reginald Scott. The author ascribes it to the Irish, Muscovites and inhabitants of the Islands of the West Indies. The first Russian text mentioning the evil eye, according, is the prayer of the XVI century against the "evil of the presentation and the evil eye."

It is believed that the source of these beliefs lies in the primitive demonology, osmatryvaly the presence of demonic forces in every human and in some obscure real effects (suggestion, hypnotism).

The curse

Curse is currently used to Express extreme anger towards something.

In earlier times, the curse was viewed primarily as a magical act intended to cause (or desire of causing) all sorts of troubles without any desire to personally participate in the infliction of harm.

The curse of "impose" in the first place, as a revenge or influence. But also to protect, usually, houses, treasures, graves and cemeteries. The curse has an effect immediately or after many years.

The curse can inflict anyone, just expressing a desire that a person has suffered such damage. However, the effectiveness of the curse depends on the condition and situation of cursing.


Damage (verb-to spoil) – harmful magic effect from enemies. Superstitions and myths about the existence of the damage, and possible destruction such influence (removing corruption) in one way or another was common among all peoples and persist to this day.

Building damage (in the occult practice) – deliberate magical effect, the purpose of which may be "pointing" the victim of any "negativity" from ill health, mental illness and family scandals before the "installation" of becoming a victim of car accident or crime. It is believed that put a spell on the person and his relatives, property or animals. Put a spell witches, sorcerers, witches, etc. specializing in this type of service, usually in the order of any believe in such a possibility the person trying to get rid of rivals, competitors, enemies or people who he's just jealous. The basis of any damage lies with the desire of one man to one degree or another to harm another or to impair the life: to destroy his family, bankrupt, to deprive of life or health of himself or his loved ones, etc.

There is a possibility of getting rid induced damage — "damage removal" — often attributed to priests. It is believed that an Orthodox Christian can be "cleared of corruption" with the help of confession and communion. Also believe in spells can apply for such assistance to healers, psychics, the same witches and other such "experts."

The scientific view of the phenomenon

From a mystical point of view, the "evil eye", "corruption" and "curse" explains the connection sends their people with different supernatural forces. In this section, we discuss possible scientific explanations of these phenomena.

Analyzing the characteristics of perception of these phenomena by the people to whom they are directed, can with great certainty say that not the last role in the mechanisms of their action played by self-hypnosis.

As example the following case:

"We know that in the nineteenth century, some superstitious Polish peasant died from panic to "Savickas" node detected in the growing cereal. One woman stole her roommate a few pieces of linen. She took on the field stole the "curl" wanting her dead. When the culprit noticed that "curl" is in her bread, she grew pale, in her head rustled, and she barely made it home. Three days later she died..."

However, active methods of human exposure, if necessary. Rituals to "restore" the damage frequently includes the exposure of humans through food, water or by putting him in "hex" things. These actions can be dangerous to health and life, as well as verbal impact on them, rituals can be used chemically and biologically hazardous substances.

Consider a few examples:

Example 1. Braids of hair, worms and snakes.

The most common example of the result of "removing corruption" referred to the exit from the body of the worms, hair, and sometimes even snakes. Examples taken from:

  • "One day I drank 5 litres of hex witch of water. Very soon I felt sick to the stomach. But then he opened the diarrhea came out of me women's braided plait as thick as a finger and a length of 10 cm."

  • "Began to feel even worse: headaches, insomnia, severe lethargy. As it became to be treated, nausea, disorder. Out worms".

  • "After all of the recommendations of the sorcerer, I felt that my anus beginning of something to creep out. Became very ill. But it began to crawl more and more. It was a snake about 50 cm in length".

It should be noted that the "hex removal" is often used water-salt solution, and it is a good laxative, and cleanses the intestines from stubborn substances deposited on its walls, and helminths. (Often, such substances are hair, lint, wool, accidentally fall into the food. They are very long to decompose, and sometimes even affect the human condition. Hence, for deep cleansing and taken as braids and clumps of hair.)

Helminths are divided into three main groups:

  • tapeworms (cestodes) (from fractions of a millimeter up to 10 meters);

  • flukes (trematodes) (from tens of microns to several centimeters; in some cases the length can reach several tens of centimetres.);

  • roundworms (nematodes) (from 80 µm to 8.4 m).

Worms can be the cause of various diseases of internal organs, bleeding, etc

The person may take the worms (depending on their size) for worms or snakes.

Infection with helminths may as a person (from unwashed hands and the food, nedovrsenoj meat, etc.) or forced (e.g., the addition products containing helminth eggs in food).

Example 2. The water, and the ablution of the deceased. It is often used to "put a curse", adding in food or rubbing her the items, which will be in contact.

On the one hand this is pure ritual, which aims to "communication object with attributes of death." On the other – it is based on a common misconception instant education putrid poison after the death of a person or animal.

Biogenic amines (lips. cadaveric poisons, ptomaines) are the result of putrefactive processes and partial decomposition of the protein and decarboxylation of its amino acids, the leading role among which belongs to putrescine and cadaverine, as well as spermidine and spermine. Disgusting have a characteristic "sweet" (typical putrid) smell. However, acute toxicity of polyamines (in experiments on rats) is relatively small, cadaverine — 2000 mg/kg, putrescine — 2000 mg/kg, spermidine and supports the immune system 600 mg/kg.

However, the damage can indeed be caused by exposure to pathogens, for example, when injected into an open wound.

Example 3. One of the signs of spoilage I think the appearance of "vomiting swamp" or "green vomiting".

It is believed that the "building damage", the man added to food certain harmful substances (e.g., ground frogs), and so the stomach begins to "growl and croak," and then vomiting.

This is not so. Green color vomiting is characteristic of many diseases of different severity.

Gradual change of vomit is a characteristic, for example, obstruction of the small intestine. In the early period they consist of the stomach contents, then there are green-yellow, bile-stained mass, which will eventually become dark green and finally brown-black, smelling of faeces. In a small percentage of cases, vomiting can also be compounded by worms, pus, body of a foreign origin – it depends on the cause of this condition.

Thus, it appears that the use of a variety of harmful and hazardous substances in the "building damage" may have a Foundation or be a misconception on the part of the victim.


From the above we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The concept of "evil eye" and "evil" are very different. The evil eye refers to passive actions, and the damage to the active. Intermediate between them is "the curse", which is in contrast to the "damage" affects only the word.
  • Belief in these concepts have mystical roots, but the facts associated with them, can have very real causes and consequences of different severity.
  • In the section of facts about the damage can take various magic rituals love spell, lapel, etc., which is based on active actions with the object (for example, adding food and drinks of different ingredients that can cause harm to life and health).

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Phenomenon in mass culture



In the mythology of the Komi peoples, the embodiment of corruption in the form of various animals and objects (lizard, beetle, mouse, bird, worm, larva, hair, knot of thread and even a little man who has a name, he can speak and answers questions during divination). The name comes from the Proto-German 'š öṷu' "something with a voice, sound, message".

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