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This section contains articles on phenomena or versions that may be interesting or useful to researchers of the unexplained facts in one way or another.

Analysis of the phenomenon of dimitras

Chemtrails or chemtrail (eng. chemtrails) — traces of planes which didn't dissipate for a long time, this can form on the sky grid.

Initially to dimitrescu took contrails that expand until they turn into Cirrus clouds, in contrast to the "normal" that disappear within a few minutes. Now dimitras considered almost all the "unusual" contrails, wherein, for example, shape, uniformity or other features. According to the supporters of the idea of dimitras, these phenomena are accompanied by sensations of fatigue and depression in people in the surrounding settlements.

This article aims to understand whether there are chemtrails at all or those features that are associated with them, there are other reasons.


In 1996, the U.S. air force published an article entitled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" ("Weather as a force multiplier: owning the weather in 2025"), the proposed idea of weather weapons and became the basis of the development of the theory of dimitras.

The word "chemtrails" — Russian version of the English "chemtrails" — was coined by the Director of the Russian UFO research station RUFORS Nikolay Subbotin, who wrote in 2001 the first Russian article about the problem of dimitras.

In 2007, the local TV of the state of Louisiana reported a plaid sky and high concentrations of barium to 6.8 million units (three times higher than MPC). Subsequently I had to take it back (the concentration was a thousand times less of 6.8 billions of dollars in parts) — nevertheless, "the Genie was out of the bottle".

For the period from 1996 to the present time there have been many hypotheses about the sources of dimitras.

Hypotheses about the sources of dimitras


  1. Basic version: the government is using planes (most often the passenger) for spraying an aerosol substance, which can cause fatigue and depressed people, as well as a number of different diseases.
  2. Researcher Tom Dongo of Sedona (PCs FL, USA) has been researching portals and the anomalous zone, located 20 miles from Sedona and follows the alternative hypothesis of the use of dimitras. According to the hypothesis of Tom and other studies sadonsky anomalies, portals can be passages to other dimensions. And chemtrails – the spraying of a chemical to destroy the portals. This issue is dedicated to the book Volume "Overlapping dimensions".
  3. American researcher Mike Blair more categorical in their conclusions about the nature and purpose of dimitras. In the official report of 11 June 2001, it clearly calls the main culprits of this phenomenon and its causes. The basis of dimitras amount of barium salt. The spraying of this chemical is part of the military program testing the newest radar system (RFMP).
  4. Another hypothesis of the origin of dimitras related to the use of salts of barium, which is designed to control the weather. This project is also known as HAARP.
  5. Chemtrails and dropping out of them the substance — the result of the work of engines of the UFO of some special type.

Signs of chemtrails


  • Chemtrails expand until they turn into Cirrus clouds. Sometimes it happens that the aircraft are satisfied on the sky the whole "bars" — usually on a clear day.

"Chemtrails" in the sky


  • Chemtrails created by aircraft are observed at altitudes from 8,000 to 33,000 feet (2438,4 to 10058,4 m). Usually they are formed at altitudes below 30,000 feet (9,144 m). Normal exhaust can not be formed at this altitude. Therefore, the monitoring of emissions below 30,000 feet with high probability is dimitrescu.
  • After the flight of the aircraft on the ground detect barium salt and aluminum, polymer fibers, thorium, silicon carbide or various substances of organic origin, and came under dimitrescu allegedly deteriorating health.

Chemtrails are often called unusual contrail of the aircraft. Try to figure out what the trace of the plane is normal.

The origin of the inversion (condensation) trail

A condensation trail (obsolete. contrail - wrong, Zhargy. jet trail is a misspelling of the name) is a visible trace formed in the sky behind the moving aircraft under certain conditions (ratios of parameters) of the atmosphere. Observed most frequently in the upper layers of the tropopause, and much less in the stratosphere.

A condensation trail is a separate group of clouds - man-made (artificial) clouds - Cirrus traktus (SS trac., cirrus - feathery, tractus - traces).

There are two main causes of the phenomenon:

The first is the air humidity increases when atmospheric water vapor is added to the water vapor formed in the combustion of the fuel. This increases the dew point in a confined volume of air (for engines), and if it is above ambient air temperature, when cooling of the exhaust gases condenseries excess water vapor (sublimates).


A condensation trail

The second – lowering the pressure and temperature of air over the wing and inside the vortices occurring in the flow of the various parts of the aircraft. The most intense vortices formed on the wingtips and flaps, and the ends of the blades of the propellers. If the temperature falls below the dew point – excess of atmospheric water vapour condenseries (sublimates) in the field above the wing and inside the vortex.


Contrails from piston aircraft B-17, world war II is Clearly visible condensation inside the vortices escaping from the ends of the blades


A condensation trail formed by turbulence from the wing tips.

Often there are traces formed as a result of a combination of these two reasons. Also of particular importance is the fact that at high altitude there is a shortage of condensation nuclei, therefore, even when the temperature less than dew point, atmospheric moisture often remains in the gaseous state. The span of the aircraft causes a large number of condensation nuclei, which contributes to the rapid development of the condensation trail. The condensation nuclei may be particles of unburned or incompletely burned (soot) fuel. For the reason that humidity is less than a trace, freeze-dried or condensed water particles evaporate, and the trail eventually disappears.

Thus, the possibility of the existence of the condensation trail, as well as its form, depend on humidity and ambient temperature.

If the surrounding air is dry, then later re-evaporation of condensed water, and a condensation trail dissipates quickly. If the atmosphere is saturated with moisture (relative humidity close to 100% ), the phenomenon can exist for a long time. In conditions saturated with atmosphere moisture condensation trail stable, gradually increases in volume and eventually contributes to the formation of a layer of Cirrus clouds.

  • With low humidity and relatively high temperature trace may be missing altogether.
  • The higher humidity and lower the temperature, the more moisture condenseries (sublimates), the richer and longer trail. And it can exist for a long time.
  • But with humidity close to 100% and the lowest temperature condenseries the greatest amount of water vapor, high humidity prevents the evaporation of the particles of the track that leads to the formation of condensation trails, which can exist long enough. I.e. is saturated with atmosphere moisture condensation trail stable, gradually increases in volume and eventually contributes to the formation of a layer of Cirrus clouds.

Contrails are formed not only on "big" altitudes. On a snow (ice) airfield Polar Station Amundsen Scott (elevation 2830 m above sea level) - under certain conditions (air temperature minus 50 degrees and below) - this track is formed in the takeoff or landing, and for turboprop aircraft (C-130 "Hercules" from the "Snow Wing" the U.S. air force).

Causes of uneven condensation trails

The uneven distribution of water vapor in the atmosphere is causing the same "uneven" track. Can you give some examples of causes of non-uniformity of traces:

Limit vortex wing

Flying plane reserves the disturbed region of the atmosphere called the concurrent trace. This trail is mainly derived jet streams of the engines and end vortices from the wing. The twisting is due to the pressure difference on upper and lower surfaces of the wing. The result of flow of air from region of high pressure on the lower wing surface in an area of low pressure on the upper surface via the end is formed a powerful vortex. The more pressure differential and therefore the lift force with which the flow acts on the wing, the greater the intensity of the tip vortices. Circumferential velocities in the Wake vortex with a diameter of 8-15 m can reach 150 km/h.


Mirage 2000 and F-16C, flying with a high angle of attack.

Visualization limit of the vortex were carried out using a tracer-generator smoke trail. The disturbance of the atmosphere caused by the influence of the Wake vortex, and persist for a long time, gradually fading out, reducing the circumferential velocity of the movement.

As a result of interaction between the vortices gradually fall and disperse.

Watching the contrails of the aircraft flown, we find that approximately 30-40 seconds after the flight of the aircraft contrail begins to change its form under the action of the developing Wake vortex. At the intersection of inversion and vortex traces have very intricate shapes having well-defined patterns.

The number of aircraft engines

Depending on the number of engines and their location on the aircraft condensation trails may be single-or two-way.


The most frequently occurring modifications of the condensation trail.
Fig. 5 – two-track; In Fig. 6 shows the twisting trail of condensation under the action of the end of the vortex. Fig. 7 and 8 illustrate the more bizarre cases of interaction of the condensation trail end vortex.

Thus, the contrail and its transformation fixed aerodynamic processes that accompany aircraft flight.

Separated-vortex flow

When you perform maneuvers at high angles of attack (20° or more) dramatically change the nature of the flow surfaces of the aircraft. On the upper surface of the wing and fuselage are formed in the separation region, in which, due to the lower pressure, there are conditions for condensation of atmospheric moisture. This makes it possible to observe the flight of the aircraft and without tracers.


Su-21 haloed by clouds, formed on the upper surface of the airframe when flying at high angle of attack.(on the left). The appearance of a vortex and region of separation on the surface of the wing of a bomber b-1A.(right)

A bright trace of the fast and the furious

The engines of modern fighter aircraft equipped with supersonic adjustable nozzles. As a rule, in the afterburning mode of engine operation the pressure at the nozzle exceeds the pressure of the surrounding air. At a considerable distance from the nozzle exit the pressure in the jet and in the atmosphere needs to be equalized. As the distance from the nozzle exit the pressure in the jet decreases and the gas velocity increases. The cross section of the jet increases, which is shown schematically in the figure below.



Gas by inertia continues to expand, and in the broadest cross-section of the jet pressure falls below atmospheric. Then the stream begins to narrow, the pressure approaches atmospheric, and the speed is reduced accordingly. The supersonic flow causes a straight shock wave. As a result, in some part of the jet speeds are subsonic and the pressure, respectively, above atmospheric. As can be seen, the shape of the jet becomes barrel-shaped. Then the process repeats.

The gas jet has a temperature of over 2,000 °K, so its glow makes visible the processes occurring during its expiration. Visible region to the bright glow in those places of the jet, where there are direct jumps seal.


Thus, we can conclude that the long lifetime of the contrail is dependent on several natural causes and that does not make him "special". It is not directly dependent on the flight altitude and is determined only by environmental parameters (temperature, humidity and wind speed).

Grid of contrails can be formed with long-term existence of the contrail due to the nature of the air tracks (clearly it is possible to see the list and diagrams of the Airways for your region or country).

Based on the foregoing, discovered on earth barium salt, the various substances of organic origin, etc., from contact with which supposedly deteriorating health, not connected with the phenomenon of condensation trail and have other reasons which is beyond the scope of this article.


Thanks for the advice candidate of technical Sciences, lecturer of the Military Academy Viktor V.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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