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Lust of the Vampire


Added Sat, 30/06/2018
Release date
Original title
I Vampiri

"Vampires" or "I'm a vampire" (original title "I Vampiri") is the first Italian sound horror film. The film premiered on 5 April 1957. The film, which was not particularly successful at home, has gained great popularity in France, USA and UK. When you rent a movie in different countries he was given other names and used slight changes of the plot. For example, in the US it was released in 1960 called "The Devil's Commandment", in the United Kingdom – "Lust of the Vampire". Some researchers, in particular, the biographer of Mario Bava, referring to film critic Tim Lucas, indicate that the British version contained scenes of nudity.

The plot of the film is more like a detective than a horror movie.

Later on this film was created fotoroman called "Quella che voleva amare".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In Paris works in mysterious killer that depletes the bodies of their victims. In the river found here is the fourth victim with the same signs. The police are at an impasse, and the case made by journalist Pierre Lanten. When the Inspector Chantal investigates the crime scene, Lantin suggests that the crime was committed "Vampire". Lanten examines dance school, which was the last murder to find clues and discovers that the victim followed the tall man.

A man named Joseph is in a dark room. For a portion of the painkillers he offered to follow the girl named Loretta. He said that "he knows what to do" on the Rue Saint-Etienne. Joseph arrives at the appointed place, and there he says Lantin. Joseph manages to escape from Lantina. He arrives in the clinic of Professor Julian Du Grand and requires money to leave the city, threatening that he would report to the police about what was going on. It kills assistant Du Grand. Next, there is a woman named Margaret and declares that if the police trace them, it will be the end of the career Du Grand. Shown later a newspaper headline reads that Professor Julien Du Grand died suddenly.

After the funeral procession of professors in the crypt comes a group of people. The viewer demonstrates that the body was buried corpse of Joseph. The body brought to the castle, where he conducts experiments Professor Du Grand, who is trying to find the secret of eternal life.

Loretta met on the street a blind beggar, who asks her to deliver a letter. After locating the address, she wants to give the letter, but it turns out that it's a trap and the girl is kidnapped. She wakes up in a locked bedroom, in which lie the skeletons of previous victims of a vampire. When the police try to track down the kidnappers Lorette, Lantin decides to test the idea of the vampire in the castle. There he meets the niece of the mistress of the castle named Giselle, which he expressed his admiration, comparing Lanten with his father.

Lanten leaving the castle. His friend, photographer Donald decides to get into the bedroom of his niece, in love with. Donald sees Giselle getting older in front of him and becomes a Countess Margaret, the mistress of the castle, and realizes that she is a "vampire" that restores her beauty and youth due to the life force of the murdered it man. Exposed Giselle kills Donald with a gun. Then she calls upon Professor Du Grand to make her forever young. Julian says that it may not work but starts the experiment.

Giselle meets Pierre Lanten the next day, he notices her odd behavior (she writes with the left hand, as her sacrifice) that makes him to continue the investigation. Giselle begins to suffer due to a badly performed experiment and encourages professors Julian to help her. When he leaves the lab, alive, Joseph, over which the Professor conducted his experiments. Pierre meets a disoriented Joseph in the castle and takes him ;to the police station, where he admits that he was a kidnapper of young women. The police arrives at the castle in search of Margaret, but only finds Giselle, which denies that they are familiar with Joseph. Pierre and the police are investigating the castle, but find nothing. Suddenly their eyes Giselle starts to become Marguerite. Police resume search as a result of which you find hidden in the grave Du Grand laurette. The girl goes home, and the inspector Chantal says that Gisele confessed to the crimes and died soon after.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

Classic vampires in the film. A vampire can be called the Countess Margaret, who supports life and youth, removing them from young and beautiful girls with the help of the invention of Professor Du Grand using for this purpose the blood of the victims. This effect is not persistent and quickly pass, if the Countess is experiencing stress or strong emotions.

With the vital forces of the Countess of victims of the Professor are transmitted to their habits, manner of speech and behaviors (e.g., taking the life force from Lefty-laurette, Countess begins to write with his left hand).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

The only zombie shown in the film is Joseph, strangled by assistant Professor Du Grand and lively late by the Professor in the laboratory during the experiments, aimed at finding ways to prolong life.

Joseph after waking up from death doesn't behave like the classic zombies: he is sober mind, his will is not suppressed, the memory is not lost. He was in shock and was very weak.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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