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The Thing


Added Fri, 03/04/2020
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The Thing

"Something" (eng. "The Thing") – American science fiction horror film 1982 film adaptation of the sci-Fi novel by John W. Campbell Jr's "Who goes there?" and the remake of the movie "Something from another world" (1951).

Who goes there?

John Campbell

Book (fiction)|1938

Antarctic expedition found in ice a strange discovery: the body of evil creatures, frozen in the ice. After scientists thawed the creature, it came alive. It would seem that the creature managed to kill him, but it soon becomes clear that it could take the form of a man... Who will survive in Antarctic station: the people or the creature?

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Unlike paintings of 1951, there being no resemblance to the person, and also, in accordance with the plot of the original story of Campbell, has the ability to change body shape and mimic any living creature. Despite the considerable difference in the plot, the visuals of the film includes direct references to its predecessor, the film "Something from another world"

The Thing From Another World


Scientists and US Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while investigating at a remote arctic outpost.

The film rather unsuccessfully passed at the box office, as it coincided with the release of the Steven Spielberg film "Alien," which became a big hit and was represented completely different, optimistic view of the meeting of a man with an alien intelligence.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


After a gentle alien becomes stranded on Earth, the being is discovered and befriended by a young boy named Elliott. Bringing the extraterrestrial into his suburban California house, Elliott introduces E.T., as the alien is dubbed, to his brother and his little sister, Gertie, and the children decide to keep its existence a secret. Soon, however, E.T.

However, the true glory, the recognition of the audience and cult status of the film he received in the late 1980-ies, after the release of the video and regular showings on TV.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Winter 1982, Antarctica. Explorers on the American research station and witness how their Norwegian colleagues on the helicopter pursuing the dog, trying to shoot it with a rifle. After landing near the American polar station, helicopter pilot trying to kill a dog with a grenade, but dropping it accidentally undermined, along with the helicopter. The second Norwegian trying to shoot the dog, but misses and hurts in the leg American Bennings. The station commander Garry kills a Norwegian from a service revolver. The dog remains alive, and polar Clark later put her in a pen with other dogs.

Trying to figure out the causes of the incident, helicopter pilot R. J. MacReady and Dr. copper go to the Norwegian polar station. They discover that the crushed and partially burned. Exploring the Norwegian station, the Americans find the body of the suicide of a polar Explorer, a block of ice from which something has been extracted, and polyorgano remains resembling human. MacReady and copper take polumogina remains and videos of Norwegians on the American polar station. A senior biologist Blair produces autopsies of the bodies and discovers that the remains were brought to the Norwegian stations mainly correspond to the normal human.

The dog the Norwegians placed in the doghouse, the night begins to turn into a monster that attacks on other dogs and begins to absorb some of them. Discovered that Clark and MacReady, hearing strange noises from the kennel, raise the alarm. MacReady tries to kill reborn "something" with a shotgun, but it turns out to be immune to bullets, and childs burns him with the flamethrower. After the doctor conducts an autopsy "dog something" and reports that the body of unknown nature can imitate other life forms.

The group is viewing the video made by Norwegians. So the explorers learn that near their polar station the Norwegians found frozen in the ice a spaceship of alien origin. MacReady, Cooper, and Norris are sent to the place of discovery of the alien ship. It becomes clear that far from "flying saucers" the Norwegians had found a frozen alien creature of nature, which came out of the ship after the fall. The Norwegians moved the creature to the station, where he removed it from a block of ice. The creature was extremely aggressive and had the ability to accurately simulate the appearance and habits of the victim. Rapidly spreading "epidemic" has led to the complete destruction of the staff of the Norwegian station.

Blair, working on the computer, finds that the probability of a past intrusion of an alien organism team members – 75 %. He also calculates that, once on the densely populated mainland, the body can assimilate an entire planet in about 27 thousand hours (more than 3 years). Fuchs tells MacReady that concerned about the behaviour of Blair, and reads his research notes on "something". Windows detects on the stock Bennings, assimilated the remains of something brought back from the Norwegian station. MacReady burns Bennings monster and all the rest remains "something". At this time Blair destroys vehicles, the radio, killing all the remaining alive dogs and opens fire on colleagues. The other team manages to disarm and isolate it in the pantry. Realizing, finally, the seriousness of the situation, the explorers decide to find out who is still human and who has not. Copper proposes to examine blood serum: mix the blood of each member of the group with a non-infected blood. It turns out that all stocks of blood for transfusion were someone destroyed. Suspicion falls on the head of the station, Garry and Dr. Copper.

An infected alien organism begins to spread on the American station, though for a time no one suspects. Realizing that nobody can be trusted, and no one knows who is infected MacReady decides to prevent the spread of infection. Someone turns off the light in the research laboratory, and is told that Fuchs is gone. MacReady, Windows and Knowles go on a search and find it burned the remains. MacReady notices a burning light in his cabin and goes there by Knowles. They have not returned, and the explorers begin boarding up the inside doors and Windows. At this time, Knowles comes back and reports that he found in the dwelling MacReady his torn jacket. The remaining begin to suspect MacReady that he is not a person, and turn against him. Threatened to set fire to the dynamite, returned MacReady makes the rest of the team to lay down their arms. At this time, Norris happens cardiac arrest, and the copper is trying to perform the resuscitation. However, the geologist is infected with "something" and his chest "bites" the doctor hands. Then MacReady burns the Norris-thing of the flamethrower.

MacReady decides to test the blood of all the explorers, after tying them to chairs. To check he intends to use a heated wire, believing that the blood of the alien body would react. Clark tries to attack MacReady, but he kills him with a headshot. When testing the blood of the team members, it appears that Palmer is "something" which manages to assimilate Windows. Both of them burn with flamethrower. Others, on the results of the test, yet remain uninfected. Going to the pantry to Blair, the explorers learn that he was already turned and ran away, and dug them under the floor of the cave, find the unfinished aircraft. The station is a power. MacReady realizes that because of the hopelessness of the situation, "something" wants to "freeze" and wait out the time until the arrival of rescue teams. Explorers decide the cost of their lives to prevent this and to blow up the entire station. While searching for the "Blair-something" and attempts to undermine the basement with a dead electric generator monster kills Harry, and who disappears without a trace. Then being attacked by MacReady, but he blasts his of dynamite together with all the buildings of the polar station. In the end, the station is completely destroyed. The living are only childs and MacReady. Childs MacReady offers to find a way to get off the base, but he is not sure that the childs still remains man, and offers to wait, despite the fact that they face death in the cold

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The alien in the film is an alien whose space ship crash-landed in Antarctica about 100 thousand years ago. The alien was thrown from the vehicle (either he was trying to get away from him), and all the time to our day it has been frozen in Antarctic ice.

The alien can imitate the behaviour, shape and cell structure of different earthly living beings such as dog or man. The true face of the stranger (if he exists) do not show us, we see a not particularly pleasant processes of transformation of the alien. In order to take the form of creatures of the earth, the stranger it is necessary to absorb the original, thus obtaining information about its cellular structure. The stranger keeps information about the absorbed beings and is able to grow organs, inherent in any of them. After copying imitation from the original it is impossible to distinguish.

Every particle of the body of a stranger is a complete living entity with basic instincts, especially the instinct of self-preservation. Even the blood of the alien trying to save himself, pulling away from the hot metal.

The body of a stranger is highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions: it survives as after a long freeze and after burning, if it was not as long.

The alien is highly intellectual, which allows it to collect (though not completely) a flying machine from helicopter components.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

A spaceship of alien has the shape of a classic flying saucer. The size of the ship is very large, its diameter reaches several tens of meters. The internal structure of the ship in the movie does not show.

Another ship, similar in shape, but smaller, collects alien from parts of the helicopter. It is unknown whether this ship to fly as in the film he is destroyed by explosion dynamite.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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