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Added Sat, 11/05/2019
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"Ghosts" (orig. Ghosts is a 2019 British comedy series that aired on BBC One.

The first season of the series consists of six episodes:

  1. "Who Do You Think You Are?" ("Who do you think you are?"), 15.04.2019.
  2. "Gorilla War "("Gorilla War"), 22.04.2019.
  3. "Happy Death Day", 29.04.2019.
  4. "Free Pass", 06.05.2019.
  5. "Moonah Ston "("Moonstone"), 13.05.2019.
  6. "Getting Out", 20.05.2019.

The second season of the series also consists of six episodes, which were released digitally on 21.09.2020:

  1. "The Grey Lady"")
  2. "About Last Night" ("About last night")
  3. "Redding Wedding" ("Saving wedding")
  4. "The Thomas Thorne Affair"")
  5. "Bump in the Night"")
  6. "Perfect Day" ("Perfect Day")

Also on December 23, 2020, the first Christmas special was released.

It is very interesting to watch the series, as its creators not only managed to write a funny story, providing it with good English humor, but also carefully transferred traditional ideas about ghosts to the screen.

Especially worth highlighting is the first episode of the second season, in which "ghostbusters", "paranormal bloggers" and other fans of mysticism come to the house with ghosts. Ghosts desperately resist publicity, so they use their powers to neutralize attempts to falsify their presence on the part of the owners of the estate. As a result, a house filled with restless souls is officially recognized as a fake on the Internet. It is worth noting that the only possible proof of the existence of ghosts could be a rather long improvised podcast of two ghosts at the microphone, left in an empty room by an expert in the search for paranormal phenomena in an attempt to record the FEG (electronic voice phenomenon, electronic voice phenomenon or electronic voice phenomenon in the English version), but the equipment did not catch anything.

Alison unexpectedly inherits from a distant relative the huge manor of button Hall. The house is inhabited by ghosts who died in it in various historical eras. Ignoring the lawyer's advice to consider selling this dilapidated property, Alison and her boyfriend Mike decide to move into the estate, renovate it and turn it into a luxury hotel. The ghosts are unhappy with this plan and intend to get rid of the new residents. After several unsuccessful attempts to frighten the owners, one of the ghosts manages to push Alison out of a second-floor window. She goes to the hospital, and when she wakes up from an artificial coma, she finds that she can see ghosts.

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

Ghosts are the souls of people who have died on the estate throughout human history-from a caveman who died long before the house was built, to a relatively recently deceased politician. A pigeon killed by a dog also appears as a ghost in its favorite places inside the house. At the same time, there are no ghosts of other animals in the house. Several of the ghosts who had lived here earlier had already left the estate – they were "sucked in by the light". Those who remain don't know what to do to move on.

One of the ghosts is forced to repeat the events that preceded his death every night at the same hour (and after the clock is switched, the time of these actions also shifts).

Ghosts look the same as at the time of death, and bear in their image traces of the received injuries. They keep their wardrobe and the things they had with them at the time of death; they can't get rid of these things even if they want to. Ghosts retain character traits that were characteristic of people in life. They are not aggressive, but they are hostile to those who disturb their solitary existence. Ghosts experience the full range of emotions, and they may even throw up from excitement (which is a surprise to them).

Ghosts are attached to the estate, but not to the specific place of their death in it: they can leave the house at least on the territory of the yard and garden. The ghosts of people who died from the plague, whose bodies are buried under the house, are in the basement at their own request and can leave it at any time. However, ghosts can't go outside the estate.

For most people, ghosts are invisible. The main character Alisson begins to see them after a head injury sustained in a fall from a second-floor window. In addition to her, ghosts can be seen by babies – usually this ability disappears when they start walking.

One (and only one) of the ghosts can be captured in photographs, both digital and film. The reason for this ability remains undisclosed, and the ghosts themselves do not know it either. The voices of the ghosts (at least two of them) cannot be recorded on the microphone, but the singing of one of them (a little girl) can be heard by people.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

A poltergeist is the result of certain abilities some ghosts. One of them can move small objects, the other – to influence electric devices, and the third causes nearby people feel a burning smell. The little girl from the basement can sing the songs that you hear live.

Likely, these abilities are somehow connected with the cause of death in the series clearly States that a woman Ghost which inspires a smell of burning, burned at the stake as a witch. We can assume that the caveman was struck by lightning. Why a former politician could move things, and the girl singing songs be heard by people – is unclear.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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