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Added Mon, 14/11/2022
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"Ghost Patrol" (English "R.I.P.D.", an acronym of the English "Rest In Peace Department" – Russian "Rest in Peace Department") is an American fantasy comedy released in 2013. The film is based on the comic book of the same name by Peter M. Lenkov.

Interestingly, Roy and Nick's car number is 314159, which is an approximate value of the number Pi; also, the number Pi is written on Nick's personal file, which Proctor shows him during the acquaintance.

The scenes of interrogations of restless spirits are a reference to the scenes of interrogations on the identification of androids in Philip K. Dick's novel "Do androids Dream of electro-workers?".

Nick Walker is an honest policeman who once during a raid took possession of a large shipment of gold, which was once part of a sawn statue. Conspiring with his partner Bobby Hayes, he secretly takes his share, planning to sell the gold later. However, after a conversation with his wife Julia, Nick begins to doubt the correctness of his action. In the morning, he warns Bobby that he will hand over his half of the gold as physical evidence, but he will keep silent about Bobby's share as a sign of friendship.

On the same day, a police raid on another drug dealer begins. Separated from the main capture group, Nick runs after the criminal, but bumps into Bobby, who shoots him. Nick falls from the height of the third floor and dies.

After his death, Nick is dragged into the Next World, where he comes face to face with Mildred Proctor, the mistress of a part of Purgatory, stylized as a police department. Proctor informs Nick that stealing gold is a sin, and despite his remorse and intention to return what he stole, his chances of going to Hell are very high. The only way to mitigate the decision of the Last Judgment is to join the "Ghost Patrol" – that is, to become an otherworldly policeman, catching the souls of the dead (the so–called "deadlings") who have lingered in the world of the living. The presence of the latter on Earth is undesirable, since it becomes the cause of the "decomposition" of the living world, accompanied by global catastrophes. Nick is attributed to one of the most experienced operatives of the department – Roicifus Pulsifer, who was an officer during the American Civil War and a federal marshal from the Wild West during his lifetime.

Returning to his native Boston with Roy, Nick learns that during his stay in the mortal world, every operative is forced to wear a randomly selected disguise, which is why at his own funeral he cannot talk to either his wife or his traitorous partner (everyone sees him as an elderly Asian). Roy decides to test Nick by entrusting him with the arrest of his first wheezer. Despite the disastrous (according to his partner) result, Nick receives from the dead man a piece of the same gold that he took possession of shortly before his death. To find out more about this find, Roy decides to show the gold to his informant Elliot. The latter claims that it is just a piece of gold. Nick realizes that the informant is lying, and leaves the find with Elliot, deciding to use it in an investigative experiment.

Watching the informant, Nick and Roy witness Elliot passing the evidence to an intermediary, who turns out to be none other than Bobby. Having followed his former partner to his former home, Nick watches Bobby find his stash of stolen gold, while denigrating Nick's good name in front of Julia. The patrolmen secretly continue to monitor Bobby until the transfer of gold to a wheezer with the name Pulaski. During the interrogation, Pulaski reveals his true appearance of a huge fat man and escapes, putting the entire business district of Boston on his ears. Despite the failure to detain, the partners manage to get hold of a case with stolen gold.

Due to the fact that Purgatory may be about to be exposed by mortals, Nick and Roy are sentenced to "erasure" in a day, but until then they are left free. Nevertheless, the Proctor informs the partners that, despite their suspension, their case still gets a move, since the pieces of that gold were identified as parts of the Jericho Pillar – a ritual monument with which you can turn the flow of the souls of the dead, calling them from the afterlife, which is equivalent to the End of the world. Nick tries to talk to his wife again, but nothing comes out, although Julia begins to guess that the strange old man is Nick, who has returned from the Other World. Roy chastises Nick for letting the case and their posthumous lives derail just because he still hasn't gotten used to death. Soon the partners come to the conclusion that if Bobby was doing business with wheezer, then he himself is most likely also a living dead man.

Having arranged a raid on Bobby, Nick forces him to remove the amulet that hides his aura of decomposition, which makes it clear that by the standards of the living dead, Bobby is very old. Bobby is taken to Purgatory, and the gold seized from him is handed over to the evidence vault. However, it soon turns out that the capture was part of Bobby's plan: with the help of a homemade relic, the deadlings neutralize all the operatives and steal all the elements of the Pillar that were in the vault. Meanwhile, Bobby's henchmen kidnap Julia from home.

Pursuing the undead, the operatives break into the mortal world, which has already begun to collapse due to the faults that arise as the Pillar is ready. Breaking through to the site of the artifact's assembly, Nick and Roy send a lot of deadlings to the next world, including Pulaski. Bursting onto the roof of the building, where the finished Pillar already stands, Nick sees Bobby, who has revealed his true face of a decomposed person, seriously injures Julia, whose blood is needed to activate the artifact. Nick engages in a melee with Bobby while Roy destroys the Pillar by dumping a truck on it. The flow of souls regains its direction, and Nick finishes off Bobby and says goodbye to Julia, who finally sees him in his real form.

The Last Judgment still decides to save Julia's life, Nick is still reprimanded for unauthorized actions, and Roy is punished with another 53 years of service in the Patrol. As a thank you, Roy gives Nick a certificate for a new avatar in the mortal world, which, to Nick's displeasure, turns out to be a girl scout.

Phenomena in artwork: Parallel world

As a parallel here is the "afterlife", into which souls fall after death. In this world, there are generally accepted heaven and hell, but they are only mentioned, not shown, limited to a tunnel with many portals through which the souls of the dead fly. In the interworld, away from heaven and hell, there is a department for catching lost souls. Its space looks like an ordinary American police station. To enter the earthly world, the souls "working" in this department use a portal disguised as a toilet, the exit of which is located in a video recorder repair shop.

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

A soul that looks exactly the same as a person looked during life, after death finds itself in a frozen reality. She can walk around the room or the street where everything stopped at the moment of death of the body. Then a portal appears in the sky through which the soul enters another world, where after the Last Judgment it is sent to heaven or hell. But there is a third option: the soul can stay in the interworld and join the Ghost Patrol, whose task is to catch the dead who have escaped falling into another world after death. Such a soul fully retains the memory and skills from its earthly life.

If the soul remains on earth after death, then it begins to rot and gradually becomes more and more ugly. The type of deformity of a particular soul depends on the sins committed by its owner during life and after death. The rotten soul begins to influence the reality around it: the equipment located nearby breaks down, living beings die, organic tissues deteriorate. Such souls are able to pretend to be ordinary people, but under the influence of Indian spices (especially curry and cumin) they lose control of their appearance and assume a true ugly appearance. At the same time, living people can also see them both in disguise and in their true form. Rotten souls have great strength and great agility and are able to run very fast, including on walls.

Conventional weapons and other material objects are not capable of harming a rotten soul (as well as representatives of the Ghost Patrol), but there are special weapons that can disembowel them.

The souls of patrol officers enter the ordinary world in disguises that are very different in appearance from the bodies they owned during their lifetime.

The creatures described in the film ("Rotten Souls") have signs of both ghosts and zombies. On the one hand, the film says several times that these are the souls of the dead. On the other hand, these souls are visible to ordinary living people, they interact with the material world and outwardly do not differ from the bodies in which they existed before death, and after exposure to Indian spices they turn into monsters.

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