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Lichtenberg Figures: the discovery of Professor Lichtenberg and his influence on modern science

Added Tue, 09/05/2023
Дата публикации
Tue, 09/05/2023

Lichtenberg figures are unique patterns similar to images of trees that occur when high–voltage electrical discharges pass over the surface or inside the volume of dielectric materials. Their name comes from the name of the German physicist - Professor Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, who was the first to observe this phenomenon in 1777.

Lichtenberg's first figures were two-dimensional and formed by dust carried through the air, which settled on the surface of electrically charged resin plates in his laboratory. The professor demonstrated this phenomenon to his physics students and described it in his memoirs as a new method of studying the nature and motion of an electric fluid.

In his subsequent experiments, Lichtenberg used various high-voltage electrostatic devices to charge the surfaces of a wide variety of dielectric materials, such as resin, glass, and ebonite. Then he sprinkled a powder of a mixture of sulfur and lead tetraoxide on the charged surfaces to show the polarity of the charges.

Thus, Lichtenberg managed to understand that the charged areas of the surface were formed by small sparks of static electricity. Sparks, when they flashed along the surface of the dielectric, left separate sections of its surface electrically charged.

Today, Lichtenberg figures are used in modern technologies such as xerography and laser printing. They also play an important role in scientific research in the field of plasma physics.

"Professor Lichtenberg's discovery was an important step in understanding electrical phenomena and led to the development of new technologies. Lichtenberg's figures continue to amaze and inspire us with their beauty and complexity."

"Every discovery begins with curiosity" 

It was curiosity and the desire to understand the world around us that led to the discovery of Lichtenberg figures, which still continue to surprise and inspire us.

Today, Lichtenberg's figures continue to attract the attention of scientists and artists. Their study helps to understand many aspects of electrical discharges and their impact on the environment. In addition, Lichtenberg figures are used as decorative elements and symbols of science fiction. For example, they often appear on the covers of books and films related to science fiction and fantasy technology.

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