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The Witches


Added Sat, 31/10/2020
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The Witches

The Witches is a 1990 dark family Comedy-fantasy film based on the work of Roald Dahl.

My grandmother told her grandson, Luke, who was left without parents, stories about witches. These are non-human beings who carefully disguise themselves as women. Their characteristic feature is their hatred of children, but witches can't kill them directly, only enchant them.

One day, Luke meets a real witch, but he manages to protect himself from her. When my grandmother has a diabetes attack, they go to the seaside. And it is in the hotel where Luke and his grandmother stay that the annual meeting of witches in great Britain is held under the banner of the Society for combating cruelty to children. Luke and his friend Bruno are accidentally turned into mice by a witch. This is the chief witch's plan: to turn all English children into mice. But Luke decides to fight the witches and prevent them from carrying out their insidious plan. He steals one of the vials of magic potion and puts it in the soup, which is prepared specifically for members of the"Society".

After the high witch turns into a rat and dies, Luke and his grandmother embezzle her money and a notebook with the addresses of the witches and decide to devote the rest of their lives to their complete destruction.

At the end of the film, miss Irwin, the last remaining witch who was not allowed to eat dinner for not being malicious enough, disenchants Luke.

Phenomena in artwork: Witchcraft

Women who can do magic are witches. The main character's grandmother tells him about witches ("real witches") as follows:

Real witches wear ordinary clothes and look like ordinary women. They live in ordinary homes and do ordinary work. Every country has witches, and every country has a Chief witch. And all witches are ruled by the most evil female being – the Supreme witch.

Witches are always trying to figure out how to kill children by luring them like a hunter lures birds in the woods... Real witches hate children.


Real witches are completely bald and wear wigs that make their heads itch and get a rash. Witches look disgusting if you strip them of their human form.


The only difference between witches and ordinary women is the purple glow in their eyes. Real witches don't have toes, just stumps instead, nasty stubs where their toes should be. Therefore, they never wear pointed or light shoes, always go in simple rough shoes.


Witches are very violent, and they have a very developed sense of smell. A real witch can smell a child from a whole street away. The cleaner the child, the faster the witch will smell it. A witch can smell dirt on a dirty child, and a clean child smells like a child. For a witch, the smell of a child is disgusting and resembles the smell of fresh dog droppings.

A witch can cast a spell on a child and transfer it to a painting. At the same time, the child can live in the picture for a long time, his image will move through it, grow up, grow old, and eventually disappear. Also, the witch can incinerate rays from the eyes. In addition, at least the Supreme witch can prepare a magic potion that turns those who take it into mice.

A witch can improve, start doing good things, and turn into a normal woman.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

Werewolves can be considered people and witches, turned into mice with the help of a magic potion. Mice remain intelligent and can talk. Any witch can disenchant them back.

The high witch under the influence of a magic potion turns into a disgusting bald rat.

If a drop of the potion is applied to the skin, then mouse hair grows in this place.

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