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Poltergeist. Kazakhstan

ID #1716224895
Added Mon, 20/05/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
10.1979 23:30
Zhambyl region

Eyewitness: Alexey Nikolaevich Yerkovich (born in 1941, engineer of the geological exploration site).

Place of the event: near the village of Terenevka, Zharma district, Kazakhstan

The incident occurred on a road section 14-15 km from Terenevka on the SV (157 km from Semipalatinsk on the road to Zaisan, the distance is indicated on the road map. The nearest large city is Ust-Kamenogorsk, about 100 km away on St. Petersburg. The relief of the low mountains (hills) of the Kalbinsky ridge of the Altai Mountains).

An eyewitness's story.

The weather was bad. since the roads here become impassable in case of rains, I decided to go to Georgievka at night while it was still possible. I had to meet the commission there in the morning and there was a lot of other work. Therefore, at 23-30 p.m. I left the site in the hills, where our base was located, for Georgievka together - the chief mechanic Gursky Valentin Anatolyevich (born in 1945) was traveling with me.

We drove two and a half kilometers and when descending from the hill we skidded to the right on the side of the road, to plow. The car stalled. The car was my personal old GAZ-12 car (WINTER), its weight, taking into account the available cargo, was 2 tons. They tried to leave, Gursky pushed from behind, but as a result the car finally sat down. The engine heated up to 100 degrees, stalled. I turned off the ignition, lit a cigarette, and Gursky decided to walk further down the road, hoping to meet an all-terrain vehicle to help him leave. When Gursky walked down the road, I shone my headlights on his way. When he disappeared behind the top of the hill (he walked 50-100 m) I turned off the headlights.

Gursky's departure took 2-3 minutes.

I lit a cigarette and periodically turned on the overall (i.e. under the lanterns) and cabin lighting to observe how the engine temperature changed, it continued to stay at about 100 degrees. When I was almost finishing my cigarette (3-5 minutes had passed), I heard a noise from behind. The window was lowered. against the background of the noise of the rain, I heard an extraneous sound, like a slurping, or the sound of pouring water or mud.

Opening the door slightly, I wanted to look back and at that moment it seemed to me that the car was moving by itself. The thought flashed that Gursky was pushing, so he shouted: "Wait, I'll help you get out in the summer." And I turned on the engine, turned on the gas - and immediately the car came out of the mud.

When the car got out, I drove about 20 meters down the road and stopped.

"Valentine, where are you?" - there is no answer. I looked back, got out of the car.

Rain, darkness, absolute darkness. There are no stars. It seemed to me that in the place where the car was sitting, 2 spots were moving across the road in a direction approximately to the north. In the dark, it was impossible to make out the shapes, but there was an impression (indistinct) that the "figures in cloaks" were taller and wider than a person. the height and width are like 2:1. it was a short impression, a second or two, indistinct - it was dark, it might just seem.

I was afraid because I realized that Valentine was not there, he could not come back, he could not help, and the car left.

I no longer looked in the direction where I saw something, turned around and screamed with all my might: "Valentine!" He responded ahead, from where he had gone. I got into the car, drove 300 meters and met him in front of a stream that crossed the road. He was surprised: "Who pulled you out?" - "I don't know, I left myself" - "It can't be" - "Someone helped" - "Who?" etc.

The time was 24-40.

About 3 minutes later, we met an engineer in a car who was driving towards us. They told us the situation. "Stop scaring me," he replied skeptically.

In the morning I told the chief surveyor. Because they were driving to our busa in the morning, they stopped on the way at the place where the car sat down. Gursky went with them, who recognized this place. The rain stopped at night. They were at the scene at 11 a.m.

The next day, they returned and told them that they were surprised that they found 4 holes from the wheels where the car was sitting, and there were no signs of an exit to the road. They didn't find any tracks from behind - the one who pushed the car. We saw the hoofprints of cattle. Everything was washed away by the rain.

I was at that place again in November 1979. I came to the conclusion that maybe the car could have left on its own thanks to the stream of dirt flowing down from the hill, which could have washed the road and pushed the car off the spot. although there were no streams of water on the road. The traces of the exit could have been washed away. the presence of wheel pits in this case is not very clear. There could be stone soil under the ploughing layer, which made it easier to leave.

The surprising thing for me, as a driver, was that in similar cases the car was barely pulled out by an all-terrain vehicle - sometimes steel cables with a diameter of 15 mm broke, and then it easily left. It is difficult to come up with any other rational explanation than those that came to my mind in November, while visiting this place, and now I think that what I saw was not a hallucination, and the case should be explained that way.

During the conversation, A.N. Yerkovich provided some details:

When he met Gursky at the stream, after listening to his story, he said that he also saw something unusual - when he stopped at the stream and considered how best to ford it, the water in the stream suddenly lit up for a moment. He didn't understand where the light came from. I readily agreed with the assumption that it could be the headlights. Yerkovich himself believes that he has found a plausible explanation and it is not worth recording the story.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

The mechanical effect

Mechanical effects on objects of various natural factors may be something mystical (e.g., poltergeist). Such factors may include scratches and teeth marks on objects, bruises and bite marks on the man's fingerprints revealed by dust, etc.

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