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UFO. Netherlands

ID #1712569926
Added Mon, 08/04/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
06.04.2024 06:00

An eyewitness from the city of Svalmen noticed a very bright ball of light in the sky, then a flash, and the light disappeared, but the object continued to remain black.

During night fishing, a large bright white ball floats to our left at an altitude of about 300 meters without any sounds or warning lights. Suddenly there was a strong flash and the Sphere seemed to disappear, but it moved up a lot and no longer emits light, when it gets lighter, it turns out to be a black disk, see photos and videos.

Original news

Zeer felle lichtbol, daarna flits en het licht is weg, Gaat verder als zwarte s

SWALMEN, LB — Tijdens nachtvissen komt er links van ons op zo'n 300 meter hoogte een grote fel witte bol aanzweven zonder geluid of signaal lichten. Plots een hevige flits en de Bol lijkt weg, echter is hij een heel stuk naar boven verplaatst en geeft geen licht meer, bij het lichter worden blijkt het een zwarte schijf te zijn, zie foto's en filmpje


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Cloud (natural and man-made)

Clouds are the products of condensation of water vapor suspended in the atmosphere, visible in the sky from the surface of the earth. They consist of tiny drops of water and/or ice crystals (called cloud elements).

Objects and light sources out of focus

When the objects are out of focus, their silhouettes blurred and poorly recognizable. They can look like dark or colored translucent stain. This is often the cobwebs, spiders, insects in front of the camera.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials
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The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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