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Sh! The Octopus


Added Wed, 29/09/2021
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Sh! The Octopus

"Shh! Octopus" (English "Sh! The Octopus") is a 1937 comedy-detective film made by Warner Bros. The film is based on the play "Gorilla" by Ralph Spence and its sequel "Shh, octopus!". The film is a parody of the classic detective story with a murder investigation. Now the painting is considered a cult.

The film is freely available, it can be viewed on YouTube.

Paul Morgan comes to the recently abandoned lighthouse he bought on a tiny isolated island. Accompanying him, Captain Cobb warns Morgan of the possible arrival of Captain Hook, a sailor with a hook instead of a hand, who falls into a murderous frenzy from the ticking clock. The hook really appears and finds the purse of the famous scientist - inventor of the radiation beam at the lighthouse.

Police officers Detectives Kelly and Dempsey are driving a police car in the pouring rain. The dispatcher informs them that Kelly's wife is giving birth. Kelly seems surprised by this; to calm his nerves, he starts taking a lot of unidentified pills. Meanwhile, the car is stalling, and while Dempsey is changing the tire, Kelly reads a newspaper article that the new police commissioner is chasing a "Criminal Octopus– - apparently, that's what the media call the head of a criminal syndicate. A reward of $50,000 has been set for the capture of the Octopus.

Suddenly, a woman runs out of the woods and rushes to Kelly and Dempsey. She claims that her name is Vesta Vernoff, and that her stepfather was killed at a lighthouse nearby. She also says that her stepfather invented the radiation beam, and it was because of him that he was killed. When the cops mention the Criminal Octopus, she says there is a giant octopus in the basement of the lighthouse. Two policemen, seeing a chance to ingratiate themselves with the new commissioner by catching an "Octopus", head to the lighthouse.

At the lighthouse, Morgan is left alone and discovers that a bat-like, bleeding corpse is hanging on top of the tower. However, there are no stairs left at the old lighthouse, so it is impossible to explain how the body got there. At the same time, the tentacles of the octopus appear from behind the curtain and follow Morgan, but do not grab him.

When the cops and the woman arrive, Morgan hides behind the curtain, but after a few moments comes out of there. Vesta knows who he is, but Morgan denies their acquaintance, which causes the woman to start crying. Dempsey and Kelly go to inspect the lighthouse, and Morgan tells Vesta that he lied for a reason, and she should trust him.

Captain Hook appears again, this time with a lady named Polly, whose boat ran aground near the island where the lighthouse is located. After the appearance of the lady, a secret passage to the stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse suddenly opens. At this moment, the octopus turns off the light, after which a shot is heard. The light turns on again, and it turns out that the Hook has disappeared. Another person appears at the lighthouse - a nanny, a kind old lady, familiar to Vesta from the time when she was a little more than a year old. Vesta clearly trusts the nanny and feels comfortable in her presence.

Dempsey decides to take everyone's wallet from everyone present, and then sends Kelly up the stairs to lower the body. Kelly accidentally drops the body, and Dempsey realizes that it's not real, and what appeared to be blood was ketchup. He discovers a full bottle of ketchup on the mannequin, which is at least strange. Before he can do anything, Morgan points a gun at everyone and asks Vesta to take the wallets back. A wallet is also found on the dummy.

The lighthouse lights up, and the octopus closes and locks all the doors.

Finally, Kelly and Dempsey realize that there is "another" octopus, a real one, and they have nothing to do with a Criminal octopus at all. They decide to go down to the basement to avoid the poisonous gas filling the lighthouse, but the Hook does not go with them – it is eaten by an octopus. Moments later, in the basement, Kelly sees an octopus through a hole in the rocks, through which the ocean is visible. Meanwhile, Morgan and Vesta are approached by another woman, Polly, who asks Morgan to "play ball." He refuses.

Dempsey tries to return the wallets, but Vesta says that she no longer has them, and runs to the babysitter in hysterics, without explaining anything. Dempsey and Kelly accidentally fall a few feet and end up on the floor below next to a small pool. Kelly goes underwater in a diving suit to fight an octopus. An octopus is not a particularly intimidating creature, as it is difficult to see it through muddy water. When Kelly is pulled back out, Captain Hook is found in his diving suit instead.

They dive in to grab Kelly and pull him out, and Dempsey asks what he was doing underwater. Kelly mumbles something about the mermaid's husband. A disembodied voice informs the inhabitants of the lighthouse that the music they hear will be their funeral march.

Kelly stays on guard downstairs while Dempsey goes upstairs with everyone. Upstairs, we discover that Morgan is an FBI agent, Hook is in the intelligence agency, Cobb is in the international police, and Polly is in the League of Nations. She wants to get a radiation beam before it is used to destroy the world. Everyone wants to find a Criminal Octopus. But is a Criminal Octopus related to a real octopus?

In the basement, Kelly hears the voice again. Then the babysitter appears and wants to look through the wallets – she says that one of them contains a document related to her family farm. When she finds the document, she hands it over to Kelly for safekeeping. They see the octopus again, and the babysitter convinces Kelly to go upstairs with her.

They rise just in time for the arrival of the new police commissioner, who turns out to be Vesta's father. Suddenly an octopus appears and eats the Hook again.

While everyone is confused, the babysitter reveals her identity – this is a Criminal Octopus! She tears off her gray wig, and her appearance completely changes: a friendly face turns into a nasty, blotchy face, she giggles and screams disgustingly. Apparently, the giant octopus is under the control of the Criminal Octopus, and when she pushes Morgan, Cobb, and the police commissioner to the door, his tentacles grab them.

The Octopus nanny explains to everyone else that they will not be able to escape unless they figure out which toggle switch to click on a huge panel with switches. Only one of them will not blow up the tower, but will allow them to escape. When the babysitter backs up to the basement door, the octopus grabs and drags her away. Polly, Vesta, Kelly and Dempsey run to the big contraption and, of course, press the wrong button. The lighthouse explodes.

We move on to the hospital scene in which Kelly is lying on the bed. It turns out that he fainted because of the pills he took in the car at the beginning of the film, and everything that happened was his dream.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

Conventionally, a werewolf can be called a woman who is a well-known criminal genius nicknamed "Criminal Octopus". She disguises herself as a nanny, but when she is revealed, she tears off her gray wig, and her appearance completely changes: a friendly face turns into a nasty, blotchy face, her gaze becomes predatory, she giggles and screams angrily.

Phenomena in artwork: Servodata

A woman (the head of a criminal syndicate, nicknamed the "Criminal Octopus" by the media) has the ability to mentally control a giant octopus living under a lighthouse.

Phenomena in artwork: Aquatic creatures

Unknown aquatic creatures include a giant octopus living in the water under the lighthouse. His behavior is mentally controlled by a female criminal, so the actions of the octopus look reasonable: he attacks certain people at the right moments, but does not kill them unnecessarily.

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