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Added Tue, 11/10/2016
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Some modern scholars believe that the stories about vampires could appear under the influence of a rare disease called "porphyria".

In the blood and tissues of people with this diagnosis is disturbed pigment metabolism, and under the influence of solar ultraviolet radiation or UV rays starts the breakdown of hemoglobin. Moreover, in the disease process to deform the tendon, which in the extreme leads to twisting.

Porphyria non-protein part of hemoglobin — heme is converted into a toxic substance that corrodes the subcutaneous tissue. The skin begins to acquire a brown color, becoming thinner and from exposure to sunlight breaks, so patients over time, the skin is covered with scars and sores. Ulcers and inflammation damage the cartilage — the nose and ears, deforming them. Coupled with covered with sores for centuries and twisted fingers, it's incredibly disfigures man.

Patients contraindicated sunlight, which brings them untold suffering.

The skin round lips and gums dries up and becomes tougher, it leads to the fact that the incisors are bared to the gums, creating the effect of a grin.

Another symptom is the deposition of porphyrin on the teeth, which may become red or reddish-brown. In addition, patients strongly pale skin, in the daytime they feel a lack of energy and lethargy, which gives way to a more active lifestyle at night.

There is evidence that in the Middle ages, supposedly, patients were treated with fresh blood, in order to replenish the deficiency of red corpuscles, which, of course, unbelievable, to use in such cases the blood "oral" is useless. Suffering from porphyria could not eat garlic, since sulfonic acid secreted by the garlic enhances the damage caused by the disease.

The disease porphyria may be caused by artificial means, by the use of certain chemicals and poisons.

Some forms of porphyria are associated with neurological symptoms, and porphyria sufferers crave the heme in human blood, believing that the consumption of blood can reduce the symptoms of porphyria.

When Gunther disease ( erythropoietic porphyria) in a patient are observed: chronic photosensitivity, skin lesions and destruction of red blood cells. Amazed to avoid light because it causes a burning sensation; also they have a pronounced diffuse hypertrichosis, scarring and erythrodontia (teeth staining in red).


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