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Added Tue, 11/07/2017

In the media periodically, there are news about the amazing findings by archaeologists of a giant humanoid skeletons. These publications not only excite the minds of ordinary people, but used by ufologists as the material evidence of the existence of aliens that once colonized Earth. Indirectly, their words are confirmed by the testimonies of contactees, in which there are mentions of aliens increased more than three meters.

Photos appearing in the media, quickly formed by enthusiasts in the whole collection of humanoid giants. Consider one of such articles titled "the Giants", published on the website 5 APR 2012. In the publication does not contain any conclusions or assumptions about the nature of these findings, only the information on the site and quite a large selection of photos allegedly showing the reality of the findings.

These pictures we will analyze.

In the first place catches the eye of the famous Cardiff giant. Stone colossus was found on 15 October 1869, had a 3.2 feet tall and weighed about three tons.

Unfortunately, he turned out to be fake. It's a simple story. In 1886 tobacconist George hull from the city of Binghamton in upstate new York to defend their point of view in the dispute, decided to falsify the finding of fossilized giant. He asked the stonemason Edward Burghardt grind of enormous gypsum giant that looks like the man dying in agony. Then he secretly buried it on the farm of a cousin of his opponent (Staba Novella) and waited. Soon Stub hired workers to dig a well. Then "giant" was found. "Cardiff giant" became sensatia, and December 10, 1869 hull officially admitted to the press that made the hoax.

Next, consider photos of giant skeletons. Let's start with the photos used in this article as the title:

In it we see a man standing beside a giant skull. In the lower part there is an inscription of the resource from which was taken the photo. Worth1000 (now DesignCrowd) is a site devoted to hosting contests in which entrants show off their skills of manipulating photographs using digital editing programs.

On the same resource, you can find other photos.

This work participated in the contest "Archaeological anomaly" the most reliable archaeological collage. The level presented here, the fakes are very different. In some cases, the installation is obvious (for example, the gun in the picture 3 and the skeleton of the photograph 4). In photos 1 and 2 photo montage is very well visible, because you used the same skull. In General, these papers usually used the original photos from these excavations, found in the network, so the original is usually not difficult to find.

For example, take the photo # 2 of the above selections.

The original was taken from the website of the University of Chicago. This is a picture of the 1993 archaeological excavations in Niger, into which someone added an image of a large human skull.

In this kind of news, or the compilations often used this photo of a giant skeleton with a long nose:

But at least this photo is not the product of the photo montage, it is not depicted the real skeleton of a giant. It is accurate (with the exception of the nose) anatomical 28-meter sculpture titled Calamita Cosmica, "the Cosmic magnet" and "Traveling skeleton." Its author is an Italian artist and sculptor Gino De Dominicis (Gino De Dominicis), who died in 1998. His work still remains the biggest skeleton in the world and is becoming every year more popular. Unusual bony giant began its tour around the world 22 years ago, in France, Centre National d'art Contemporain in Grenoble, and still travels around the world.

Thus, at the moment there is no credible evidence of archaeological finds of the remains of giants that once inhabited the earth. If you think we are wrong, and You are the evidence of known - please share them in the comments!

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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