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Added Sun, 17/09/2023
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"Alienologists" (orig. "Alienators") is a fantastic comedy, released in 2017.

Despite the comedy genre of the film, it contains a large number of specific details and references, as well as descriptions of UFOs and aliens, characteristic of real eyewitness testimony.

Two amateur ufologists are investigating the claims of a single woman claiming that aliens are watching her. The film includes footage collected and published by the Civilian Department of Ufology, a private UFO research and investigation organization.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The main character of the film is being chased by a hat-shaped UFO with a glowing blue hole at the bottom, sometimes releasing a bright red beam. UFO is an alien spaceship and has a huge size. The object appears at different times of the day, most often around 4 am. He is able to move quickly, including taking off vertically upwards.

The interior of the alien ship is shown through memories and drawings of abducted people. They describe it as a spacious white room, similar to an operating room, with a large number of shelves on which instruments lie.

Phenomena in artwork: Wandering Fire

A large red glowing ball flies into the woman's room. Leaving the room, he flies through the closed window without damaging it.

Ufologists call the glowing ball "orb" and indicate that such objects are red and blue. The blue ones are the energy incarnations of the aliens, and the red ones are their drones that monitor people.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

As a result of the aliens' actions, figurines and photographs of elephants appear all the time in the house of the abducted woman (later it turns out that one of the aliens gives them to her because she loves these animals). Sometimes the lights turn on or off spontaneously, the TV starts working, the car stalls. On the camera recording , interference appears when aliens or UFOs approach .

Phenomena in artwork: Chronoanomalia

When aliens abduct people, they "lose" some part of the time. It's as if they are simply transported to another moment in the future, while the camera does not record anything in the lost time period, and the people themselves do not remember where they were.

Under regressive hypnosis, people remember that during the "lost time" the aliens conducted experiments on them. After the end of the hypnosis session, these memories remain with people for a long time.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The aliens have been following the main character for many years. We are not told which planet they came from, but they are obviously much more technologically advanced than Earthlings.

Aliens kidnap people and conduct experiments on them to create hybrids (already in the second generation). The abductees do not remember anything, the memories return to them only after regressive hypnosis (however, they remain for a long time after the session).

Purebred aliens are anthropomorphic, short, with skin and gray color. They do not feel emotions and only perform the task assigned to them.

The first generation hybrids are very tall, with gray skin, a large head, huge black eyes, long arms and very long fingers that look like claws. Like humans, they can experience emotions, which makes their behavior unpredictable. Such hybrids are able to mate with humans and reproduce offspring. They are able to telepathically control people, broadcast their will to them and control their actions, as well as transmit their thoughts in the form of a voice in their head.

The main character had 7 children from an alien hybrid, photos of which he showed her during another abduction (it turned out that all the children look like her). The aliens took her children in the first trimester of pregnancy, so she didn't even know she was expecting a baby.

An implant is found behind the woman's ear, which is a piece of metal and is clearly visible on X-rays. One such piece was removed by a doctor in her childhood, but since then she has had a new one (and probably more than one). When trying to remove the implant, a strong electromagnetic pulse is formed that can affect the camera and even blow up the nearest radio receiver.

At the time of the abduction, the woman was flying over the bed, and on her hand there was a clear imprint of the alien's brush, visible in ultraviolet light.

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