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Monster on the Campus


Added Tue, 10/05/2022
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Monster on the Campus

"Monster on Campus" (English: "Monster on the Campus", aka "Monster in the Night" and "Stranger on the Campus") is an American black–and-white science fiction horror film released by Universal International in 1958.

The storyline of the film tells about a university professor who accidentally comes into contact with the blood of an irradiated latimer, which is why he "degrades" to the state of a primitive caveman.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

Living creatures turn into their primitive ancestors under the influence of a substance found in the blood plasma of irradiated latimeria – a living fossil fish that lives off the eastern and southern coasts of Africa. Scientists in the film suggested that it is this substance that allows the species of latymeria to resist evolutionary processes.

Creatures of different species are subject to the effect of the substance: animals (dog), insects (dragonfly) and humans. The dog grows fangs and the behavior becomes aggressive. The dragonfly increases in size, reaching a length of several tens of centimeters. A person becomes covered with fur and turns into a primitive primate, while losing his mind and memory, becomes aggressive, but continues to feel affection for those he loves.

A small amount of a substance taken in any way is enough for transformation: through blood, food, and even with tobacco smoke. The transformation begins a few minutes after the introduction of the substance and occurs almost instantly. At the same time, the body is in an altered state for a short time – from several minutes to several hours, after which it acquires a normal appearance, and this happens regardless of whether the creature remains alive or is killed. A person loses consciousness after the end of the action of the substance and does not retain memories of what happened to him in an altered state.

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