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The Philadelphia experiment

"The Philadelphia experiment" called the experiment of the U.S. Navy (project rainbow), which was allegedly held at the Philadelphia Naval shipyard in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) October 28, 1943. It was alleged that in the course of this experiment, the USS Eldridge (the USS Eldridge) disappeared from the yard and instantly moved in space by several tens of kilometers.

It is assumed that in the framework of the "Philadelphia experiment", the US Navy has tested a new technology that makes the ship invisible to enemy devices.

This story became popular because of the seller of auto parts, the astronomer-Amateur and ufologist Morris Jessup, who in 1955 in the USA published a book called "the Arguments in favor of the UFO" (Jessup, M. K. The Case For The UFO). Some time after the publication of the book Jessup began to receive letters from a man calling himself the Carlos Miguel Allende (Carlos Miguel Allende), the Charles M. Allen. He claimed to have witnessed the experiment of teleportation of a ship, describe the details, talked about the similarity of disappearing in the eyes of the destroyer with UFOs. Allen allegedly even put the hand in the "electromagnetic cocoon" formed in a radius of more than a hundred meters from the "Eldridge".

In early 1957 with Gestapo contacted representatives of the office of naval research (ONR), located in Washington, DC. They received the parcel with the book "the Arguments in favor of the UFO" in the Manila envelope marked "Happy Easter". Field books were fully covered in three different shades of purple ink. The inscription was a conversation between three people, one of which was called "Jamie" and two others were labeled as "Mr. A." and "Mr. B." In the correspondence they called each other "Gypsies" and discussed two different types of "people" living in space. In the text, a feature which was non-standard use of capital letters and punctuation marks cited a detailed discussion of the assumptions made by Gestapo in the book. Was there an indirect reference to the "Philadelphia experiment".

Jessup was summoned to Washington along with letters from Allen. Based on the results of the analysis of handwriting, Jessup came to the conclusion that most of the text was hand written by Allende. It is also likely that all these inscriptions were made by one and the same person, using three pens.

Interesting that this story is not over. Jessup committed suicide in 1959, but Allen continued to send strange letters to his relatives for many years.

Since then, the event, dubbed "the Philadelphia experiment", has acquired a lot of details. Several different and sometimes contradictory versions of events spread over many years.

As stated, the experiment was conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno was to attempt to use a unified field theory of Einstein. The experiment supposedly demonstrated a successful connection between gravity and electromagnetism: electromagnetic curvature of space-time. At the moment it is believed that there were two experiences.

Testing began in the summer of 1943 and was supposedly successful. The result of the first experiment, the USS Eldridge became almost invisible, and some witnesses reported the appearance in its place a "greenish fog". When the ship reappeared, some sailors were immured in metal structures of the ship. After the experience of all the crew members complained of severe nausea.

The experiment was repeated on 28 October 1943. At this time, "Eldridge" not only became invisible, but altogether in the blink of an eye vanished from the field experiment, a beam of blue light, and then teleported to Norfolk (VA), i.e. a distance of over 200 miles (320 km). It is argued that this experience ended with disastrous results, most of the crew died a painful death, some of them caught fire, the other seemed stuck in the transition between the physical world and some other. One of the sailors had disappeared. Of the 181-person crew, only 21 came back unharmed, while the 27 sailors literally become part of the design of the vehicle, and another 13 later died from radiation exposure, electric shock, and fear.

There are more terrible descriptions of the results of the second experiment.

"Twenty minutes later, the Eldridge reappeared," – said in the article "In search of truth: the Philadelphia experiment" on one of the many devoted to this subject websites. "Some of the team members roamed the deck and spoke gibberish. During the interview, they said that the car could see each other, but the ship disappeared."

Some of the sailors told they saw their companions fell to the deck and laughed hysterically, "as if drunk". Others said that for a short time after the cloud that surrounded the ship at the start of the test, "flared", they saw the second port and Navy yard of Norfolk. When the cloud reappeared and disappeared again, they returned to Philadelphia.

In many dedicated to "the Philadelphia experiment" the articles States that it was supposed to generate a powerful electromagnetic field that with the correct configuration was to cause bending of the destroyer waves of light and radio frequency ranges. In these publications, there is speculation that the military-the U.S. Navy-sponsored experiment, because considered of military value the idea based on the provisions of the "unified field theory" (this term was invented by albert Einstein for a set of potential theories to be developed in the future).

If you believe another version of this story, scientists were preparing equipment for magnetic and gravity studies of the sea bottom, hoping to discover anomalies, assumptions about the existence of which was based on Einstein's attempts to understand gravity. In this version it is also said about the secret experiments conducted in Nazi Germany, the purpose of which was the search for antigravity.

The U.S. Navy has not officially confirmed that such an experiment ever been done, but the rumors about him still widespread. Extant sailors from the team, "Eldridge" deny the fact of the experiment and the called article and separate statements of him fiction and lies. In March 1999, the sailors who served on the "Eldridge", in a joint interview to a reporter, "Philadelphia Inquirer" said that "find the story amusing, especially considering the fact that this ship never docked in Philadelphia".

The staff of the Fourth naval district suggest that the myth of the "Philadelphia experiment" was the result of a misperception of routine research carried out during the Second world war at Navy yard, Philadelphia. According to the official version, they had experience in degoussarov (demagnetization) of the ship, the result of which he was supposed to be "invisible" to magnetic fuses on mines and torpedoes. This technique was invented by canadian Charles F. Gudeva, who held the post of commander in the Royal canadian naval reserve and the Royal Navy. Similar experiences in those years are conducted by scientists of many countries. The primary method of degaussing was to impact on magnetic materials powerful alternating magnetic field with decreasing amplitude. As the source of such a field was used solenoid coil with gradually decreasing amplitude passing through it current. British ships of the era often had such degaussing systems built into the upper deck (their place of installation can be seen on the deck of HMS Belfast in London). Researchers indicate that an object of speculation could be the kind of tasmanites, which was a big coil of thick copper wire wound around a ship's hull in the longitudinal direction. Naturally, during use of the mechanical clock and magnetic compass was malfunctioning. This, in particular, mentions researcher Jacques Vallee, who described this procedure on the destroyer "Angstorm" (USS Engstrom) attached in 1943, the famous "Eldridge". The principle of degaussing a ship's hull is still being used, and know exactly what his application does not affect the distribution near the ship visible light and radar signals.

Another explanation for the possible origin of stories about teleportation of the ship and its impact on people can be attributed to experiments with the generating installation of the destroyer USS Timmerman (DD-828), in which a high-frequency generator produced corona discharges.

One of the arguments in favor of the teleportation of the "Eldridge" is that the ship was spotted one day in Norfolk, and in Philadelphia, the distance between which exceeds 320 kilometers. However, this is not surprising: the transition was quite possible in the case of using the Chesapeake-Delaware canal, linking Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware river. The operation of the canal was officially closed, but warships have periodically made a jump at it to avoid meeting with German submarines off the coast.

Presumably, witnesses the sudden appearance of the "Eldridge" in the area of Norfolk became the crew of the civilian merchant ship SS Andrew Furuseth. However, historical data about the movements of the SS Andrew Furuseth say that this ship remained in the Mediterranean until January 17, 1944, when he returned to HAMPTON roads in support of Convoy GUS-25. "Eldridge" and the SS Andrew Furuseth might not be in Norfolk at the same time. Moreover, the archive contains a letter from Lieutenant Junior grade in the resignation of William S. Dodge, the former captain of the SS Andrew Furuseth in 1943. In it, he categorically denies that he or his crew observed any unusual event in Norfolk.

Despite all these arguments, many people still believe that the "Philadelphia experiment" was actually conducted, and any attempt at a rational explanation of what happened – the disinformation provided by the government to hide the real activities of the military.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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