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Rare species of evil - dangerous "lady in green"

Added Fri, 28/07/2017
Дата публикации
Fri, 28/07/2017

Sinister stories about the ladies in green exist in all peoples. They believe vampirey, and pohititelnitsa children, and the insidious soblaznitelnye... If you believe the eyewitnesses, these mythical creatures in our days lured into their nets naive victims, and avoid clever traps is not easy.

The "bad" apartment

That crafty ladies in green do not exist only in children's horror stories, tell us of the events that took place ten years ago in Krasnoyarsk. Young girl got a good job and decided to leave my parents, having rented a flat in the city centre. Option it turned up a gorgeous old house in the city center, brick, with a decent atmosphere, and all this for ridiculous money. However, that was the secret of unprecedented generosity, martirosyana found out very soon. Every time the girl remained in the apartment alone, she clearly felt someone's extraneous presence is near.

Then one evening in one corner of the room she saw a strange lady in a long green dress. It was obvious that the woman tries in vain to leave the ill-fated corner, but some force holds it in place. Then the stranger became the signs beckon the girl to himself, not saying a words. Of course, martirosyana not at first believe in the reality of the situation, but still decided to approach the lady. But just as the girl approached the stranger, like the last neck unnaturally stretched, and his face was like a mask of a monster from a horror movie.

From this metamorphosis, the girl recovered and quickly rebounding from the lady in the green, chose to spend the night at a girlfriend's. But when the next day the girl returned home, I saw "the green lady" in the same place. Some time the poor girl wandered through friends, spent the night at a friend and parents, but telling anyone about the neighbor hesitated. The fact that when she returned home with her fiancé or girlfriend, the lady did not appear. But he had guests to leave, she immediately appeared in his corner.

In the end, the girl still refused to cheap apartments and prefer to rent more expensive housing, but without the "other" neighbor.

The kidnapping of antiquity

The French believe that "green woman" - spirits of the sacred oak, where once performed their rites, the druids.

It is believed that these mysterious beings still live in the trunks of old trees. And if in the days of the Celtic holidays are woven of honeysuckle or mistletoe wreaths and to decorate the branches of sacred trees, their Keeper not only doesn't cause people harm, but, on the contrary, will send them a bountiful harvest and rich breed of cattle. But if something to offend the sacred tree, break off his branches, or (God forbid!) cut it on the wood, then angry "the green lady" living in it, may kill all the children in the village. In Scotland women in green believed the woodland fairies and pohititelnitsa children.

People believed (and some believe today) that these ladies can sneak in at night to the house where the owners recently had a baby and replace it, tucked in the cradle of his - a terrible and wrinkled. This freak has a very bad temper, harassing "parents" with a loud cry and constantly demanding food. And he eats not of the milk, like all children, but only "adult" food.

The legends say that in order to get rid of the bastard, worse to treat him, and then the fairy will take it back, thus returning the stolen baby. In addition, there is another way to make the evil fairy to pick up a vociferous glutton. For this it was necessary to laugh or freak, or trickery to get him to call his real age.

According to other legends of the lady in green preferred not to steal children, and to RUB them in human blood. After this procedure the baby would get sick of any incurable disease and soon died.

Night of the ogress

However, it turns out, kidnapping is not the only crime of the ladies in green. In one of his works, the famous English preacher and fighter against evil spirits in the first half of the XVII century, Jerome Bruce spoke about the meeting with these terrifying creatures. Being still quite a young man, the future pastor, we went with friends to hunt. Fascinated by the pursuit of deer, the boys were late and decided to spend the night in the forest cave. But as soon as they had lit a fire, as to them, "the flame" came three beautiful girls in long green dresses. Jerome they immediately seemed odd, but his friends were very glad of such company. After dinner one of the girls from somewhere in the folds of her dress took out a violin and offered to have a dance that the young men readily agreed. But it was enough for the ladies to dance, as Jerome alerted strange clip-clopping sound of their feet. Looking closely, the young man noticed that the long skirts of the strangers cover small hooves replaced the ladies feet, even the girls legs covered with reddish hair. Terrified by this discovery, the preacher tried to get their friends out of the cave, but those intoxicated with society beauties, not only ignored his appeals, but even threatened Jerome with a weapon, if he will hinder them to have fun. Coming out of the cave, the young man walked over to the horses and saw the trembling. Remembering an ancient legend that evil spirits are afraid of horses, Jerome decided to pass the night under their protection. Soon from the cave he heard a terrible snarling and screams for help, but he did not dare to leave their shelter, knowing that friends will not help. All night the young man prayed that the horses did not break up the reins and not galloped off into the forest, depriving it thereby of its protection.

Until dawn Jerome listened as some strange creature on soft paws wandering around the hitching post, calling him by name, but tried not to pay attention to the sounds of attention and, hiding behind a horse's cereals continued to whisper prayers.

When the sun rose, the young man, overcoming fear, still he forced himself to enter the cave and froze in terror. The whole walls and floor of the bed of his friends were covered in blood, and everywhere lay pieces of the bodies -the remains of his comrades. This terrible tragedy changed the life of a carefree young man, and when he returned home, he swore all the remaining years to devote to the fight against evil.

Jerome lived a long life and spent a lot of trials that sent to the stake a few dozen wizards and witches, but find the ladies in green, torn to pieces by his friends, the preacher and failed. It is possible that he was sentenced to death innocent people.

So who was it?!

By studying the ancient myths, esotericism agree that "green women" - a rather unusual representatives of evil forces. It is not who other, as the homeless remainder of the goddess of trees. In fact, according to ancient legends, the people worshipped some dryads that lived in the sacred groves. However, with the advent of Christianity protected the trees ruthlessly cut down, in order to eradicate pagan beliefs. Because of that, destitute of deity now taking revenge on the people as they can. It is possible that at the site of the house in Krasnoyarsk, where he rented an apartment hapless girl, centuries ago grew one of these trees, and now his mistress can not find their own place. And it seems that she's not scared of one tenant. Esoterics believe that to avoid "green women" will help basic respect for the trees.

Those who for the fun of breaking branches and destroying young seedlings, revenge of the dryads provided. But to those who care for green spaces, they are supportive. It is no accident that Britain is famous for its gardens and parks, many of which exist for centuries. The British believe that the lush greenery around the houses will not only protect them against various evil spirits, but will bring the family wealth and prosperity. Such mercy can give people back "the green lady", has finally found refuge.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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