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Astrophysicist told how to build a time machine

Added Mon, 06/01/2020
Дата публикации
Sun, 05/01/2020

Astrophysicist Ron mallet from the University of Connecticut believes that it has found a way to travel back in time. In an interview with CNN he said that he wrote the equation that could serve as the basis for a real time machine. Scientist has even created a prototype to illustrate the key component of his theory.

To understand the mechanism of action of such a time machine, you need to know the basics of the special theory of relativity according to which time is accelerated or slowed down depending on the speed at which the object is moving.

Based on this theory, if a person is on a spaceship flying at a speed close to the speed of light, time must go slower than the person left on Earth. For example, if an astronaut on the ship travelled with such speed only a week, then returned to our planet he would be in a more distant future, because people on Earth would have passed for 10 years.

As explained by astrophysicist, his idea is based on another theory of Einstein, General theory of relativity. According to this theory, massive objects distort space-time — an effect that we perceive as gravity, and the stronger the gravity, the slower time flows.

"In Einstein's theory what we call space also includes time — that's why it's called space-time. And what would you do with the space, the same happens with time," says mallet.

According to the scientist, it is theoretically possible to twist time into a loop, which will allow time travel into the past.

"By studying the type of the gravitational field generated by the ring laser, it is possible to uncover new opportunities, a time machine based on a circulating light beam", — said the author of the idea.

But no matter how optimistic the mallet in relation to his work, his colleagues are skeptical of this idea. Although most physicists recognize that the jump forward in time, likely, possible, time travel into the past is quite another matter.

"I believe that in his mathematics and the theory has serious flaws, and therefore the practical implementation of the device seems to me to be an unattainable goal," said CNN astrophysicist Paul Sutter.

Mallet himself admits that his idea at the moment, completely theoretical. And even if his time machine really works, it will have significant limitations.

"You can send information back — he said, — but only to the point where you turn on the car."

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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