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Added Sun, 16/08/2020
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"Werewolves" "Cursed" is a 2005 American mystical horror film. Director Wes Craven hoped that this film would make for the subgenre of horror films about werewolves the same thing that made the movie "Scream" for slashers.

On the Seaside Pier in Los Angeles, girlfriends Jenny Tate and Becky Morton decide to get a prediction of fate from the fortune teller zela. She predicts that they will suffer a terrible death from the attack of a wild beast, but they do not believe it and leave in disgust.

That same night, 16-year-old high school student Jimmy Myers was driving his 24-year-old sister Ellie, who had just returned from a trip with her boyfriend Jake Taylor, driving along Mulholland Drive. Jimmy had a run-in with a few bullies when he was talking to his classmate Brooke. Jimmy and Ellie's car at high speed collides with some animal, which provokes an accident involving another car. They try to save the driver of this car, Becky Morton, but a strange wolf-like creature injures his brother and sister, then drags Becky away and rips her apart. Despite Jimmy's belief that it was a wolf or a dog, the official police report suggests an attack by a bear or cougar.

The next day at work, Ellie discovers that she is attracted to the smell of blood of a colleague. But she doesn't pay attention to it.

At the same night's party, the conversation between Ellie and Jake interrupts Jenny Tate. Annoyed that Jenny is flirting with Jake, Ellie leaves the party early. Soon after, Jenny is sent to the garage, where she is chased and killed by a werewolf. The predictions of the greens for Jenny and Becky come true.

Jimmy conducts research on wolves in California and begins to believe that the creature that attacked them and his sister was a werewolf. He shares his thoughts with the incredulous Ellie. To reduce Jimmy's anxiety, she touches the silver frame for the photos without getting burned.

Jimmy's getting a lot stronger and more aggressive. A bully named Bo persuades him to join the school wrestling team. He easily defeats three wrestlers, including Beau. Jimmy also claims that Beau constantly bullys him because he suppresses his own homosexuality.

Ellie begins to believe in the hypothesis about werewolves, when she meets zela, who warns her about the effect will have the onset of the full moon. Jimmy realizes that they are cursed when he takes a silver cake spatula in his hand and burns. He discovers that the frame for the painting that Ellie touched before is made of stainless steel. Their dog Sipper bites Jimmy, tastes his blood, turns into a monster and goes into a frenzy. Realizing what's going on, Jimmy goes to warn Ellie. He is joined by Beau, who has come to admit that he is really gay and has feelings for Jimmy. He categorically rejects Bo, believing that his attraction is a reaction to the werewolf pheromones, but Bo still helps Jimmy.

Ellie comes to the conclusion that Jake - werewolf. He confirms this, but says it wasn't he who attacked her and Jimmy. They are attacked by an unknown fourth werewolf. Beau and Jimmy try to help, but Beau is knocked out. The new werewolf turns into Joanie, Jake's ex-girlfriend, who was cursed after one night with him. Now she wants revenge by killing other girls that Jake is dating. He doesn't let Joanie hurt Ellie, and she knocks him out and then turns into a werewolf and starts attacking Ellie and Jimmy. The police come and open fire. The policeman shoots Joanie in the head and eventually kills. Beau's fine, but Jake's gone.

Jimmy and Ellie return to the destroyed house. While Jimmy is trying to restore electricity, Jake appears. He says that Joanie's curse was caused by him, and the only way to heal is to kill the werewolf that started it all. Jake wants to kill Jimmy and make Ellie be with him. She fights Jake, but her body changes only partially, while he is fully in control of his transformation and dominates the scrum. Jimmy climbs the ceiling and bites Jake, giving Ellie the opportunity to badly injure Jake with a silver cake spatula. Ellie decapitates Jake with a shovel and removes the curse. Jake's body flashes blue flames.

Beau, Brooke and Sipper come to their house. Beau and Jimmy are now friends; Jimmy kisses Brooke and escorts her home with Beau. Ellie is left to clean the destroyed house.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

The werewolf from which the chain of curses began was cursed from birth. During his life, he learned to control his superhuman capabilities and ability to transform.

The curse is passed on to the person who was bitten or scratched by the werewolf. You can also get infected if you bite the damned. A werewolf can become not only a man, but also a dog.

Bitten almost immediately begins to feel changes in his body and behavior. His sense of smell worsens, physical strength increases, he becomes more attractive. On the right palm there are marks that can be connected by lines in the form of a pentagram. There is a craving for human blood.

Transformations do not begin immediately and first occur involuntarily on a full moon around midnight. Man turns into a large straight creature, similar to a wolf. A monster-turned-man retains consciousness and the ability to talk.

Silver hurts the werewolf by burning it. The place of contact with the silver object begins to smoke.

To lift the curse you need to kill the werewolf, from which the chain of curses began. This can be done by damaging his brain or separating his head from the torso. After death, the creature takes on a human form. The first (natural) werewolf after death self-ignites.

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