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Dozens of cattle have died as a result of lightning strikes in Central Queensland, Australia

Added Mon, 14/03/2022
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Mon, 14/03/2022

More than a dozen cattle were killed in two separate lightning strikes in Central Queensland last week.

Two incidents occurred in Morinish and Bluff after severe thunderstorms that were in the region for a week.

Bluff beekeeper Katie Hoar lost four Brangus stallions, including two cows and two calves on her property in Rockview.

It's not the first time Katie has lost livestock due to a hurricane: a few years ago she lost a similar number of cattle in the same place.

Ms. Hoare was grazing cattle nearby when she came across the scene.

"It's devastating as cattle breeding takes a long time and one dead wean steer was probably the best we've ever bred in our Brangus herd," Ms Hoare said. "Unfortunately, nature has neither rhyme nor reason. We got 50 mm of rain, and for that I am very grateful, because in the last few years there has been less rain than usual in this area of Central Queensland."

Earlier this week, on Monday, a shepherd from Morinish, John Ellrott, lost nine cattle as a result of a lightning strike.

Lightning on Monday caused several grass fires, and the Ellrott family was on alert when they heard an "almighty explosion" near the house.

Mr Ellrott said he believed it was the fatal blow that "instantly" killed his livestock.

"It was quite unexpected to lose nine cattle as a result of one lightning strike," he said.

Mr. Ellrott estimates that he lost about $18,000 as a result of the lightning strike.

"Any loss is not good, but there is nothing you can do to prevent this," he said. "It's been pretty dry lately and we were grateful for the 110mm of rain that fell on our territory during the storm."

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