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Missing Link


Added Thu, 07/05/2020
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Missing Link

"The missing link" (eng. "Missing Link") is a feature – length American animated adventure film, released in 2019.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In 1886 sir Lionel frost is constantly searching for various mythical creatures to study and inform the world about their existence. His goal is to be accepted into "the Society of great men", headed by a rival of sir Lionel, Lord Piggott-Danceby.

Once Lionel gets a letter which confirms the existence of Sasquatch. Frost makes a deal with Piggott-Dansby: that will allow him to join the society, if he proves that the creature is real.

Lionel goes to the Pacific Northwest and eventually finds Sasquatch in the woods. It turns out that he is able to speak, read and write, and also what's a Sasquatch sent frost a letter. Lionel called him "Mr. link". Even being Sasquatch, remaining the only representative of its kind in America, asks Lionel to help him find relatives in the Himalayas. Lionel agrees, not suspecting that Piggott-Danceby hired a bounty hunter named Willard Stenk to hunt down and kill frost.

A former lover Lionel Adeline Fortnight there is a map of the Himalayas, locked in her house in Santa Ana in the safe that belonged to her late husband, one of the former partners of frost. Lionel with Link visit the mansion Adeline to pick up the card. However, it appears that Adeline has a grudge against Lionel for the fact that he missed the funeral of her husband, and dumps him when he offers to pay her for the card. Lionel and Mr. link returned late at night and secretly sneak into the house, but the noise wakes Adelina. In the end, a safe falls out the window on the top floor, resulting in a crack. Mr. link and Lionel take the map and run away, but the next day Adelina discovers that allows them to find the Yeti, only on the condition that she will accompany them. Stenk appears and starts shooting at the end of which the Trinity of the main characters tricked pursuer to jump on the train.

Travelers travel to the Old world on the ship, where again are ambushed by Wall. After a long brawl they run away again.

Eventually, the heroes reach the Himalayas and head towards the valley of the yetis. There they meet the Queen Yeti, who shows them a secluded valley of Shambhala, in which they live. The Queen explains that despised people, and disseminated this attitude to the Link, which closely communicated with them. Yeti throw the heroes into a pit, hoping to leave them there until death, but travelers run.

They run on the icy bridge in the center of which are waiting for them armed Piggott-Dansby and Stenk. Lionel turns to his opponent, condemning his pride and defending the Link as being more human than ever will be able to become members of the "Society". Distraught Piggott-Dansby starts to shoot his rifle across the icy bridge, causing the collapses. Piggott-Dansby and his assistant Mr. Collick die, and the main characters and Stenk run to the edge of the bridge hoping to escape.

They cling to the edge of the destroyed ice bridge. Stenk begins to mock Lionel and they engage in a battle, hanging over the precipice. The trio of heroes joint efforts it is possible to dispose the Wall, after throwing him into the abyss. Lionel assigns a Link to their new partner for adventures.

After returning home, Adeline tells Lionel that he was going to go to independent travel, and leaves. Link and Lionel return to study the past and begin their next job – the search for lost Atlantis. In the final credits are shown maps and Souvenirs of their subsequent adventures.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Yeti

Last's a Sasquatch lives in Washington state, near the Creek camp Creek. It is a large (height 2 m 40 cm chest girth 1 m 70 cm total body weight 280-300 kg) a humanoid creature whose body is covered in thick brown fur. .

Even being Sasquatch not only reasonable, but also correct: he learned to speak, read and write on their own, watching the people. His handwriting is bad because of differences in the structure of the brush compared to a man.

Sasquach goal is reunification with their extended family – the Yeti living in the Himalayas many years ago. Yeti looks similar to Sasquatch, but have blue skin, covered with white wool. They live in the valley of Shambhala and is also not only reasonable, but quite civilized. They know how to talk (both in English and in their language, sounding like a roar), make and wear clothes, and melee weapons, build houses. The Yeti is a social hierarchy, headed by the Queen. They consider it their duty to scare everyone away from the valley in which they live, keeping it pristine clean. A distant relative sasquach they don't take over his, considering him a threat to the existence of the valley.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Loch Ness Monster

Lionel frost entices the Loch ness monster with bagpipes, the sound of which is directed under water. Nessie is a huge amphibious lizard with a long neck. The monster is a predator, has great physical strength and capable of long time to go underwater.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Mermaid

The corpse of a "Fiji mermaid" show at the end of the film. According to frost, it has something to do with Atlantis.

Fijian sea maiden

"The Fiji sea virgin", "Fiji mermaid" or "mermaid of the Fiji Islands" – the common name popular in nineteenth century exhibit all kinds of wandering "exhibitions of curiosities" and street shows.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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