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Added Tue, 04/12/2018
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"Ghost" or "Phantom" (orig. "Ghost") – feature film 1990 related to the genres of drama, mystery, crime.

The film encompasses all current at the time of submission of the ghosts. The painting is still considered a cult.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Young loving couple Sam wheat and Molly Jensen, move into a new apartment in new York. Their life together has only just begun and filled with hassle. The story begins with Sam working in a solid Bank, discovers some discrepancies in the accounts. His friend and colleague Carl Bruner offers to investigate, but Sam rejects his idea and decides to find out everything yourself. The same evening, returning from the theater, Sam and Molly are faced with a robber Willie Lopez, who attacks Sam and then, in a desperate fight, shoots him. Sam is running for Lopez on the street, but do not have time to catch up.

Returning to Molly, Sam sees that his favorite someone mourns. Looking closely, Sam realizes that Molly is lying beside his own body, and he, as it turned out, became the Ghost. Now Sam can see and hear other ghosts, living people can't see it. He also can't touch material objects – these skills only by "experienced" ghosts, long stuck between heaven and earth. With one of these ghosts Sam meets in the subway, and he angrily throws him out, deciding that Sam wants to take his place.

Sam wanders into the salon, spiritual services, which has a known con artist ODA Mae brown, ostensibly able to speak with ghosts. But at the time of the visit of Sam ODA Mae does hear his voice. At first she is frightened, but then, when it comes to, Sam asks her to contact Molly and warn of the danger that lies in wait for her.

Sam learns that the robbery in which he was killed, planned. At his insistence, ODA Mae goes to Molly and said into the intercom that the Ghost of Sam stalking her and warns of danger. Molly doesn't believe the Ode and does not open the door. Sam is in despair. He remembers things could only know he and Molly: an old sweater, underwear, which is Molly, and other memories. Molly leaves the room, but by staying with one in a cafe, yet not believe in the words of the prophetess. It was all in vain, until Sam came up with to recommend Ode to shout the word "Mutually" – this word he always answered the sentence Molly "I love you". ODA told about the dirty plan Willie Lopez, but Molly is skeptical. She tells Charles about the visit ODA Mae. Carl convinces her that ODA is a fraud.

Sam learns that Carl planned the robbery that ended in murder, and hired for that Willie, who was just supposed to pick up Sam his notebook to hide financial fraud Charles mob money (translation laundered money). Meanwhile, Molly goes to the police, but there it is again convinced that the whole story invented by the con artist ODA Mae brown, which has a lot of crime. In the evening Carl tries to seduce Molly: he "accidentally" ;spilt coffee on his shirt, and, stripped to the waist, trying to persuade Molly to reach. Sam, who was sitting nearby, jumps and with all his anger pushes portrait, standing on the table. It distracts Carl and Molly asks him to leave.

Realizing that even as a Ghost, he can somehow move objects, Sam descends into the subway and finds himself a Ghost, to drive out of his car who knew how to do it. He's teaching Sam, but derived itself from the careless question, again hiding in the subway trains. Sam, who is now able to touch objects and people, maturing a plan to take the money, for which he was murdered by order of Charles.

Returning to the ODA Mae, Sam asks her to participate in a very important case. He asks her with fake passports (in the name of Rita Miller) to go to the Bank and withdraw all the money from the account of Carl. Zeroing the account, she should give the money to the nuns. However, before leaving the Bank, ODA and Sam bump into Molly, and they barely manage to escape.

Carl attempts to access a Bank account, Rita Miller, but finds it closed. He's freaking out. Seeing on the computer strange inscriptions and realizing that it is the work of Sam, he promises to kill Molly, if by the evening the money will not be it. Knowing that the account is closed, the ODA Mae brown, he informs Willie, and together they decide to kill the clairvoyant to pick up her cheque with the money, not knowing that she already gave.

Sam enters the apartment to ODA Mae and warns her about the danger that can come from Carl or Willie. He then goes to Willie and starts to terrorize. Lopez, terrified, runs out into the street, but is hit by a truck. He does not understand that is dead until he sees his own dead body. From the shadows begin to take off the demons that take away the Ghost of Willie Lopez in the underworld.

ODA Mae and Sam return to the apartment to Molly. Together, they convince Molly that everything that happens is true. ODA may helps with your body Sam and Molly to be together one last time. Their plans for stopping the intruders Carl, who begins to chase with a gun to Molly and ODA Mae.

Sam learned techniques from the Ghost of metro haunts Carla. Carl running away in fear, Sam throws a hook suspended on ropes, and tries to climb through the window to the fire escape. However, hook, back, breaks a window, and after the second kick closes the window and a shard of glass kills Carl. Soul Karla is also taken by the demons.

The film ends with the appearance of Sam in the light. Survived mortal danger Molly sees and hears it. She touches the luminous Ghost of Sam and releases him. Sam goes to heaven, towards the light.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

In the film, the Ghost becomes the soul of a deceased person. He looked the same as it was before death (with the exception of the wounds from which he died – they do not exist).

In that case, if the deceased left important unfinished business, he can stay on the ground to try to finish them. Way in the future, afterlife opened immediately after death, however, the specter of a good man may postpone this transition. The souls of bad people are deprived of this opportunity: for them immediately after death are dark beings and drag them under the earth.

The Ghost is intangible, it passes through objects and obstacles (walls, doors). Ordinary people don't see or hear. To interact with the living, he can through the medium: the Ghost can communicate with him and to dwell in his body and completely dominate it.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

The poltergeist in the film is called the Ghost of a dead person. The ability to move objects is available to the Ghost immediately, but the result of long training. In order to provide deistvie the material world, the Ghost must "gather together all your feelings and thoughts and then again to throw them out", aiming at the subject, the effects for which he is seeking.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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