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Strange stories from Ireland

Added Fri, 07/12/2018
Дата публикации
Fri, 07/12/2018

Says an Irishman by the name of DeWitt Shay (Shay Davitt).

"I come from a small village in Ireland. When I was growing up, its population was about 900 people, and it is over 1,600 now and continues to grow. That is not the backwater place. In the early 90-ies, when I was a kid, almost every adult in my environment knew any stories about ghosts or other beings. Sometimes they were scary, and sometimes funny. And I have also had some similar experience. I know it sounds weird, but these cases had a profound impact on my life and still I sometimes get the shakes when I remember them.

Tree fairies

Outside my village there is an old road called Stump Lane, and in one place on the side there are the ruins of the old house. It was only two strong walls and a large tree near them. And this tree was known in the neighborhood as the tree fairies. A little further on is the residential house in which lives a woman who according to her lived in the destroyed house when I was a girl. She says that her family from the old house kicked the angry fairy. Her father's name was Mr. Bolger and the little people were angry with him because he built his house next to their sacred tree.

Furthermore, Mr. Bolger was trying to cut down a tree, but each time, frightening events forced him to retreat. The fact that the wood was dripping red liquid, like blood, and it certainly wasn't wood juice. She performed from any cut or saw a trace of the axe.

The Changeling

If you go on the road further, after two fields you will see the place named after fairy Port Fairy (Fairy Fort). And a little further away stands the old farm where the family lives Dunbar. This family is one of the oldest in these places, they have lived on their farm in the 1930-ies and then there was this strange story with a Changeling. One of the many children of Dunbar, went to the forest to pick berries and lost. Children are never delayed because the family was taken. But this guy still did not return home, even it was already dark. All immediately sensed that something happened. A concerned mother sent my husband and other sons in search of the boy, but they found nothing.

3 weeks have passed and it was already decided that the guy disappeared without a trace somewhere in the wilds of the forests. And suddenly he came back home. Overall, the boy looked fine, not counting the severely deformed hands, but when asked where he disappeared to, he said that the fairies had taken him to himself.

He immediately believed after and parents several times went to the forest to ask the fairy to cure his son's hand. But the hand never recovered. The guy then has lived a normal life and died at the age of around 80 years. And his wounded arm was shattered and small as a child. And about him all these years, it was rumored that the man and the Changeling. A real human being like fairies or killed or left, but instead sent the evil spirits that gave anomalous hand.

The woman who told me the story about the child of Dunbar, was 100% sure that it was a Changeling. And she told another story about a Changeling. A certain young woman once gave birth to a child and took it with him in the field, when I removed the cabbage. The child lay in the basket on the edge of the field and everything was quite normal. Sometimes the woman went and checked with him. But when she came home with your child after work, she suddenly saw that it was very different from her child. The baby was covered with strange wrinkles that made him look like an old man. And his behavior changed too. He cried and cried and could not calm down. And not just crying, he was yelling at a mother with obscene words (!) and every insulted her. When the house came the relatives of the woman, he pounced on them, shouting and laughter, and even threw them pieces of bread.

And when everybody left, he started yelling like a Banshee and then the woman's father told her that it was not her child but a Changeling and that you need to call a priest. When they came to the priest, the child began to scream and at him. And then the priest said that the woman should carry the child back to the field and leave there for three days, as he hadn't screamed, cried and asked me to come to him. Because it really is a baby fairy. The woman obeyed and took the baby to the field and left him there alone. And then the child began to beg her to come back.

He asked, "Mommy, don't leave me, don't leave, I'm afraid!" and it lasted all of three days and three nights. And after the third night there was silence and when the woman went to the place where he had left the basket with the baby. she found there is not the Changeling, and his real and very normal baby. When she took him in her arms, she smiled at her and snuggled to her Breasts.

The man in the hat

When I grew up and began to climb in the Internet, I realized that the legends about the Man in the hat are distributed worldwide. But as a child I thought that this is only a local horror story. When I was about 8 years old, I had a friend who once played at my house and said that he constantly feels that something is watching.

He said that once managed to find something very close and when I turned around, glimpsed fleeting dark man with a hat and dressed in a cloak. Nothing more was visible, including the face. It was just a thick black silhouette. When I heard my mother, she suddenly joined the conversation and told me that our family saw it too, or rather it saw my grandmother, i.e. my mother's mother. Grandmother lived not in the village, and in a town that is 9 miles away. And her house stood on a small street behind the store, where ever it was very dark, since there were no street lights.

One night, my grandmother came back from the club, where he played in Lotto and late. It was very dark and she's had it was scary to go through the gloomy street. And suddenly she heard behind her someone comes. She turned around. Anyone. Again went. Again, he heard steps behind. And when she turned around this time, the side out of nowhere came a tall black man in a hat and blocked the only source of light, a small lantern at the end of the street. Scared grandma says, "You had something you wanted to ask?". But the man was silent. Then the grandmother slowly turned and walked on, trying not to look back.

She was one of those people about whom we are talking "old school" or "special school". When I was twenty years, I heard again the story of the man in the hat. I'm with my buddies then hang out in our pub and we drank beer and had fun. And one of my friends told this story. Like my grandmother, he once walked home late in the evening and just as it was very dark. And just as suddenly he heard behind him someone's coming. But I never told him the story of his grandmother.

Three times he stopped and looked back and saw no one. And then he turned around again and also out of nowhere there was this very tall black man in a hat. He was coal black, as if woven from black. The face was not visible. My buddy from fear and froze in place as if frozen. On the back it was crawling. And the man in the hat just walked past him and again disappeared, as if it never existed.

My buddy in his words was terribly frightened by this incident."

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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