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My Stepmother is an Alien


Added Fri, 11/06/2021
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My Stepmother Is An Alien

"My Stepmother Is an Alien" (English: "My Stepmother Is An Alien") is an American science fiction comedy, released in 1988.

Physicist Steve Mills was engaged in space exploration and once in a thunderstorm sent a signal into space, which, charged with the energy of a thunderstorm, went to another galaxy, which caused a distant planet in the Magellanic clouds to suffer. Celeste – a sexy alien with a secret mission-tries to seduce an unsuspecting Steve and get to his research, which contains the key to saving her planet. Dressed up in the latest fashion and snacking on batteries for breakfast, Celeste makes an indelible impression on earthly men.

However, Mills ' daughter notices oddities in Celeste, begins to follow her and finds out that she is an alien. She tells her father about it, but Steve doesn't want to listen to her. Celeste persuades Steve to come to the observatory and send a signal, but she does not succeed. After that, Celeste spends the night with Steve. The next morning, the aliens advise Celeste to marry Steve. Celeste and Steve are getting married. The next day, Steve discovers that his wife is an alien. He's panicking. Celeste explains to him why she came to Earth. Celeste and Steve sneak into the observatory and send a signal to the Celeste galaxy. Celeste's fellow countrymen want to take her home, but Celeste decides to stay on Earth.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The spaceship on which the alien arrives is a disk-shaped object with a separate flying lower part. It moves at a speed exceeding the speed of light, and reaches the Earth from the Magellanic Clouds in just a few days.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

An alien arrives on Earth from a planet located in the Magellanic clouds. Her mission is to force an Earth scientist to repeat a randomly sent signal in order to restore the disturbed gravity of her planet.

The aliens look like ordinary people. The alien women shown in the film are distinguished by their beauty. Aliens are more intellectually developed than humans, they live much longer (thousands of years), and there are no wars and diseases on their planet. They are very rational and have long abandoned the natural method of reproduction, as well as other pleasures. The aliens feed on clean energy from batteries and accumulators, do not sleep, grow offspring "in Petri dishes".

Alien technologies are also much more advanced than terrestrial ones. The handbag that the heroine carries with her allows her to control matter (change the density of things, materialize objects, lift them into the air, etc.). It contains a snake-like robot endowed with artificial intelligence, which not only helps her adapt to the Earth, but also controls the results of her mission. An alien can talk to representatives of her civilization without delay using a kind of video link, through which they can also read her thoughts and feelings.

The aliens speak English and demonstrate knowledge about Earth culture obtained from radio and television broadcasts.

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