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Blithe Spirit


Added Tue, 20/08/2019
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Original title
Blithe Spirit

"Restless spirit" or "friendly Ghost" (orig. "Blithe Spirit") is a classic British Comedy feature film, shot on the eponymous play by Noel Coward.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In search of material for a new book by writer Charles Condomine invites to his home the medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance. Charles, his wife Ruth and their guests, George and violet Bradman barely hold my laughter when Madame Arcati, committing strange rituals, finally entering a trance state. Shortly thereafter, Charles hears the voice of his dead first wife, Elvira. He discovers that the other participants can't hear her, and gives his strange behavior for a bad joke. Come to Madame Arcati sure that there was something unusual, but the rest deny it.

After Madame Arcati and Bradman go, Charles tries to convince Ruth that he was not joking. Charles soon begins to not only hear Elvira, but to see her. Relations between Charles and Ruth deteriorate, the new wife sees Elvira and do not believe the stories about the Ghost of the former. Everything changes when Charles convinces Elvira to carry a vase in front of Ruth and she realizes that he's not lying.

Ruth tries to find out from Madame Arcati how to get rid of the Ghost, but a psychic doesn't know that. Ruth warns her husband that Elvira is probably trying to reunite with him, arranging his death. Charles doesn't believe, but Ruth is right: the Ghost of damage the car in the hope that man will be in a deadly car accident. However, sits behind the wheel rut. She dies, returns as a vengeful spirit and brings Elvira to the point that she wants to return to the other world.

In desperation, Charles seeks the help of Madame Arcati. They unsuccessfully try various spells, while Madame Arcati not aware that Elvira didn't cause it, and the maid Edith, who has hidden abilities of the medium. With her help, Madame Arcati sends away the spirits of ex-wives. However, it soon becomes clear that it is only an appearance.

On the recommendation of Madame Arcati Charles goes on a long vacation. However, not having to drive far from home, he is broken, and his spirit joins the ghosts of Elvira and Ruth waiting for him near the crash site.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

As the first Ghost appears Elvira, the former wife of Charles, caused by the medium during a seance. She looks the same as before death, but glow green. People can see and hear only Charles, the other only feel cold when approaching the Ghost. At first he only hears her voice, considering it a mere imagination, but after a while begins to see her. Except for Charles, the Ghost of Elvira responds only parrot of the medium.

Second Ghost becomes Ruth, the second wife of Charles, died as a result of an accident, rigged by the Ghost of Elvira. In the way Ruth, after transformation into the Ghost changes her hair becomes bright, the skin and clothes become dusty gray-green hue. Interestingly, immediately after Ruth's death, her Ghost is seen Elvira, but not Charles. Visible to her husband's the Ghost of Ruth is only after the next seance.

The third Ghost is himself a Charles after his death in the accident, has already rigged two ghosts of former wives.

The ghosts in the film are able to interact with the material world: to move objects, create air blow, etc., While Charles, the only person who sees them can't touch the Ghost of Elvira, his hand just passes through her. Interestingly, for some reason Charles thinks that ghosts cannot cross water. The Ghost of a seven-year girl, the guide of the medium, somehow manages to catch a cold.

In the words of the Ghost of Elvira, returning to our world was not easy for her – she had to fill in lots of forms and wait in line. Ghosts don't control stay in our world can't independently enter or leave at will.

The film did not show the way to get rid of ghosts. After a seemingly successful session with the participation of Edith ghosts become translucent and disappear, but the manifestation of their activity (opening doors moving by themselves, objects, etc.) remain. They even manage to ruin the car with Charles, leading to the accident and his death. Then for some strange reason the ghosts of all three again become visible and translucent.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

A poltergeist is a manifestation of the activities of the Ghost. The table, chattering and flying during a seance, behaves in a similar way under the action of the Ghost girl, which is a conductor of a medium. Later, the sounds of women's voices and movement of furniture and tableware happen through the efforts of ex-wives of Charles.

To the manifestation of a poltergeist can also include a sensation of cold that people experience in close proximity to the Ghost.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Extrasensory perception

Extrasensory perception have psychics that can contact the world of the dead. The film shows two such people.

One of them is a hereditary psychic and has made this activity my profession. She is able to fall into a trance when communicating with the ghosts, she has a kind of "conductor between the worlds" – the spirit of seven year old girls.

The second medium – Edith, Richie, who works as a servant at the Charles and Ruth has no idea about their abilities. As it turns out by the end of the movie, that she called up the Ghost of Elvira in the living world, and she tries to help to send both ex-wives of Charles back.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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