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20 Million Miles to Earth


Added Wed, 09/03/2022
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20 Million Miles to Earth

20 Million Miles to Earth (also known as The Beast from Outer Space) is an American science fiction horror film released in 1957.

The first American spacecraft sent to Venus, XY-21, crashes in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily, Italy. Fishermen get on boats and head to the spaceship that crashed into the sea. They get inside through a hole in the side and rescue two astronauts, after which the ship completely sinks.

In Washington, D.C., Major General A.D. McIntosh discovers the location of a missing spaceship piloted by Colonel Bob Calder. While Macintosh is flying to the scene, a little boy Pepe finds and opens a translucent cylinder with the inscription "US Air Force" on the beach. The cylinder contains an egg-like jelly-like mass, which the boy shows to Dr. Leonardo, a local zoologist who studies sea creatures. Meanwhile, Leonardo's granddaughter Marisa, a third-year medical student, is called to take care of the wounded astronauts. Calder regains consciousness and discovers a teammate, Dr. Sharman, dying of a deadly disease that claimed the lives of the rest of the crew of the spacecraft.

Marisa returns to the trailer she shares with her grandfather and sees that a small creature has hatched from the egg. Leonardo locks him in a cage. By morning, the creature triples in size. Leonardo and Marisa hook the trailer to their truck and drive to Rome.

McIntosh arrives, accompanied by scientist Dr. Justin Ula, meets with two representatives of the Italian government and informs them that the spacecraft has returned from Venus. It turns out that Calder's spaceship was carrying a sealed metal container with an unborn Venusian creature. When police divers start looking for him, Mackintosh offers a reward of half a million lire for finding the capsule, prompting Pepe to lead them to an empty container. When Pepe tells them that he sold the contents of the container to Dr. Leonardo, Mackintosh and Calder go in pursuit of the scientist.

That same night, Leonardo discovers that the creature has grown to human size. Soon after, it breaks out of the cage and heads to the nearest farm, where it attacks the animals. The creature feeds on sulfur and breaks several packages with this substance, which it discovers in the barn. The creature is attacked by a farm dog, and it mutilates the animal. Calder and the others drive up to the barn and lock the creature inside. Calder explains that the creature is not dangerous if it is not provoked. However, he himself angers the alien by trying to push him into the cage with a pole. The farmer hits the creature in the back with a pitchfork, and the alien wounds him. After the creature breaks out of the barn and disappears into the countryside, the police commissioner insists on destroying it.

After the Italian government gives Calder permission to catch the creature alive, he develops a plan to trap it using an electrical grid dropped from a helicopter. The Italian police are chasing the alien, shooting at him with flamethrowers. Shooting does not harm a creature that has neither a heart nor lungs. Knowing that the creature's favorite food is sulfur, Calder uses bags of this substance as bait. He lures the creature to a secluded place and paralyzes it with an electric current network. Later, at the American embassy in Rome, McIntosh holds a press conference and allows three reporters to see the creature that has been placed in the Rome Zoo. There, Calder explains that the creature is constantly being electrocuted so that it can be studied. Marisa, helping her uncle, starts flirting with Calder.

As a result of the accident, the electric current supply stops and the alien breaks free. The creature, now of gigantic size, fights with an elephant in the zoo and sends panicked visitors to flight. Fighting on the streets of Rome, two beasts destroy cars and damage buildings. The creature cripples the elephant and continues to rampage. Calder rams the alien with his car and tracks him down to the Tiber River, in which he hides under water. Soldiers throw grenades into the river, and the creature floats to the surface, destroying the Sant'Angelo Bridge.

The alien goes to the Colosseum and destroys the ancient temple, killing several soldiers along the way. When the creature disappears into the ruins, Calder rushes after it with a group of soldiers with bazookas. They drive the alien to the top of the structure. Calder shoots the creature with a bazooka, and then a tank salvo destroys the ledge that the creature clings to. It falls to the ground and breaks to death. Relieved, Marisa runs into Calder's arms.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

For an unidentified object, residents of a fishing village take an American rocket that has returned from Venus.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

An alien organism is brought to Earth from Venus by American astronauts. In its embryonic form, it is a translucent jelly-like egg in the shape of a rice grain, in the center of which a dark silhouette is visible. A lizard-like green scaly monster hatches from the egg, which begins to grow rapidly.

Due to the large amount of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, the monster's metabolism increases. It grows much faster than on Venus, and reaches enormous sizes (on its home planet, the average height of these creatures is about a head lower than the average terrestrial man). The alien feeds on sulfur and has great physical strength. He does not react to shots at point-blank range, since he does not have lungs and a heart - instead, a whole system of small channels is distributed throughout his body. The creature's olfactory system is more developed than any known on our planet. The alien's respiratory system consists of a kind of fibrous elements that filter the poisonous vapors of Venus. The monster is vulnerable to electrical discharges: an 18 kV voltage passed through its body paralyzes it (a stronger one can kill it, a weaker one has no effect).

According to the surviving astronaut, the monster does not have an evil disposition, but in case of a threat, it defends itself with all its might and is capable of causing huge damage to people and buildings. The alien dies after numerous hits from large-caliber guns and falling from the walls of the Colosseum.

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