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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

The Alien. Russia

ID #1674597208
Added Wed, 25/01/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 

Zolotarova Ella (or pseudonym Eduard Agon) writes:

This is a photogaph of an insectoid. This specimen is not a "small worker", i.e. a caste that we identify with the Chupacabras, but it clearly belongs to the GEI (Giant Eusocial Insectoids), it is a representative of some other caste.

She refers to a photo signed as "The Green Man" (Hombre verde, Green man, 绿人).


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Deliberate falsification

This version includes any falsifications that imitate unexplained phenomena both from the outside: practical jokes, flash mobs, fake news, witness fraud, staging, etc.

There are many ways to make something similar to a ghost or a flying saucer from improvised materials, without using video and photomontage.

Many homemade things made for the sake of a joke, a practical joke or a direct imitation of a mystical being or event can be taken as unexplained not only in photos and videos, but also in reality.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials

Unfortunately, there are only two photos of this creature. On both, it is shown only half and from a very unfortunate angle. It is difficult to be sure of the version according to them, so you need to find the original or better photos (or photos from other angles). So far, this creature resembles a "doll", which gives the right to consider the version of "Deliberate falsification", especially considering that part of the "body" is hidden behind foil.

The date of the creature's discovery is not specified.

On the website the publication date is indicated only in the Russian version (16/05/2013, so far this is the earliest date found for the appearance of photos on the web). At the same time, the author Oreshnikov M. refers to this publication, indicating that the photo was published in 2008 (* now, after I wrote to the author, the date has been corrected to 2013). I wonder if it was a typo or is there some publication from 2008 that I haven't been able to find yet?

In the book by Eduard Agon (Zolotarova Ella) "Real Monsters" (Published in the magazine "Samizdat": 23/03/2022) states that these photos appeared "in 2019 in social networks", and in her book "The Mysterious Devil Chupacabras" (Published in the magazine "Samizdat": 23/12/2020) that "A mysterious photo of an obviously dead insect with black it was posted in 2018 by one of the FACEBOOK users."

The location of the discovery, as well as the author of the photos is not specified. In the Chinese, English and Spanish versions of the site, the author of the publication indicates a user with the nickname tory.  In the book by Eduard Agon (Dr. Zolotarova Ella) "Real Monsters" it is indicated that this photo was exhibited by the famous Russian ufologist Nikolai Subbotin, while the resolution of the photo is better than in the 2013 publication (because of this, we indicated Russia as the place of detection until the real place is found out) (publication date 06.07.2015).

Update from May 19, 2023: M. Oreshnikov (author and coordinator of PARANORMALS research & Glitch_in_the_Matrix) sent a link to the site in personal correspondence (category jokes and humor), where the same two photos were published on July 11, 2008 by the author of Maraby (the user's data indicates that the full name: Hope). Which is the earliest publication date found so far.

If we consider the "deliberate falsification" version, then we can try to determine from which parts the creature was assembled (and then painted for uniformity).

Unfortunately, the quality of the photos and their angle does not make it possible to correctly assess the size and make out the details, but you can try to take two outstanding details as a basis: the alien's hands and the tuft on his head.

Compared with a scalpel and a nail, it is possible to estimate approximately the size of the creature's head: if we take as a basis the average width of the thumb nail of an adult, then it is about 1.5-2 cm. The cutting part of such a scalpel (depending on the type) is on average from 3 to 5 cm. For example, the length of the blade "Scalpel medium SO-03, 150 mm" (equipment for installation work) is 35 mm.

Thus, the head turns out to be about 7-9 cm in diameter. The palm size is about 4 cm.

The crest resembles a leaf of some plant (long with small notches) or the tip of a root crop (in this case with a light pulp, like a fodder or sugar beet). The photo is very poorly visible due to the quality and angle, but probably this sheet goes through the entire face of the creature (although this feeling may be created due to the unevenness of the "skin coating"). You can try to identify this plant. Maybe the "head of the creature" is its fruit.

The skin of the fetus should probably be smooth (like, for example, an eggplant), since the eyes and skin in the photo visually seem to be made of the same material (except for the color coating), but this may be a nuance of the quality of the photo..

The brow ridges, as well as other facial relief, can be cut out (with the same scalpel). But they can also be part of the fetus, for example, they slightly resemble the joint of a leaf in kohlrabi (the size of the fetus is usually up to 10 cm):

The alien's hands are very similar to the paws of a bird (for example, in the picture above, the paws of a chicken for comparison). 3 fingers with phalanges are clearly visible in the photo.

For comparison, the length of the chicken's palm in the print is about 7 cm. Probably, the limbs of a smaller bird (chicken or something similar) could have been used here.

Although, without additional information: photos of originals, photos of better quality, photos from other angles, videos, etc. (it is clear that a direct inspection after so many years is no longer unlikely), it is quite difficult to prove or disprove this version. If you have this additional information, versions or clarifications - write in the comments.


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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Edward Agon's picture
Edward Agon
31.05.2023 02:50:41

1. The second photo (where there are hands with a scalpel) shows the head of the alien in full face, separated from the body.  The two front eyes are clearly visible.  Each eye is commensurate with two nails of a man's hand, which is visible near the right eye.  This photo shows the right yellow air sacs (left removed).  At the top of the head, a lophophore is visible.  The upper part of the lophophore is covered with foil.  Paws of unknown origin stick out from under the foil, possibly fake.  The first photo is presented in the wrong angle, upside down.  The same object is shown, but in profile, two eyes are visible: the right anterior and the right posterior, the right air sacs, the lophophore.  Its upper part is covered with foil.  Here, too, false paws are visible, sticking out from under the foil.

July N.'s picture
July N.
31.05.2023 15:30:04

Thank you so much for your comment. Could you clarify a few details? In terrestrial organisms (bryozoas, worms, mollusks, etc.), the lophophore is a feeding organ that looks like a ring of tentacles with cilia that surround the mouth. Do you assume that such a mechanism is hidden under the foil? Is there not a body, but the upper part of the head? What is the basis of this assumption? Do you have any other photos? Better quality photos? Or did you perform an autopsy on this creature?

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