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Invaders from Mars


Added Sun, 03/06/2018
Release date
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Invaders from Mars

Invaders from Mars is a 1953 American science fiction film. He had a great influence on the audience of that time, as evidenced not only by popular love, but also by a huge number of references in films of that era and subsequent decades.

"Invaders from Mars" became the first feature film showing aliens and their spaceship in color. In addition, this is the first film in which, according to the plot, aliens implant stolen implants to control their behavior.

At the box office, the film was released with two versions of the finale: one was shown in the USA, the other in the UK.

It's interesting 

The film "Invaders from Mars" (1953) became the first feature film in which, according to the plot, aliens implant stolen implants to control their behavior

The boy David, who is fond of astronomy, notices the landing of a flying saucer behind his house. He tells his father about it. He decides to check his son's words, but is abducted by aliens. Upon his return, he behaves strangely and aggressively. Over time, other residents of the city also change their behavior. A neighbor girl sets her house on fire and then dies of a brain hemorrhage. David decides to tell the cops everything, but they also behave strangely. The only person who believes him is a female doctor from the police medical center. She takes the boy to the observatory, where he tells the scientists about everything. They understand that not only city residents are in danger, but also a secret project to launch a spaceship, and inform the military. They learn that the aliens control the behavior of people through implants that are implanted in the brain of the abducted. The military decides to smoke out the aliens from their hiding place underground. Meanwhile, the abductees are trying to blow up a space rocket and kill everyone associated with it. David and the doctor fall into the ground. The aliens want to implant an implant in them to control their behavior, but the military manages to save them.

In the ending for the UK: The boy's parents are operated on and the implants are removed before the aliens decide to kill them. A flying saucer explodes on takeoff.

In the ending for the USA: All the events turn out to be a boy's dream. After he wakes up and makes sure that everything is fine, he sees a flying saucer landing through the window again.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The film demonstrates how one ship, the form of which is a classic flying saucer. When moving in the air, it makes loud sounds and glows green.

The ship lands in the sandy soil and plunged into her, leaving no trace on the surface. When kidnapping the sand it falls under in the cavity inside the ship, after which the soil surface is again leveled.

Internal space of the ship is a large empty room without Windows, with light walls. In one of the rooms is a pedestal for placing an alien operating table with a device for placing implants.

The aliens dug a network of underground tunnels in the dive spot flying saucers. The walls of these tunnels are covered with some transparent bubbles (used when shooting the inflated condoms).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

In the film illustrate the two types of aliens. The first "boss", small size, the shape representing a head with tentacles. Such alien in the film, it is placed in a transparent spherical flask-suit. Probably, the earth's atmosphere unsuitable for breathing.

The second type of aliens – the "servant", artificially bred humanoid creatures able to breathe in earth's atmosphere. They obey their masters, guard and move it together with the suit.

Abducting people, aliens implanted in the base of the skull implant, which completely control their behavior. The implant also includes a capsule with an explosive device that is activated on command of the aliens. The explosion causes a hemorrhage in the brain of a person entails his death.

The goal of the aliens is to disrupt the launch of a space rocket, with which people are planning to master the middle space.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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