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The War of the Worlds


Added Mon, 11/11/2019
Release date
Original title
The War of the Worlds

"War of the worlds" (orig. "The War of The Worlds") is a British three-part mini-series by the BBC based on the novel by Hg wells. The series premiere took place on the canadian TV channel T+E 6 Oct 2019. The series tells about the growing terror that followed the alien invasion.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Britain is on the brink of war, and its citizens look forward to a victory that (according to them) they will win.

George and Amy live in a small town, because they consider themselves outcasts: George left his unloved wife for Amy, with whom they have much in common. Their neighbor, a local astronomer observes Mars periodic outbreaks and takes them for a volcanic eruption. In the morning near the town drops a giant meteorite. The astronomer goes to examine him and invites him to Amy. Later they can be connected to another group led by astronomer from London. The meteorite begins to rise into the air and apart, being around people ignite. Later, from under the meteorite appears a giant fighting machine-tripod. She goes to town destroying people and the spraying of poisonous black smoke.

George and Amy trying to hide in his house, but the tripod destroys it. Amy George are separated, agreeing to meet his brother Fred in London. Amy arrives at the agreed place, but George finds there. She tells his brother that she is pregnant.

George survives, but circumstances do not allow him to date Amy. She at this time is experiencing an attack of Martians on London, hiding with his brother George in the tunnels under the city. Fred accompanies her to the shore, hoping to be evacuated by sea with other women and children. There they meet George and subjected to another attack tripods, after which hiding out in an abandoned building together with the chosen girl on the shore and typhus cases a woman. They see the aliens, who are selected from their tripods. The sick woman, and Fred die, the aliens eat their corpses. Shortly thereafter, one of the creatures shows signs of illness and dying. Amy and George are locked in a nearby building, trying to wait the death of the last Martian and hoping to escape after that. George is ill with typhoid fever and decides to sacrifice herself so that Amy could be saved.

Future. The land gradually turns into Mars, people are starving and choking in the red dust. Martian weed has turned the earth into a barren wasteland. Amy is raising her eight-year-old child. A local pastor tells Amy that there are survivors from the same town as her. It turns out her friend is an astronomer. She tells him how he was saved from the aliens. Astronomer maps the story of Amy with the fact that the only fertile soil is at a local cemetery. They realize that earthly illness detrimental to the Martians and may be able to destroy the weeds. The astronomer decides to take the blood of sick people to confirm his theory. Amy offers to take the blood of his sick son. The experiment fails: the Martian weeds perish and in their place the first time in many years, they have a Bush tomato.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

Alien ships come to Earth from Mars. They look like huge spherical stones, which people initially take them for meteorites. Under the outer shell is hiding a perfectly smooth black surface, covered with the same black oily liquid. Some time after the fall of the sphere starts to take off, spinning around the vertical axis and dropping the outer coating. Rising above the trees, it begins to incinerate being around people, gradually spilling into small particles. After this process is complete, it remains only the ash-covered crater at the crash site of the "meteorite". Presumably, it is from these craters after some time appear a "tripod" – alien combat vehicles.


Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The aliens look like giant three-legged spiders. All their limbs end in a cusp, i.e. do the aliens missing fingers, and it is unclear how they were able to create such high-tech devices or at least how they control them.

The aliens are moved to the huge fighting machines-"tripods". They are enormous in size and is equipped with both radiation (incinerating everything in its path "death rays"), and chemical (black smoke poisoned) weapons. Though tripod and sturdy enough to withstand shots from rifles, machine guns and even cannons, a volley of the naval artillery is able to destroy them.

Leaving his war machines, aliens behave like animals and not as highly developed beings that can overcome interplanetary space. So, they feed on the corpses of dead people directly from the ground without any treatment, and that is what leads to mass death: together with the nutrients they absorb pathogenic bacteria (in particular, the causative agent of typhoid fever), from which the Martians have no immunity.

The goal of the aliens is telefoniranje of the Earth, giving it the appearance of Mars. To do this they spray spores of the Martian plants, which displace the earth and make the soil infertile. Apparently, changing the atmosphere of the planet in the same way it affects people: they lose their ability to bear children. As it turns out by the end of the last episode, the Martian plants are also afraid of the earth's diseases (first of all human is the same of typhoid fever).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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