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The Alien. United Kingdom

ID #1587376657
Added Mon, 20/04/2020
Author July N.

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United Kingdom

This is quite an old story, but experts still can't agree, the tale or the real story. Green kids Woolpit — so commonly referred to that story, which belongs in the 12th century and was in England. And the heroes of this tradition even got to the coat of arms of the settlement.

This story is mentioned in many English Chronicles.

It is told that the farmers found these children in a field near the local Abbey in Bury Saint Edmunds. Children — brother and sister, as it turned out later — was no different from ordinary people nothing but skin color. They also spoke in people language.

Looking ahead, we say that the later interpretations of this story, of course, there are reflections about the alien origin of the children or they came from some parallel reality.

Comments from scientists basically purely theoretical, but hardly anyone did experiments with the goal of "greening" of the person. But in the history of this is very interesting details. So it is reported that the children had refused to eat — the first time they managed to feed only green beans and showing how they eat. What the children ate before, wherever they were — remained unclear.

There are other "facts", but most likely they're stuck to this story later. So at the emblem Pulpit except children depicted wolf — Pulpit is the place where was captured the last English wolf.

Some say that the name of the village of Woolpit to the phrase wolf pit wolf pit. So the layering of the legends that are important to local residents, is not surprising. In some versions it is stated that children came out of one of these wolf pits.

In the end, the children remained in the village, were baptized and were taught the local language. Apparently, the food was also resolved — they slowly moved to a normal local diet. After that, according to tradition, the colour of their skin was also normal. This fact makes you think about some earthly nature of their color — once the color was not for them, innate. The boy after a time died write that it was too painful and apparently his body couldn't adapt to a new life. But the girl received the baptismal name of Agnes Barr, grew up and led a normal life, marrying and finding a job.

Citing the "History of the kings of England" William Newburgh, written in 1198, the researchers write that Agnes Barr worked as a servant of the knight sir Richard de Calne, and it was from this knight English chronicler and learned the story.

Told that told Agnes Barr about his origins. According to her, she and her brother come from a certain Land of St Martin — she described this place as the underworld where it is dark all the time, and residents have a greenish skin. Mention Grenn Children in guide Pulpitu interestingly, she reported that the inhabitants of this Land profess the Christian faith. And supposedly the children went into a cave, and came out where they found — near Woolpit. It is difficult to disagree that it is "good support" for the theory about parallel worlds.

Also mentioned that they were going to bells — apparently, hearing the bells of the Abbey of Bury Saint Edmunds. Close to the facts the explanation given later, the American researcher Paul Harris. He believed that these children were Flemish, about 1173 a lot of Flemish migrated to this region. They lost during the rebellion against king Henry II, and after the battle near Bullita survivors among them could be hiding in the local mines.

Green leather in this case can be purchased from some disease related to the absence of light or exhaustion. Himself Paul Harris speaks of chlorosis, that is, anemia or anemia — however, the green color of the skin is not particularly explains the lack of appetite for the first time and irritability, which was noted in the character of Agnes Barr.

However, this version received clarification — for example, that it could not be silicon, and copper mines, and copper poisoning gave such color to the skin of children. The children could be the prisoners, who all his life kept in these mines — hence their belief that they lived in the underworld.

It is clear that among the versions there are the references to the beans (according to other information — bean). Since this meal only agreed to have children, we can assume that previously they ate only similar vegetable food, which may have been some pegment or substance giving to the skin a color. This story remains a mystery until now, though, because there are no examples of the color of human skin green at the same anemia the skin becomes rather pale greenish. Therefore, a clear and realistic explanation of this story does not exist today.

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Discoloration disorder

Violation of pigmentation of the outer integuments (skin, wool, feathers, scales, eggshells) in any kind of organisms in favor of any color.

A chemical reaction

Chemical reaction - transformation of one or more original substances (reactants) to other substances in which the nuclei of atoms do not change, thus there is a redistribution of electrons and nuclei, and the formation of new chemical substances.


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