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Parallel world

Added Mon, 31/07/2017
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Among the paranormal researchers often referred to the concept of "parallel world". It is used as explanation for sudden appearances and disappearances of UFOs, the sudden emergence in some areas of the unexplained creatures (from the Chupacabra and the Yeti up the Ghost), as well as in the description of the places that get people in anomalous zones or special state of consciousness. Thanks to the latest this concept can be attributed to unexplained phenomena.

According to modern scientific predstavleniyam, our world can be a multiverse, that is the hypothetical set of all possible real parallel universes, where parallel universe is a world that exists simultaneously with ours, but independently of him. The hypothesis of the existence of such "polyhedral" of the universe expressed by cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, religious figures and, of course, science fiction.

Even Democritus in the V century BC put forward the idea of multiple worlds. She met in religious texts (the idea of the world of the dead, where they live like us), and also in the myths of ancient times (Olympus, Asgard, etc.). Such theories are often found in modern scientific articles on theoretical physics (superstring theory), and - in all its diversity - on the pages of science fiction books and scripts.

Schitaetsya that the very concept of the existence of other worlds, different from ours, arose in the literature in the XVIII century in the story of Voltaire's "Candide", where one of the characters claims that "all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds". This is a controversial statement, since the phrase was used in a work rather for sarcastic ridicule of the philosophical concept of many worlds, where we considered the best. Probably the first was H. G. wells, published in 1895 story "the door in the wall", which tells about how the author has found a door which led to a strange place, with gardens, palaces and even people.

The idea of "doors" between worlds, in one form or another has existed since the ancient times to the present. The transition between the worlds is through portals, rituals, as well as using innate or acquired human abilities.

Described by scientists, science fiction writers and eyewitnesses to unexplained phenomena, parallel universes can be similar to our world, and be a region with its physical laws and logic of existence. In space they can be infinite, occupying an entire universe, or is concentrated in a relatively small area (e.g., room clearing, etc.).

Consider the methods of classification of parallel worlds.

Cosmologist Max Tegmark suggested, called the mathematical universe hypothesis, that any mathematically consistent set of physical laws correspond to an independent, but a really existing universe. And proposed the following classification of the worlds:

  • Level 1: worlds beyond our cosmological horizon (nemetallicheskie objects).
  • Level 2: worlds with other physical constants (for example, on other worlds Brany in M-theory).
  • Level 3: the worlds that arise in the framework of the "many-worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics.
  • Level 4: ultimate ensemble (includes all the universes that implement these or other mathematical structure).

For worlds found in the literature can result in different classification:

  • Worlds beyond three-dimensional space.
  • Separate worlds, not tied to our universe.
  • Worlds as the implementation of multiple events.

Separately allocate Virtual world (simulated reality).

According to the esoteric, the multiverse is a system of "subtle States of consciousness", which go beyond the known physical universe. Such States are achieved through certain meditations, different spiritual and psychological practices or the adoption of some psychoactive substances, but sometimes appear spontaneously in ordinary life.

It is to the esoteric concept of the closest eyewitnesses, considering that they were in a parallel world. Next, we present a few such stories to illustrate typical descriptions of such worlds.

Not different from the normal environment

Was walking through the forest. Somehow whirled me that lost his way. See: glade. Stepped out there, he realized that the sounds all gone. I'm back to running. I then searched for that field specifically, but not found. Not in our world was.

Ivan Matveevich. Voronezh oblast

Such a description is usually typical for anomalous zones and the "lost places". Sometimes accompanied by a description of goblins, fairies and even mermaids. The environment (forest clearing, road, etc.).

White/black room

I then went home by car. Has long been dark. The lights we have on this site has never, so when the primer moving out in the darkness sinking. And here I'm going, how I feel some oppressive came. I stopped and decided to leave. As soon as the door opened and stepped outside, enveloped me, the light from all sides. Now nothing nebylo seen - only light. That comfort I had in that moment, he did not expect. From the sounds of just some humming was heard. I can't say in what kind of world I was and how much time passed but I woke up next to her car all in the same darkness.

Alexander, 2002

Such description is usually the case in cases of alien abduction, but occasionally found as evidence of the visit of a "light" of the world.

Moving through the fog

It was in the morning. I went to pick berries in the forest. We agreed with friends on povolena the tree to meet at the edge. I went down to the bridge our. Then there is the hill to climb up to the edge of the hand. Close, in General. So I go across the bridge, and there the fog is like milk. I'm still thinking about the bridge not to fall down. Passed the bridge go, but it's not up. When the fog is over, look at the village. Wasn't there srodu village ever! But here again - home. I was scared, my heart stabbed, and returned to the bridge.

Zinaida Tikhonovna

This is a classic description of the transition to a parallel world through the fog and the bridge. Emerging characteristic attributes are often present in esoteric practice.

The "gray" world

It happened when I was young. The street was hot summer days. I went to school with practices. When I rounded the corner towards home, I realized vnezapno that nature seemed to have lost paint. the world has become dull, almost gray. That I was quite scared in the yard does anybody nebylo. I sat on a bench and covered his eyes with his hands. Suddenly realized that I hear the noise of cars, birds singing. When I opened my eyes, the world was full of color, at the door sat grandmother, and there were people.


The transition into an alternate reality or a different time

One of the clients known in the capital of Peru – Lima doctor of medicine Raul Santana, suffered an unusual paralysis of the body. The disease came after the strange event with her and her friend. They went to the stone forest, take a walk. Walking through the forest, they noticed a brightly lit cabin and dancing people there. Girlfriend fun came to lit the hut, from whence abruptly pulled cold. Bold the patient opened the door and saw people dancing in costumes of the 17th century. Fun people introduced to the sultry Peruvian courage, she opened the door and tried to enter. But, dude, heard about the mysterious cases in this area, had to withdraw her from the door. So the girl was in the clinic Raul Sentano. Palsy was injured that part of the body, which was in the open door.

I could not sleep. Suddenly I saw through the bedroom window a strange glow over the station. I went out to the staircase. It was a very dim bulb and very quiet sound of the radio. The street was fresh. Yellow lights were also very dim. When I reached station, we found some strange old trains. People were quite small. I went to the platform without any hindrance. Went into the car and looked around. It turned out that it's just a train. Suddenly she started. I jumped it and went home. But when they came to my street, I realized that she looks completely different - there's our two-storey buildings and the street consists entirely of the private sector. I was a little scared. He returned to the station and again found the same train to go through her vestibule. After that I was able to get back on the street and go to sleep. Maybe it was just a dream, but it was very unusual.

Jan, 2005

Here are only the most common descriptions of such worlds. Certainly there are eyewitness accounts that differ from that presented above.

In addition to evidence of contact with parallel worlds of humans, as well as the penetration creatures of them in our universe, there are many stories about the disappearance of entire settlements. Some researchers believe that many of the missing people disappeared at the hands of a serial killer or mafia, and was lost in parallel worlds.

Is there a way to get into these worlds? There are many hypotheses, we will explain the most common.

Through spontaneously opening doors to a parallel world. According to this hypothesis, there are special places, which opens up the portals of the transition. The portal itself can be of different size depending on some factors, it can be fixed or to change the size depending on the time of day, year, or other factors. Researchers call these mesta anomalous zones, and in a life their called just "godforsaken places".

Through portals, opened by using a special ritual. This version is closer to the fascination with magic. it may imply that as the special reading of the text and require more complex conditions (full moon, certain objects, etc.)

Through the portal opened only for the spiritual sheath. This version adhere to esotericism. As a rule, travel to a parallel world happens in a certain state of consciousness (e.g., sleep).

The theme of parallel worlds is very large. Her develop not only researchers of the paranormal and esotericism, but also representatives of official science. We will update the article as new information becomes available.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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