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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy


Added Wed, 05/10/2016
anthropomorphic creature
high being
hairy creature
superpowered creature

Bigfoot, Yeti's a Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Anja, evdoshka, almasty - all names of one species of beings, allegedly living in the forests and mountains in different parts of the world.

According to descriptions of eyewitnesses, Bigfoot like a big APE growing up to 3 meters, covered with dark brown, dark red or gray fur. This creature has big feet (number of toes from case to case varies from 2 to 6). It is assumed that the entity moves well in wooded areas, climb trees.

Geographically, the phenomenon spread around the world. Most often I've heard the residents of sparsely populated areas and mountains, but sometimes there are messages of the national parks and reserves.

The exact date of occurrence of the phenomenon is unknown. Reports of beings with a similar description appeared in the last few centuries. However, in old legends, you can also find the description of "tall, hairy human, which is stronger and denser than an ordinary man, perhaps, has the ability to influence the minds of people, instilling fear or causing powerful to ignore its presence, and dwells in the woods." For example, some witnesses told us about the meeting with the demon.


As in the case of other similar phenomena, there are those who believe in Bigfoot and those who doubt its reality. Most modern scholars are skeptical about the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot, because, despite a lot of evidence, still there are sufficient grounds to confirm the existence of someone new and unexplored.

Theories of many stories of encounters with Bigfoot, there were a lot.

Deliberate hoaxes. In periods of high interest in the topic appears very much intentional falsification related to the phenomenon of Bigfoot. It is not just stories of "eyewitnesses", but the footprints, photographs, hair, feces, etc. the Reasons for such action can be many, from your own theory to attract attention.

The errors of the observers. The Yeti in conditions of poor visibility could be real animals (e.g., bear, because not only similar appearance, but more often it is his wool and other traces identified in the study, scientists) and, in some cases, and inanimate objects (the movement of plants under the wind, the play of light and shadow).

Folklore. Stories about Bigfoot can be completely folklore invention, altered and embellished a real story or a story based on folklore.

Among those who believe in the existence of Bigfoot, the most popular version, according to which it is a mammal belonging to the order primates and the genus of man, preserved to our days from prehistoric times, being of alien origin, and even a time traveler or visitor from another dimension.

There is the opposite theory that Bigfoot is a wild people with mental disabilities.

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In the Maori tradition Maero, Maero (or Mohoao) are called iwi-atua or supernatural people from Aotearoa. They are sometimes called giants, they inhabit mountains and forests, especially in Te Wai Poonamu.

Maero is characterized as wild, vicious, and often violent, armed with a stone club. They are covered with dark fur on the body and have long bony fingers with sharp nails. They kill and eat people and animals.

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