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Added Mon, 11/05/2020
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Kenan (Kenmun) (or Cijenama (Kijinuma) in southern areas) is a mysterious creature from Japanese folklore. It is most often observed on the island of Oshima in the Northern Ryukyu archipelago.

The growth kenana 1 meter or 1.3 meters, with about five children, but the creature is not sickly, and with developed muscles and feet to the head covered with curly reddish or black hair that looks dirty and matted. Face kenana describe as a monkey, but sometimes as a dog. It is reported that hunt this creature at night and he had burning red eyes. It walks on two legs, with hands much stronger and long compared to the legs (much like a orangutan).

The creature is described as a very strong and able to deftly climb trees. In General, the description Kenan looks like a not yet discovered species of large Primate, but he not only cleverly climbs trees, and likes to swim in the ocean that not every monkey knows and loves. Kenan lives because of his love for the water in the coastal zone and during sailing to hunt for octopus, crabs and fish. To find housing kenana as they say easy on the piles of shells under the trees, it likes to eat mollusks, sitting in a tree and throw the empty shell down. Kenmon not considered dangerous to people, but his fame as disgusting stinking creatures.

He loves to challenge people to fight a duel, sumo, and even steals from the fishermen their fishing rods. Sometimes he's aggressive and can start to throw stones at people.

Its smell is described differently as the smell of a goat, horse or the smell of rotten yams. This smell deters Kenan presumably from other animals.

Description from another source:

Hairy water and wood spirits from the Islands of Amami in southern Japan. They look like a cross between a Kappa and a monkey. They are also very similar kijimuna. Their bodies are covered with dark red or black hair and they have long, thin legs and arms. They are slightly larger in size than a human child. They have pointed mouths, and on the top of the head saucer-like recess, which contains a small amount of oil or water. Their bodies smell like yams, but their saliva smells awful.

Kenan builds their homes in Banyan trees and spends the days playing in the mountains or near the water in their family groups. They especially like sumo wrestling, in which they are very skilful. As the seasons change, they migrate back and forth from the mountains to the sea.

Have Kenana there are a number of strange abilities. They can change their shape. They are often disguised as humans, horses or cows. They can turn into plants and to merge with the surrounding vegetation, or even completely disappear.

Kenan can also create light. Their drooling eerie glow as their fingertips. They have the ability to create fire from the tips of their fingers. Sometimes they use this fire to ignite the oil in their plates. When mysterious lights seen in the mountains or on the banks of the Amami Islands, the locals call it "Kenan machi".

Kenan likes to hunt at night, flashing his fingertips to find food in the dark. They mainly feed on fish, small molluscs, slugs and snails.

Kenan trying to stay away from populated areas and run, when there are large groups of people. Sometimes they will help single loggers and people collecting wood, carrying a heavy cargo. They remember those who treat him kindly or provides services to them. A fisherman who saves Kinana from the attack of an octopus, will deserve his eternal gratitude.

Usually cermony not harm people. However, they love the competition of sumo. When their head is filled, they have supernatural powers and cannot be defeated. However, canmany love to imitate people, so if the applicant is on the head or very low bows, his plate empty and his will to win.

Although cermony not evil, they from time to time I like to make fun of people. They can turn into animals and try to scare people

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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