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The World's End


Added Wed, 23/01/2019
Release date
Original title
The World's End

"The world's end" or "end of the world" (orig. "The World's End") – a fantastic Comedy with elements of Thriller, which was released in 2013. The plot of the painting lay a revised concept of the film "end of the world" in 1977, the main idea of which was the creation of the alien twins with the goal of conquering the world.

End of the World


After witnessing a man's death in a bizzare accident, Father Pergado goes on a spiritual retreat, where he encounters his alien double bent on world conquest.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Gary king, a forty year old alcoholic and a loser, gathers in his home town of Newton haven, the four childhood friends – his old school company, leader, which he once was. In 1992 they, as teenagers, tried to pass "the Golden mile" – to bypass all twelve pubs in the city, but drunk and lost route, so it never finished. The friends of the king, a successful white-collar workers and fathers of families, are skeptical about the idea of repetition alcoholic marathon, Andrew Knightley, once the best friend of the king, completely stop drinking, but Gary manages a deception to lure him.

Developments are not too much fun. Friends walk around the city without enthusiasm, and Andrew refuses to drink a beer and takes a glass of water. In the second pub to them briefly joins Sam is a grown-up sister of Oliver, one of participants of a campaign, but Gary's harassment forced her to leave the company. In the fourth pub, when sentiment finally deteriorate and they're going to part on houses, king barges into a fight with a group of Teens who turned out to be robots with detachable limbs and blue blood. King and his companions win the fight at the top. Friends want to go to London, but Gary wants to continue and says that, if they leave, the other wants to stop them. Andrew, recovering from the experience, immediately gets drunk, and they five of them continue to campaign for pubs, not wanting to give herself away.

The following pubs they meet real people – a former drug dealer Trevor green and the mad old man Basil. The latter informs the heroes that Newton haven has become a beachhead of an alien invasion: aliens kidnap people and replace them overly polite and friendly copies, recreated by the DNA of the original. Sam makes a half-drunk heroes, who are trying to seduce copies of the girls from their childhood, and joins them. In the ninth pub, they engage in straight talk with the copy guy Shepard is the former Director of their school. Shepard tries to convince the heroes that he and others like him – not robots, and "superior" men and heroes should peacefully join their community. Oliver had gone away to the toilet, is replaced by the copy – Andrew Knightley notices that he had a birthmark on his temple, which is the real Oliver brought.

King and his friends are having a new fight with many copies, and a copy of Oliver loses his head. They manage to escape, and the king dismisses Sam from the city, seated her in the car, and he continues his desperate campaign for pubs. By this time the units lost their human face copies out on the streets, and friends have to hide, building suspicions already about each other. They lose even one of the members of the company of Peter, who while trying to get a copy of his school enemy is captured and replaced by a copy. In the last pub, the world's End, Andrew gets into a fight with Gary and finds that his seemingly carefree friend started the whole enterprise in a state of extreme depression – Gary hand under the sleeve was wrapped with a bandage with hospital bracelet indicating that Gary tried to slit my wrists.

In an underground bunker under the end of the world the three surviving participants of the tour – Gary, Andrew and Stephen – face Network, extraterrestrial intelligence, which was considered to be the Land undeveloped and barbaric planet and in the last decade led the program to its "improvements", creating in different parts of the world 2,000 communities like Newton Haven. Heroes achieve Network recognition: people were so uncontrollable, that copies had to replace almost all the urban population. The network offers the heroes to obey and give way to their own young copies – improved versions of themselves, but Gary king destroys his young DoppelgangeR. Unable to withstand the drunken dispute with humans, the Network gives up and leaves the planet, but before it blows up Newton haven; the heroes at the last moment to save Sam, who returned for her.

In the epilogue, Andrew says that the world would end in the literal sense – the Network has ruined the earth and destroyed modern technology, forcing humanity to fall into the middle ages. Become the heroic warrior Gary king sent in a new campaign for pubs on the ruins of civilization, this time in the company four copies of his young friends.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The aliens arrived on Earth in 1990. Their goal is to re-educate humanity to prepare its integration into the galactic community. To this end, they have their representatives in human society, replacing them with real people in key positions, and with their help, broadcast their ideals. People who do not want to follow the rules imposed by the aliens, as replaced by copies. Body replaced by people are processed and manufactured on their basis of fertilizers. Under one of the bars aliens with a huge bunker from which the management of the entire operation.

Themselves aliens in the movie do not show. We see only "robots" that are copies of the residents of the town who refused to behave as demanded by the aliens. These robots devoid of free will, have the collective mind and obey the orders coming from the unified command center. During connection to the center of their eyes and mouths glow a bright bluish light. Copies are created by aliens based on DNA replaced by people, so outwardly they completely correspond to the originals, with the exception of the age and of the injuries suffered by people throughout life. Copies have memories of the originals that are copied to another by touching hands to the man's head. Body robots are composed of separate interchangeable elements, which are connected using standard fasteners. This allows you to modify the body, for example by adding feet instead of hands. Blood of the robots bright blue color. After the aliens call off the operation to seize the Land, "robots," first off and then reboot and begin to behave like children, as their mind is absolutely pure.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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