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The Gendarme and the Creatures from Outer Space


Added Thu, 11/04/2019
Release date
Original title
Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres

"The gendarme and aliens" (orig. "Le Gendarme Et Les Extra-Terrestres") – French fantastic Comedy in 1979. In the Soviet box office film was in 1981.

The storyline of the film is a parody of the American movie "Invasion of the body Snatchers" 1956.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

During patrols colleague and subordinate of Ludovic Cruchot watching UFO; later, he sees himself Cruchot. They report to the chief Gerbera, which, however, did not believe them. Cruchot soon begins to meet counterparts of their colleagues and understands that it is the work of alien robots, androids and the case takes a dangerous turn. Trying to deal with the newcomers, Cruchot mistakenly attacks the colleagues, after which he decided to isolate. He manages to escape and hide in a convent disguised as a nun costume.

Meanwhile, the aliens continue their transformation into the ordinary residents of the city. Cruchot manages to convince his colleagues in potential danger, aliens, and the gendarmes begin to develop a plan for catching them: to pour water on them, so they rusted and broke down. Testing of the plan on the residents of the city causing widespread discontent, and the gendarmes come up with another cunning plan: they put the aliens trap about a space ship as bait. After the battle, the twins gendarmes flee, but the next day during the parade of the gendarmes falling to the ground like a broken machine: it turns out that they were aliens.

These gendarmes go back on a flying saucer that hovers over the city and eventually falls into the sea – fortunately, no damage to passengers.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

A small group of aliens arrives on Earth on an exploratory mission to study the manners and customs of the locals. They consciously choose for the landing resort town Saint-Tropez, which in summer attracts tourists from all over the world.

The true appearance of the aliens in the movie do not show. The first time one of them takes the appearance of a blue-eyed blond with regular features. Then it turns out that the aliens easily copy the appearance of any person, including clothing, and also capable of emitting rays from the eye, flammable and destroying surrounding objects. They speak French and in most cases, the behavior is indistinguishable from humans.

The only way to recognize the alien to knock on its body: you will hear a hollow metallic sound. This is due to the fact that the skeleton alien metal, and they are hollow inside. In order to rust, they have regularly consumed oil (any kind, like olive, and machinery). Contact with water is undesirable for them, and a large number of capable of disabling movement of the stranger become bound, it starts to fall off parts (hands), his skin dissolves and remains only a rusted metal skeleton with skull, with large luminous blue eyes. It remains unclear whether they are living beings or robots.

The newcomers have fit, significantly outstripping the technological capabilities of humans. First of all, it's a spaceship and a weapon that can erase from the face of the earth whole building, compact Communicator in the buckle of a lap belt of a voice communication device about the size of a lipstick and a wrist device to signal about the necessity to use a portion of the oil.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

Alien spaceship is a trapezoidal flying saucer, shaped like a child's toy – whirligig. Along the perimeter of the ship are square portholes glowing white, upper – hemisphere of a transparent material. Inside the ship is large, light and airy without any of the situation, not counting the round object in the center of the steering wheel or handhold.

The alien ship is equipped with weapons – at least, a laser gun, able to fire and blow up objects with a blue beam.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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