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Mysterious substance. Estonia

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 

They say that about 10 years ago there lived a boy on Saaremaa who claimed to communicate with aliens, and even sketched some of what he saw. For example, unusual remote controls of aircraft, the appearance of starships, biorobots. But one picture stood out from the general line - a rural house, and under it - a flying saucer. Erwin Klaasen himself (that was the name of an 11-year-old boy) told ufologists that this house is located here in Estonia.

After a while, the house was found. By that time, a resident of Merivale, Virgo Mitt, had been doing strange things for a long time - furniture was moving in the house, light bulbs were spontaneously lit in the basement, footsteps and incomprehensible knocks were heard. When the owner wanted to dig a well, at a depth of several meters his shovel hit something metal. Virgo tried to "bypass" the interference, but the metal still did not end. In the end, the man managed to hole the find, the water went.

The story would have ended there if the man had not taken a few pieces of "metal" as a souvenir. A few years later, his friend, a chemist, came to visit him, to whom Virgo told about an interesting find. A friend asked me to take samples with me to the institute for further research.

After some time, one of the scientists touched the samples and at the same moment flew several meters away and lost consciousness. He had to be hospitalized. Experiments began.

People reacted to pieces of metal in different ways: someone did not feel anything, someone felt a vibration, several people seemed to be electrocuted, about five more received severe burns. It turned out that this alloy contains 38 elements of the periodic table, many of which are never found together in nature. And in laboratory conditions, it was not even possible to obtain that alloy in the next decades.

The water from the well, by the way, turned out to be very tasteless - it started nausea and dizziness. Virgo filled up the well. But strange things began to happen to people who even stood for a few minutes in the "epicenter" - teeth and hair fell out, people were sick and felt bad for months, they did not pass weakness. The owner of the house himself suffered the most - soon after the discovery, his legs failed, he lay motionless for several years and died.

This was the beginning of a series of deaths - 7 out of 12 people who examined this object died within three years. The survivors say that the documents disappeared without a trace, and the metal samples disappeared. As far as we know, two elliptical objects weighing more than 200 tons are still in the ground near that house.


This story began in 1991 on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Among several "contactees" whose testimony I studied at that time was ten-year-old Christian K. from the small Estonian town of Rakvere. He claimed that he communicates with aliens at night.

In order not to forget the bright night pictures, the boy sketched them from memory in the morning: unusual control panels of aircraft, rather complex schemes for entering the atmosphere of various planets, the appearance of ships and biorobots that helped control them...

There was one quite "earthly" type among these drawings: a rural house, some buildings nearby. There is a kind of "plate-shaped" structure under the house.

"What is it, Christian?"

"It's some kind of spacecraft. He's underground, somewhere in Estonia. Inside the "plate", these are the devices..."

The story has been developed.

The story began in the mid-60s. A resident of the small village of M., which is not far from Tallinn, car mechanic Virgo Mitt decided to dig a well in his yard. Everything was going well. But suddenly the shovel came across some metal object. Attempts to dig up the find or bypass it did not bring success: it was a slab that did not end... Then Virgo got a jackhammer. For hours he crushed an unexpected obstacle, punching a hole in it: he was digging in vain...

The upper, very hard layer was not thick. Another texture went deeper - more structured ("like icicles or carnations")... Perseverance and hard work will grind everything: after a few days, a hole in the slab, the thickness of which, according to Virgo, was 1-1.5 inches, gaped quite suitable for the well size. There were almost a whole bucket of fragments... The water began to arrive quickly, and Virgo decided to end the epic with the well on this. The fragments flew back into the well. But not all of them... A couple of larger pieces - about ten centimeters in diameter - Virgo Mitt left as a keepsake. One eventually disappeared somewhere, but the other... An unusual fate awaited him.

The fact is that Virgo Mitt once told about an unusual find to his friend, a chemist by profession. So this piece of metal got into the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, and in 1969 it ended up on the desk of a researcher, and in the future - the deputy director for Science of the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Herbert A. Viiding. And maybe the story would have ended there if a couple of years later one of the engineers hadn't accidentally touched the fragment. The impact was like a powerful electric discharge - the engineer lost consciousness. Herbert Wijding was shocked: how many times he took metal in his hands - nothing like that. Naturally, the young scientist could not pass by such a mysterious fact. And he started his own research.

Who just did not "miss" him through this fragment: the institute staff, his friends and relatives, psychics... About three hundred questionnaires remained after these experiments. People reacted differently: some were electrocuted, others felt a subtle vibration. Some felt the piece as cold, others had burns on their hand. Someone improved the work of the heart, someone - on the contrary... Having grouped the results, Viiding identified eight types of different effects. There was something to think about... From 1970 to 1982, a sample of "object M" (as it was designated in official reports) was transferred for analysis to many research institutes and laboratories in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev... But the scientist could not get information about the results obtained.



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